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RPG Inuyasha: Search for the Akane Amulet [PG-L]


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Kyryan rushed down the road,darkness shadowing her quick moves as she ran down the darkened street.She prayed that no one would see her and if someone did?What was she going to say?A jewel around her neck flew up and bounced on her chest as she dashed in zig zags down.She turned her head back and saw what she was running from.

A man with ebony hair and wolf like eyes chased her,growling curses under his breath.He held a sword in his hand and yet,he did not give up on catching her.He needed that jewel...many reasons beyond his mind,but he knew he needed to get it from her.

Kyryan just jumped in the air and landed on the roofs of the houses and ran at break neck speed,jumping here and there.No way was she not giving this jewel up... bad things will come if it falls in the wrong hands.

A young man was on the roof and she didn't see where she was going and bumped into him,making him go crashing right into the ground.Kyryan yelled sorry and just kept going,intent on getting away.


Kyryan climbed into her room and closed the window,quickly hidding the jewel under floor boards with a spell.She quickly bent down as the man rushed past her window. Once he was gone,she sunk to the floor and let a huge sigh out.

"That is the last time I go outside during the night with the Akane Amulet!"She said as she brushed her hair back and walked to her bed."I need some rest...can't stay awake for long."She closed her eyes as she fell to her knees and fell asleep resting her head on the edge of her bed.

~~~Next morning.~~~

Kyryan walked miserably to her school,feeling like she was ran over with a cement truck and then ground to peices.Her eyes were barly open and her arms hung down way low and swung from side to side as she walked up the steps.

"Another day in the life of me..."She muttered as she turned around and sat on the steps,waiting for the doors to open.She placed her hands on her face and moaned in misery.

"Ah ha!Found you little wench!"Kyryan jumped up and looked around.She looked around and saw a young man with silver hair.Kyryan sighed more out of pure relief and sat down.

"What do you mean?"Kyryan asked quietly.

"I mean you're the one who pushed me off the roof,that's what I mean!"He said pointing a clawed finger at her.Kyryan looked at him.She noticed he had cat like ears and golden-amber eyes.

"You're a hanyo,aren't you?After the jewel,is that what you want?"Kyryan said as she stood up and clinched her fist.The man just looked at her.

"What jewel?The Shikon no Tama?"He said as he stepped to her.

"No!The Akane Amuelt!"She said pulling it out of her shirt.Kyryan's face redened and suddenly,she stoped and turned around,falling over down the steps.

"Finally,I found it!"The man who was chasing her said as he pointed a sword at her neck.Kyryan gulped and scooted back.The young man unseathed his sword.

"Sanosuke!You're in this time too?"The young man said galring at him.The man named Sanosuke looked at him and smirked.

"Well,if it isn't Inuyasha.Are you after the ultimate jewel of destruction?"He said relaesing te sword.Kyryan rubbed her neck and began to chant.Sanosuke looked at her.

"i'm not after it,whatever it is!"Inuyasha said yelling.Sanosuke reache a hand to Kyryan who was glowing.

"You little halfling!I'm not leting you go that easily!"He said as he pushed his sword right into the Akane Amulet.The jewel shattered and disappeared."Go to your past, hanyo girl..."

"You destroyed it!!Damn you!!!"Kyryan said as she lunged at him with full force. A girl with black hair ran to the school grounds and saw Inuyasha.She wore the same uniform as Kyryan.Sanosuke griped her neck and tightened his grip.

"You're no match for me...and yes,I do know what happens when the Akane Amulet is destroyed.Both worlds will come to a halt and reverse!If you don't want that to happen,you must find the peices."He tossed her aside and she hit the ground with a crash,making a dent in the cement.Then,he disappeared.

Kyryan lifted her head up and bashed her hands on the ground."Grrr...not good.I must go back in time.The only way."She stood and began to chant the same chant she did before and disappeared.Along with the young girl knowen as Kagome and the young man knowen as Inuyasha.


Okay...there's my introduction.Let's begin!!^_^
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Radian sat with her back to a great oak and her eyes closed. She hummed quietly while the sun rose slowly behind her. She looked out in front of her to where the ground ended and a great cliff started. She stood and grabbed her bow and quiver full of arrows. She crouched to the ground and then shot up, she performed a series of flips then landed lightly on the other side of the deep ravine.

