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Sign Up Inuyasha: Land of dreams (Pg-13, V,L)


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After defeating Naraku Inuyasha and company spilt. One day a strange mist covered a wide field Shippo discovered it and alerted Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango. The mist was actually a portal to the land of dreams. The mist sends the person to sleep and there spirit is teleported to the world. It may seem that they are safe from harm but whatever happens to them is real. Almost immediately after they arrived they met two fox demons much like shippo Shoui and her twin brother Miron. They learned that dream world used to be a happy dimension peace reined. Until a mysterious spirit entered dream world and is turning into a nightmare! They also learned how to travel between the worlds by pinching themselves wakening them up. When they are teleported out of the mist after meeting with Shoui and Miron Inuyasha and company decided to gather help. Will you aid Inuyasha in his quest to save the land of dream?s

ok then 1st off only two characters per person and try to keep it within the rating boundaries

now what you need Name
Race (anything is excepted unless I say otherwise)
Japan or Dreamland
Weapon or Power
Appearance(pic or description I could care less)

Name: Shoui
age: 7 or 8 (whatever age shippo is)
Race: White fox demon
Power: Fox magic like shippo and a yo-yo with blades
Appearance: is the same height as shippo has long white hair in a large ponytail heart shape face and white skin wears a white shirt and blue vest with white spots and dark blue pants with big fluffy white tail
attitude: Is a leader and kind of bossy she gets on Inuyasha's nerve hangs around a lot with shippo loves to play tricks and idolizes Sango she takes her guiding duty very seriously
History: her and her brother were chosen to guide people threw dream world is a master of fox fire she is the complete opposite of her brother

Name: Miron
age: same as Shoui
Race: Black fox Demon
Weapon: two pitch black daggers can also make flying swords materialize for 5 seconds
Appearance: is the same height as shoui as short black hair and black eyes wears a black shirt and a tan vest wears and red vest with big furry black tail
Attitude : easy going and weak willed listens to anything Shoui says Idolizes Inuyasha and is in love with Kagome
History Him and his sister are the guides of the dream world he wishes that he was confident like his sister he is a master of swords and blades he is the complete opposite of his sister

OOC: well as for grammar and spelling is the best I cand do <3
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Name: Kiyoshi
Age: 20,543
Race: silver fox demon
Weapon or Power: stronger fox magic than the younger foxes. His fox fire could go against the wind scar. He carries a katana which has a chain on the bottom of the hilt so he can throw it.
Appeareance: 6ft slim with a incredably handsome face. He wears a black kamono with silver fire embroidered on it. His hair is long looks lup to his shoulders. His eyes are silver and cold.
attitude: He is like Sesshoumaru in attitude except nicer he is cold but doesn' kill for no reason.
History: He has wandered most of his life. Sometimes he would take a human form and live a life in a village just to see what it is like. He has always been curious and tries to learn as much as he can. He was a friend of Shoui and Miron parents who had left whent they where born to the dreamland to guard it.

How is this char.
also I think shippou is like 50 or something. Remember demons age much slower.
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[I][COLOR=Teal]I'll use my wolf character, but change him around a bit.

[B]Name:[/B] Koal
[B]Age:[/B] He looks to be about 16, but real age is truely unknown
[B]Race:[/B] Ok listen to combo: 1/2 Wolf Demon, Quarter Dog Demon, Quarter Human
[B]Japan or Dreamland:[/B] Dreamland
[B]Weapon or Power:[/B] He has two swords - one is a normal sword and the other has the power over diffrent elements, the power over wind and wolves, and strangely has the ability to Iron Rever Soul Stealer and Claws of Blood.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://fanart.theotaku.com/imgs/7711-20050413063127.jpg]Here we go![/url]
[B]Attitude:[/B] Koal seems to have an attitude, but he really has a kind heart. Don't let his first impression scare you.
[B]History:[/B] Koal was originally from Japan and the son of a powerful wolf demon and unwilling half-demon. (long story that involves another OC) Well, at a young age Koal discovered the Dreamland and wondered into it. In an unfournate event though, Koal's body was destroyed by an evil demon and soul stayed in Dreamland. Koal was scared, but grew up with a slightly bitter heart. He luckly had both of his parents swords and is a skilled swordsman now. He wants to help all that he can and hopefully hear about his parents from Inuyasha and crew. [/COLOR][/I]
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Race:She is a wolf demon that also is a Shape-shifter.
Japan or Dream land:Japan
Weapons or powers:She carries a bladed staff with silver flames embedded into the black blade.She weilds the power to take form any thing she sets her mind to but,she must have met them before.You can tell her from the origonal by the creasent moon that lies in her eye.She has the ability to move things using her mind.
Appearence:She has slivery black hair and one red eye and one white eye.The red eye has the creasent moon in it.She wears a black and white skirt with a white shirt with black sakura blossoms on it.
Attitude:She is a loner and never took to kindly to others that judged her.If she trusts you enough,she will show her true side by being kind and sweet.She is rough on the outside and well mannered on the inside.She is always quite and very mysterious.
History:Her past is never told and when she trust you enough,she will eventually tell you her life story.She doesn'tlike talking about her life because it is filled with pain,neglection and people abusing her and trying to hurt her.
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Name: Scroll


