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RPG broken sky (play)


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siren slips through the trees and runs to the river not daring to look behind her... maccan's guards crashed through the under brush scaring the cococo's into hiding... siren leaped into the river and swam to the other side... fwapp! a concution bolt hit her in the sholder... she allowed herself to sink and float away on the current... when she awoke she was on shore and somthing was leaning over her
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Cal hastilly kicked earth over her campfire as the sounds of men crashing through the undergrowth approached her hiding place. Only Maccans guards would dare to be careless enough to make this much noise in broad daylight, she cursed silently and drew her swords, muscles tensed as the sounds grew louder.

A man dressed in blue leather aromour stumbled into the clearing. Pike drawn, he lunged towards her but Cal's sowrds flicked out in a blur of movement, one sweeping the pike casually to one side while the other spilled the guards intestines onto the muddy earth.

A rustle on the other side of the clearing sparked her senses, and she spun in a heatbeat, to find her swords levelled at the throats of a blue haired boy and his companion with the most amazing hazel eyes.

Cal: *Glaring menacingly at the other two* You don't look like Maccans lot.....but you'd better explain what you're doing running about with his men right now.....or you'll end up like him. *she tipped her head in the direction of the dead guard*
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Gene sits on top of the highest tree right above Cal.


Cal senses Gene's presense.

Cal-Come out you scumbag!!


Gene jumps 20 feet down and lands behind Cal.Cal swings around to land a fatal blow to his stomach but is stopped by his sword's edge pointing straight at her neck.

Gene-I am not here to kill you.

Cal-Oh reallyyyy?

Cal notices the scar near Gene's eye.
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Gene-More soldiers are comin.

Cal-So lets fight um.

Gene-Way too many....

Cal-So where do we go?

Gene-There's a town a few miles west.

Cal-Lets go then.

They go on walking for a while and stops to rest.

Cal-How far now?

Gene-2 more miles.

Cal-You have something to eat?

Gene throws her some bread and he drinks some water from a canteen.

Gene-Want some?


Gene-Best to get moving.

They start to walk but they hear voices nearby.
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