[I]Now what...[/I] She gazed around lazily then took a step forward towards a dence, dark forest. All of the sudden she heard a loud [I]Thump![/I] behind her. She turned around and strung her bow. In front of her stood a tall demon...or was it a half demon? "What do you want?" She asked angrily.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Robina walked down the path and saw the Ravine "so that little demon is hiding here I bet" she dove down and spotted her target he had she quickly shot him with an arrow as he fell to the floor a small trinket fell she caght it before plunge down to the bottom she tied a rope around her arrow and shot it towards the wall it missed and she fell down towards the to the bottom she landed ontop of a sliver haired demon as a wolf ran up next to her and turned into a human "sorry I'm late" he said
"by the way I'm Isis" he said Robina got up "and I'm Robina" she said extending your her hand
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[I]*Meanwhile, on the top of the ravine...*[/I]

A girl with dark brown fur and tanned skin with giant bear-like claws and paws (including feet) was running along the side of the ravine. Several arrows were fired at her, only to miss.

"Surrender, demon, and we can all end this!" said a man on a horse.

"I did not do anything; I was at the outskirts of the village collecting carrots and cabbages when you burnt down my village for absolutely no reason, killing half of my race!"

"Well you killed more than three-fourth of [B]our[/B] people! :mad: "

"I did no such thing!" Her claws suddenly grew and a terrible wind brewed along. "I protect my people from harm and you try to stop us, noly because we are different! We slenders are a peaceful (if not somewhat creepy) race who mean no harm if neccesary..." She raised her paws, ready to attack. "... but you gave me no other option." Suddenly, she started spinning like a tornado, her claws whirling round and round. As she moved, she slit and cut until there was no more.

"You gave me no choice. I gave you no mercy." As she walked down the side of the ravine again, someone or something pushed the slender girl off the cliff.

"What..?!" She said before she lost conscience (that's how you spell it, right?) and flew off, spiraling towards a group of people. [I]Who was that person?[/I] she thought, still knocked out. She skidded past the group and into a field of flowers. She lay on the grass, unaware of the people who just saw the crash landing...
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Kyryan lifted her head and touched her face,feeling the sides for any brusies,She sat up and sighed."Aww this not good...not good at all."She walked to the river and sat down,looking into her reflection.she had gone to her demon form and she looked behind her.Kagome and Inuyasha were unconcious and were now waking up.

"Who are you?"Inuyasha said growling.Kyryan moved her body around and narrowed her eyes.

"I am Kyryan...holder of the Akane Amulet."she said sadly as Kagome said as she sat up.

"The Akane Amulet?"She said rubbing her head and looking around."Whoa!!I'm back in the past!"

"Yeah...because of Sanosuke.The Akane Amulet is a jewel that is more powerful thananyone could imangine.Able to grant the deepest darkest desire.Now...it has been shattered and bad things will come."Kyryan stood and popped her neck and back.

"What kind of bad things?Revival of Naraku or something?"Inuyasha said voice driping with sacasm.

"Worse...our two worlds will cease to move.Time will stop and reverse,making it where none of us were born."Kyryan said narrowing her eyes."And it's my fault it was destroyed.But,in that time,I can't use my powers to stop him."

Kyryan walked past them,walking to the bushes.She pulled a sword out and placed it at her side.She then turned to them."I'd advise you to start wishing the jewel peices to be found or it will be the end."She walked on and she heard Inuyasha say something.

"Kyryan...I don't have a choice,but I must help you.I can't sit here while another evil demon is out there."Kagome said looking at Kyryran.Kyryan smirked.

"Okay...it will not be my fault if you die in the process."She continued walking while Inuyasha and Kagome followed after.
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[COLOR=DimGray][COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Radian gazed at the unconsious body of a girl demon. [I]Great. twice in one day.[/I]
She sighed and walked over to the seemingly lifeless form. She reached out her hand and touched the girl on the shoulder. A small beam shot from her hand and covered the demon. It subsided and the girl rose, holding her head. "Wha...What happened?" She said groggily. "You fell from the ravine and ended up here." Radian said quietly. Isis walked over to her as she spun around. "How did you do that?" He asked. "Do what?" Radian questioned. "Heal her?"

Radian looked like she was going to laugh for a moment then shook her head. "Priestess power." She said over her shoulder as she walked away. All the sudden she stopped and turned slowly. "Does anyone sence that?" She asked susiciously. "What?" Robina asked expectantly.