Race:He is a tiger Demon

Dram land

Wapons or powers: He uses his claws very often. He also has a spear strapped to his back.His favorite attack is a move called 'Cursed Cat'. His eyes begin to glow red as his claws extend. He then uses catlike speed and strikes down his enamies.

Appearance:See bleow

Attitude: He tries to stay calm and collective. He uses his age to his advantage. With age comes knowledge.He stratigizes every attack before he moves.

History: When he was younger, he was send into Dream land. While he was there, he fell in love with it. He decided to stay and protect anyone or anything that needed help, even though very little did. One day a black mist began to cover the land. More and more cratures needed help till almost every living thing needed some kind of help.

At that point, he decided to leave, and did. He planed to go bak to Japan, and try to get as much help as he possibly could.
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Name: Hiroyuki Takata
Age: 25
Dreamland or Japan:starts out in Japan but eventually ends up in Dreamland
Weapon or Power: He's a monk so he uses spiritual powers and also uses a blessed staff which can single-handedly slay demons.
Appearance: Wears black robes and a golden necklace which is supposed to allow him to pass through demonic barriers. He has black hair.
Attitude: He's usually very calm and quiet and has a great respect for nature. However, he can be angered easily...
History: He was born during the time when the Band of Seven were annhilating most of northern Japan. His parents were killed when he was 2 years old by a demon. He was then taken in by monks. The monks taught him the ways of spiritual understanding and demon slaying. At age 9, he astonished many people by slaying
a 56-foot-tall serpent-demon with a small dagger. He then began training with a blessed staff, which he still uses. At age 18, he set off on his own to slay demons and lure away evil spirits and specters from villages with his spiritual powers. But, on his 25 birthday, he was found unconcious in a field...
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Guest silfredo45
race:human/hauk demon
Dreamland or Japan:dream land eventualy moves to japan

weapon or power: drags onelegendary sword around the zise of his body the sowrd lights up in fire when he draws it out (only when hes in real trouble) like a secret weapon :cool:

attitude:very quiet only talks when in real troble has a and when his with kagome :D lol he hates humans and he sayis he will take over dream land but hes just a big showoff because he has wings the zise of his body :rolleyes: hes kind hearted with shippo and think miroku is cool but a perv at the same time totaly wants to overpass inuyasha

history:comes from a small village of dreamland but all his relatives where killed when he was little he had to raise himself and fought an enormeous demon that left him a skar in his left arm from his shoulder to his wrist, had the familys sowrd since he was born as a necklace but dicobered its power when he was growing up, in his way to becoming the most powerful demon in dreamland he encountered inuyasha and friends at first he tried to battle inuyasha but lost,in doing so he met kagome and fell in love with her beauty so he desided to follow inuyasha until he defeated him.... but was that the true reason? :rolleyes: ;)
up to now he still trying to beat inuyasha but also he's always carrying shippo around and beating inuyasha up eash time he hits shippo in the head

sorry for the grammar and thank u
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I hope I'm not to late for this...

Name: Kurai Hetnai
Age: Looks 18 but age is unknown
Race: Cat Demon
Japan/Dreamland: Dreamland
Weapon/Power: Uses two arm poles(much like nightsticks) and has lightning powers
Attitude: She's somewhat shy, but very fair. She is freindly but doesn't open up very often, she's one who will sit back and listen to a convosation without commenting.
History: Has lived in dreamland all her life and used to love it there, it was a happy, peaceful place. But than something went wrong. She never learned exactly what it was but it destroyed her clan. The last of her clan she travels now to find the sorce and take wqhat little revenge she can on the force that killed her family and freinds.
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