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RPG Defenders of Athoron (Sign Up)


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[color=crimson][i]The land of Athoron is a land filled with Elves, Wizards, Dwarfs, Hobbits, Dragons and Undead...

It is a Grand Kingdom... Loved by Most of the People Around the world....

Keyword.... [b][u]most[/u][/b]

Some Surrounding Kingdoms make war to the Kingdom of Athoron...

Their only defense is a band of noble fighters...

This is the tale of the fighters, you might want to order another beer... for it is a long story....[/i]

Race: (Elf... Dwarf... Hobbit... Human... Dragon...Other (no saiyens -__-')
Magic: (If a wizard... or priest... or any other magic user...)
Bio: (optional)
Appearance: (Optional...)

[i]Let the grand story of these fighters... begin...[/i][/color]
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Age: 168 (14-15 in human years)
Race: Elven Wizard
Weapon: Staff of Sorcery
Magic: Fire, Heal, Ice, Blizzard, Shield, Missles of Magic, Summon Monster Level 1
Bio: The brains behind the group of fighters, Ken has seen many many things... he is 168 years old you know... He isnt the leader, but he gives advice to the leader of the fighters...

Appearance: Long black robe... Black hair... [/color]
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Name: Craig Kensindan
Age: 180 (16-human years)
Race: Elven warrior
Weapon: Anduril, the flame of the west (sword). It has a seven star symbol on it, with a rayed sun and a crescent moon on either side. By day, the sword is enchanted with fire, by night, it is enchanted with ice. Also has a lond bow and a 60 arrow quiver, and a small dagger.
Magic: Fire in the Day, Ice in he night.
Bio: The most intimidating in the group, Ralvenar is a tall and powerful elf, and quite fast to boot. He has a lot of pride, and is wise about the ways of battle.
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No saiya-jins?!?! DARN! they would have been dead in an INSTANT!!!!!

Name: Kool
Age: 13 (what kids r doing these days. we're fighting in wars.)
Race: human
Weapons: a sword, arrows, poison arrows, and a dagger.
Magic: wizard (even if we're human? cool. :D)
Bio: not much. also is an expert at martial arts.
Appearance: tall, skinny, long brown hair, hazel eyes, and is cunning.
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-_-' whatever kool_aid

Name: siren kojia
Age: 200 (15 in human)
Race: dragon
Weapons: long bow and long sword (when in human form)
Magic: ice magic and transforming powers
Bio: was born in the high mountians familly was killed and is hunted by some mages
Appearance: (in dragon) black with silver crest, claws and eyes(in human) long black hair odd silver eyes wears black pants a black high neck long bloused sleve top, black knee high boots, and a blood red cape with hood
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Name: Juno Gemini
Age: 17
Race: Human Warrior but can I be a wizard too?
Weapons: Sword Bow Arrows.
Magic: Elemental, Summom Lv.1, and Dark and Light.
Bio: A Warrior with a high sense of honor and pride. Trained to fight to the end.
Appearance: Clothing: Look at Link but with black clothing. Black hair and eyes. 6'4" 120lb.
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