Radian crouched then shot up so she landed on top of the cliff. She took off towards a strange feeling she had inside of her. She heard the others behind her as she flew through the forest. "Where are we going?" The newcomer asked. "Don't know. Instinct." Radian replied bluntly.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

OCC: Sorry if it isn't what ya wanted, just trying to get things moving.[/SIZE]
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"oh no I want in on this too come on Isis" Robina said as she transformed into her dragon state and scaled the ravine she had tied a rope around her partner Isis and she pulled him up the mountain she when they both reached the top Isis got atop her as she followed the strange girls scent
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Kyryan walked on untill she smelt food.Her mouth watered as she smelt the nice smell."Fruit..."She said as she walked over an apple tree.She took three apples down and tossed one to Kagome and the other to Inuyasha.Kagome bit into it and looked at Kyryan.

"So...tell us about this jewel."Inuyasha said threw a mouthful.Kagome just glared at him and he shrugged.

"The Akane Amulet was created by Yositaru.A man who hated Midoriku for such power to create the Shikon no Tama.Yositaru had created it out of his hatered and once used the great power to destroy the Shikon no Tama.But,his plan backfired when he tried to..."she looked in deep thought and her face became shadowed.

"What happened next?"Kagome asked curiously.

"The power used by the jewel was so powerful that...it reversed and headed for him.He didn't move and it blasted his right arm off.He knew then that the power was so great than if any evil person got it...they could have the power to destroy the entire universe or worse."

"Like what?"Inuyasha asked now enthuzed.

"Things beyond your imaginations...the world will be blown up...the same as with the sprit world where we would have no afterlife to go to."Kyryan looked at the sky. "And it's my fault the whole world is in jepordy.Because of my carless mistake.I promised my family's line that I would protect it with my life!And I almost did die.... if I hadn't rushed home."

Kagome looked at Kyryan with sad eyes."don't beat yourself up...it wasn't your fault...we'll help you restore the jewel back together."

"Thank you...and I said before...if you die in the process,it's not my fault."
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Thanx, ArcticSilver, I luv it! :catgirl:
"Thank you very much," the girl said. "My name is Aika, a slender demon guard. Apparently, before I was knocked out, I heard that I was blamed for a mass murder of a village."

"That's horrible," Radian said, "but you didn't kill them...?"

"No; I was 'framed.' It could be a person who had wanted my ruby..." She held her ruby with her two nails, as it glimmered bright red.

"My name is Radian, and I'm the one who healed you," the miko said.

"Name's Robina," said the dragon demon, "and it's nice to meet you."

"Thank you," was all she said before they arrived at the destination Radian was talking about. "But may I ask where are we...?"
*gives a cookie to ArcticSilver* Here you go!
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Kyyran walked alone that night while Inuyasha and Kagome set up camp. She looked behind her as she sighed heavily, many thoughts going through her head. She quickly turned and walked away, tears slowly gathering in her eyes. What was she supposed to do? Let them come along just because they want the thrill of danger when it's all around? She wouldn't stand for more to die...

Kyryan closed her eyes and looked at the moon which glowed with a yellow glow. If it's her destiny to have the world doomed.then it was her destiny to reverse it.Even if it cost her her life she'd save the world. And he won't get away with it...she sat on top of the hill and held her legs close to her body.

Fate will just never let her rest. She closed her eyes and sniffed the air,crisp and sweet. The warm breeze gliding across her face. The two time worlds were in danger...nothing she could do but to go out on her own and find the peices.

She stood up and took one look back before she walked off into the shadows...

____*nothing more to say...can't think of anything else.sorry...for taking so long.
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With a quiet flap of folding wings, a phoenix demon landed neatly in a forest clearing. The burning crimson wings glowed brighter before dissapearing. He looked around, scaning the trees with his amber eyes. He shook his head as if to laugh at his own jumpiness, his red-brown hair falling into his eyes. With a sigh he dusted off his crimson tunic.

Suddenly, the young man whirled around. A child had come sprinting into the clearing, chasing a butterfly. When she saw the handsome demon, she stopped and the butterfly escaped.

