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Okay, basically I wanted to explain some things for the rpg and will do so. This rpg will follow a Kill Adam format, meaning chapter based.

Now, some of you are wondering how the two universes of RahXephon and Neon Genesis Evangelion merged. I'm taking the theory from Michael Crichton's book [I]Timeline[/I]. Basically there are multiple universes all cramped together, like marbles in a jar. Each universe has a definable barrier and nothing gets in or gets out, also, these universes are all alike except with variable differences. For example the earth we are on you could be a sexy super model, but in another universe you could be a poor mother on welfare. Now while you're the same person the outcomes for your lives are different or your life could start at a later date, the fact remains that you exist in this universe. The only difference with these two universes is that in Ayato's universe Asuka, Rei, and Shinji really don't exist yet, their lives have not started. And in the Eva universe Ayato has not yet been born so his life has not started just yet either. But for some reason the two univiverses have merged together like a Ven Diagram, both still have their definable barriers but they are merged and there is a Null Zone in the space where universes overlap.

Now with that all aside I want to go into some information about the Mu. The Mu are a race of dimensional travelers who are human in shape but in their true form they are ghost like and have large clay masks that cover the top of their heads down to their nose but they still manage to see. Mu that have managed to become solid have discarded their clay masks unless they control a Dolem which are the large creatures like [url=http://www.escaflowneonline.com/rahxephon/images/dolem/allegrato-04.jpg]Allegretto[/url] These mechanical beings are actually made from clay but are very fast and durable.

Well this is all the info I can think of at the moment, don't be shy on posting a question if you are in the rpg.
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