"Oh, hello!" the child giggled.

The young man smiled. "Aren't you cute? What's your name little one?"

"Rin!" the girl answered enthusiastically. "What's yours?"


"Ma-yuhs..." Rin tested the name. "That's a wierd name!"

Thier conversation was interrupted when Sesshoumaru stepped out of the trees, Jaken at his heels. "There you are Rin," Sesshoumaru said stoicaly.

Jaken leapt out. "You shouldn't be talking to strangers Rin!"

"But he's not a stranger Master Jaken!" Rin giggled, "He's Maius-san."

Sesshoumaru glared at the auburn-haired demon. "So it was your scent I caught."

"Of course, of course," Maius laughed. "The phoenix will always return. I trust you've been well."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes.

"Did you get that sword yet?"

"It's in my younger brother's possession. I've had other things to do recently."

"Oh really?" Maius said innocently.

"It was never any concern of yours, but the way you fly before danger is cowarldy."

Maius shrugged his shoulders. "Birds fly, dog lord. I can't help my nature. I'm here now, aren't I?"

Sesshoumaru sniffed, "What are you fleeing now?"

"My father, for one," Maius explained. "He's not in the mood for my presence right now. Ah! But that is not all. I'm here because something old has been broken and I must see that it is fixed and things are set right. Just to remind you... I do not want to challenge you. I do not want to fight you again to prove it either."

"Do as you please," Sesshoumaru said, turning around. "Come Rin."

"Yes lord Sesshoumaru!"

"We have no need to listen to a bird's useless squaking."

Maius sighed. "And I have no need to listen to a dog's barking." He waved at Rin. "Farewell, little one."

When Sesshoumaru and his two companions had left, Maius smiled to himself. "He's lost an arm and found a human. Interesting. I wonder if I'll ever come across that brother of his... must be strong to weild that sword Sesshoumaru wanted to badly... Ah, well, off to find that amulet."
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Kyryan walked deeper into the forest, getting the feeling that something wasn't right. She shook off the feeling and continued on, not looking back. She lifted her head up and looked at the horizen, seeing the sun rising. She closed her eyes and sat down, resting her head on her chest. She felt a chill go down her spine and she was suddenly asleep.

"Hey!You stupid runt!!" Kyryran snapped her head up and quickly went to her feet, eyes glaring around.

"I am not a RUNT!!"She yelled as her temper rose. a slight chuckle came from the shadows.

"Hmm...I can see you are...Kyryy." A voice replyed with a tight firm responce. Kyryran narrowed her eyes.

"No one calls me that, unless...are you Kai Mota?"Kyryran asked slowly.

"Maybe...maybe not. Deponds on if you'll hurt him." The voice replyed.

"I probly would have if you said runt again.You know I hate that..."Kyryran replyed smugly as a young man with dark blue hair and green eyes came from the bushes.

"True...seeker of the amulet. You have failed in keeping it safe." The boy named Kai said as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"I know...and I'm ready to take on the full responsibility on finding it."Kyryran said bowing real low. Kai smiled at that.

"Get up...I know you're ready to do that.But...you need help.I know you don't like people helping you and all but it's the only way."

"I don't care.The two who actually wanted to help...I won't let them.I need people who have a true destiny.One that is clear and bright.Not one that is clouded and blurry like theirs.I need people like you."Kyryran said as she looked at him seriously.
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It was dark when Maius decided to stop and rest. He wasn?t physically tired, he had a demon?s endurance after all. Rather, Maius was just plain sick of walking. So, he plopped himself down on a large rock beside a brook and gazed up at the sky.

?Stars?? He thought. ?Infinite millions of fires in the sky. What will happen to them all if everything stops??


The cry shattered Maius? contemplative silence and he jumped so much that he slipped off his rock.

?Kagome! What was that for?? A different voice than the first?

Maius followed the sound of the lovers? spat and soon found himself stepping out into a campfire-lit clearing. There, Inuyasha lay face down on the ground, Kagome standing over him with murder in her eyes.

?Hello?? Maius interrupted.

Kagome replied with a surprised shriek and Inuyasha was on his feet faster than seemed possible. He quickly put himself between Maius and Kagome, poised for a fight.

?You smell like a demon,? Inuyasha growled, cracking his knuckles.

?I should,? Maius replied. ?I?m a phoenix demon, or as you say here on your lovely island, a suzaku.? Maius looked Inuyasha up and down. ?What are you??

?Pissed off!? Inuyasha shouted.

Suddenly, things clicked for Maius. The white hair? those ears? Inuyasha had to be the dog demon?s other son.

?You?re Sesshoumaru?s litte brother, aren?t you??

Inuyasha froze. People rarely referred to him as the ?little brother.? ?What do you want??

Maius smiled. ?To prevent the end of the worlds.?

?Wait? worlds?? Kagome asked. ?You know about my world??

Maius nodded. ?Of course, though I?ve never been there. I come from a desert far west of here. I?ve been everywhere you can think of in this world, but this island is my favorite place by far. My father will kill me for coming here but this is far more important than his stupid rules.?

?That?s just wonderful,? Inuyasha spat, ?but I don?t care! I want to know what you want with ME.?

?Oh,? Maius thought for a moment, ?Nothing really. I?m looking for an amulet, not an angry dog demon.?

?An amulet?? Kagome asked.

Maius nodded. ?The Akane Amulet? I believe that?s what it?s called.?

?Hey,? Inuyasha whispered to Kagome, ?Isn?t that the thing that Kyryran girl was so worried about??

?Yeah?? Kagome said.

?Kyryran huh?? Maius asked.

Without thinking Kagome nodded.

?Thank you!? Maius called as he darted off into the darkness once more.

?That guy was weird?? Inuyasha sighed.
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Kai walked by her side."You know...it doesn't matter.You need people to help and that's all."

Kyryan looked at him out of the corner of erh eye."Fine.I didn't really wish for them to help because they migth die.I can't see anymore people die because of me.But...if I need people to help,then i guess I have no choice."

"Exactly.You made a good choice.Now...go back to the ones who wanted to help and let them help you."Kai said quietly as Kyryan sighed.

"You know what?"


"You talk all big and wise but you're just like me.Alone in the world with no one to relate to.So you make yourself big by talking wise."

"No I don't...this is how I am.This is the way I talk and I'm not alone in the world," Kai said as he frowned at her.

"Whatever...we just need to hurry and get a move on."

"Where did you go off too?And who's the new guy?"Inuyasha said standing up.

"I left and then I got pursuaded to go back.And this is Kai Mota,a friend of mine." Kyryan said as bowed deeply.

"Hello.Nice to meet you."He said softly as he got back up. Kagome smiled.

"Hi.Kyryan...some guy came by looking for that amulet your looking for. I mentioned your name and he took off."She said as Kyryan looked in deep thought.

"It could be one of Sanosuke's minions but...I can't be sure. Lets just hope he comes back so i can get some answers."
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Robina had disreguared all that had just happened and her and ran across the trees looking for something to do when she fell Isis ran into her and they stumbled into Sessomaru "hee hee sorryy about that I fell" Draca said
"..." Sessomaru said
"Lord sessomaru arent you going to kill them" Jaken said
"no... they might come in handy someday now come we must find those amulet picees" Sessomaru said
"Oh goody company" Rin said
"well alright we have nothing better to do but forget it if you think I'm calling you lord" Robiina said as she followed sessomaru
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Maius waited until he was a decent distance from Inuyasha before he slowed down. He was very relieved to find he was not being followed, at least not that he could tell.

Maius just wasn?t in the mood for a confrontation. From what he had seen of Sesshoumaru?s younger brother, it was clear to Maius that Inuyasha would have loved to slice his head off. If Inuyasha attacked, Maius would have to fight back? and that was a bad thing.

?I must restrain myself,? Maius whispered. ?I have more important things to do than fight puppies.?

Maius took a deep breath, glanced up at the stars flashing between the tree branches, and turned around. He was going to go back to Inuyasha?s camp. He had already gotten information out of Inuyasha? a name. Maius would have loved to talk to Inuyasha a little and get more information but the half-demon wasn?t exactly the cooperative type. So, Maius had decided that he would have to be less forward. He would spy.

With a flash of fiery light, the auburn haired young man was gone, a graceful, burning crimson bird in his place.

?This is a little flashy,? Maius observed, preening some crimson and gold feathers thoughtfully. He concentrated a little and soon the flames surrounding him fizzled and died. With the flames gone, Maius could easily hide in the dark shadows in the trees. ?I?ll perch myself right above the little brother?s head and he?ll never even know!? Maius chirped.

With a bob and then a leap, the phoenix took flight. He weaved silently though the trees, quickly making his way back to Inuyasha and Kagome.

Although Maius? plan seemed perfect, it had one small flaw. As rare as it was that Maius left any variable uncalculated, he had this time. Having a very weak sense of smell himself, Maius had underestimated Inuyasha?s nose.
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Kyryan sat next to the fire and her arms began to fall asleep.They were folded across her chest and she was afraid to remove them.Earlier that day,a monk named Miroku and a demonslayer named Sango showed up.Now...Kyryan was afraid of what would happen if she let her guard down.Miroku kept eyeing her and Sango kept bashing him upside the head.

Now,the day went by and it was night.Kyryan looked up into the sky and smiled.If one thing she knew was sure,her brother was up there smiling at her.But thinking of that made her sad and she frowned.

'Whatever...he must be happy.I don't care anymore...it's in the past.' She thought bitterly as she stood up and stretched.She opened one eye and kicked Miroku in the chin.

"No thinking about it...stupid monk."Kyryan mumbled as she flipped her hair.Miroku laid on the ground,twitching,chin bleeding.

"she has a punch...i like her."Sango said poking Miroku's lifeless body.Miroku let a sigh out and then a snore."He's a sleep."Sango sweat drop.

"Deserves him right..."Kyryran mumbled as she looked back into the sky,sensing someone watching them.
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Maius had been watching Inuyasha and company all day and into the night. Wherever they went, he was above them, watching silently from the trees. He had to admit, there had been several close calls. Sometimes Maius would get a little too close and one of the travelers would feel him watching and glance up. He also noticed that whenever Inuyasha sniffed the air, he would frown and look around suspiciously. ?Could it be that he smells me?? Maius wondered, a little worried.

Luck seemed to be on Maius? side though, because the girl named Kyryan was with Inuyasha once more. This was the girl who was also seeking the amulet. Maius HAD to speak with her. THAT, however, was easier said than done. Kyryan now had several traveling companions because a monk and a demon slayer had joined the group. Maius did not want to deal with the others. He wanted to wait until Kyryan wandered off alone.

?I?ll have to be patient,? Maius though, stretching his wings and shifting on the branch. Incredibly bored, Maius began to preen his feathers, not really paying attention to what was going on below?

Inuyasha was eating ramen when Kyryan finally got fed up with Miroku. As he downed the remaining contents of the cup, he glanced over to see the monk bleeding and twitching on the ground. ?Idiot,? Inuyasha snorted. He stood up at stretched, taking a deep breath. ?Damn it!? he muttered. There was that scent again. It smelled a lot like the weird guy he had met earlier, only more like a bird?

?What is it Inuyasha?? Kagome asked.

Inuyasha kicked the empty ramen cup fiercely and it flew into the forest.

?Inuyasha!? Kagome scolded. ?That?s littering! Go pick it up.?

?Why should I??

?I?ll say the word? I?ll say si-?

?Fine!? Inuyasha sighed. He walked over to the trees, looking for the discarded ramen cup. As he walked, he noticed the annoying scent getting stronger. He followed the scent, scanning the trees around him. Suddenly, Inuyasha saw it? a bird.

?I found you!? he cried, leaping up and slashing at the feathered creature.

Maius, in the middle of a bored haze, didn?t notice Inuyasha until it was too late. He felt claws tear at his wing and he fell from the tree. With his un-injured wing, Maius managed to steer himself away from Inuyasha and down towards the others.

?A bird?? Kagome whispered.

?No,? Inuyasha growled, cracking his knuckles, ?It?s a demon and this bastard?s been following us!?

Maius sat quietly on the ground, now at the mercy of the humans and hanyou surrounding him. ?I suppose I?ve been caught,? Maius sighed bitterly. With a flash of flames he returned to his human-like form. There was blood running down his arm where Inuyasha had slashed him, but it didn?t seem to phase him.

?I knew it!? Inuyasha shouted. ?It?s the same weirdo as before.?

?I?m not a weirdo,? Maius said with a frown.

?Feh!? Inuyasha said, ?Then why were you spying on us?!?

Maius looked at Kyryan. ?I need to talk to HER about the amulet.?
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Kyryran looked shocked."M-Me? why me?" Kai frowned.

"It seems he is after what was destroyed."He said quietly.

"There you go talking nonsence again!Can't you ever talk right!"Inuyasha yelled.

"Calm down...dog boy.I just mean he's after the Akane Amulet.The amulet thing we're after..remember?'Kai said glaring at him.

"Whatever...stop you're fighting.If he needs to talk to me...then let him talk to me." Kyryran said holding them apart from each other.

"I don't think that wise..."Miroku said as his hand reached foreward.Kyryran gutted him and he fell over.

"Never stop...can you?"She muttered as she turned to him."So...what do you want to talk about?"

~~~Leave it right there for you to finish off.I have to get off for right now...
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"I still dont see why Lord sessomaru jsut doesnt Kill you both" Jaken said
"well I like having company Master Jaken" Rin said
"get used to it" Robina said
Rbina saw people in the distance there was a monk a hanyou 2 human girls and a white haired demon maybe half demon and a demon that reaked of fire
"Sessomaru what are you doing here" the white haired demon said Sessomaru walked pasted him like he wasnt there
"hey Rin who was that" Robina asked
"Thats Lord sessomarus younger brother Inuyasha" Jaken said
"Oh ok" Robina said looking back at Inuyasha curiously
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As soon as Sesshoumaru had passed, Maius quickly led Kyryan away from the others. When they were out of earshot, he leaned against a tree and sighed. ?I thought the younger brother would never calm down. Is he always so? on edge??

Kyryan shrugged. ?I haven?t known Inuyasha that long. But that?s not important! You said you had to talk to me about the Akane Amulet.?

Maius nodded, narrowing his amber eyes. ?You are its guardian, aren?t you??

Kyryan nodded uneasily.

?And it?s been broken, hasn?t it??

Kyryan nodded again. ?Sanosuke shattered it with his sword.?

Maius didn?t say anything for a long time. Then, he smiled. ?I?m going to help you.?

?What? No!? Kyryan growled. ?I have enough people insisting on ?helping? me. Do you even have any idea how dangerous this is??

?I?m not afraid to die,? Maius replied bluntly, ?If that?s what you mean.?

Kyryan was beginning to get angry with this strange demon. ?Don?t you understand? There?s a difference between not being afraid and being stupid!?

Maius shook his head. ?Maybe it?s you who doesn?t understand. I?m a phoenix. I?ve ?died? before. If I die in flames I?m reborn in ashes. It?s a cycle. What you might not understand is that there are things worse than death, especially for a phoenix. If the Amulet is broken, the cycle is broken, everything stops? phoenixes included.?

?But this is my responsibility, my destiny,? Kyryan argued.

?And what if helping you is mine?? Maius pointed out. ?I?m not trying to force myself on you but I?m not going to sit back and watch the world? the worlds? end. Either you let me help you, or I?m going to go collecting Akane shards behind your back.?

ooc- I hope this is alright? ^-^?
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OOC:Sure..that's fine.

"You wouldn't dare...if you do..."She stopped and thought,temper slowly fading."I don't know."She glared at him and sighed.

"What?Having second thoughts?"Maius Responded with a small growing smirk.

Kyryan looked at him with wide eyes."I don't have second thoughts.i run things over before I give my word.And...I don't care or anything.As i've said before,too many people are willing to help.It is my destiny alone to do it."

"As you said that earlier.But,as i said too,I am willing to die to find the amulet."

Kyryran looked at him with narrowed eyes.She didn't trust him enough."True...but no one really wishes to die for it...but,if you really want too..."

"Yes..."Maius said inching closer to hear.

"Then I can't stop you.As Kai said...the more people to help,the less chance of having both worlds destoyed.The less...the greater chance of everyone dieing."

~~OOC:There...I won't be on during the week...only on weekends.My dad said that as long as I go to school and not have holidays,no Internet accsess.That is real crappy....
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Maius? characteristic smirk couldn?t have possibly been any wider. ?I?m glad you are able to be so rational, Kyryan.?

Kyryan frowned. ?Don?t make me change my mind!?

?Of course?? Maius sighed, straightening his face. ?We should return to the others before they get impatient.?

When they did catch up with the others, Inuyasha was waiting for them. His arms were crossed, his foot taping impatiently and his face scowling. ?So did you ask her what you had to ask her??

?Yes?? Maius answered.

?Well, if you?re all done,? Inuyasha began, ?Leave!?

Maius smiled. ?Ummm? No.?

?What did you say?? Inuyasha growled.

Kyryan sighed. ?He?s going to help us.?

?WHAT?? Inuyasha was positively fuming. ?This freak??

Maius continued to smile.

Inuyasha growled and drew his sword. ?Fight me you stupid bird!?

Maius? smile faded. ?Don?t tempt me Inuyasha? I have no intention of fighting but even I only have so much self control.?

?What the heck?? Inuyasha asked.

?I think,? Miroku translated, ?what he means is that he?s holding back from fighting you.?

Inuyasha tightened his grip on his Tetsusaiga. ?No one holds back against me!?

?I?m not going to fight you,? Maius muttered.

?Inuyasha?? Kagome sighed, grabbing the half-demon?s arm. ?Just leave him alone.? Inuyasha caved under her pleading and sheathed his sword.

?Fine,? he growled, ?But I?d keep my mouth shut if I were you bird-boy.?
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Kyryan sighed."Inuyasha...I'd keep your mouth shut.Or someone will have to staple it shut.If you are to stay,Inuyasha,keep your two senses to yourself.I don't take crap from rash people like you."

"I'd say you're rash too but it may be just my imagination."inuyasha mumbled. Kyryan heard what he said and kicked him in the chin.

"say that again and you'll die."Kyryan said real low as she got down into his face. Inuyasha gulped at the scary glare she was giving him and said sorry."Okay,then the next time you pick a fight,my foot'll go up your ass,understood?"

"Yes,Kyryan."Inuyasha said hurridly as he stood.

"Should we begin looking for the peices of the amulet?"Maius asked Kyryan.

"We should get going.We have a lot of ground to cover and the first jewel is towards the northwest of here...near a huge moutain."

"Okay...then lets go!"Kagome exclaimed.
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Kyru Windwaker watched in horror as she saw her classmate dissapear."What the hell?!"Kyru pressed herself against the wall to hear and see the criminal.Her footing fell and she hit the floor making a loud thump.She looked around to see the criminal who had warped the other kids,do the exact same thing."Your not taking me back!I escaped once,I'll do it again!"Her silver bangs hung over her ice ble eyes.The blue rims were shining through jet-black hair.Ears and a tail popped out as her normal girl apearance became a dilusion.Before she could brake out her rapier from her backpack she was wisked away from her normal standards and took back to her original time period. She looked around and cursed under her breath."I'll go visit my good friend,Inu-yasha."She chuckled and jumped over the ravine."I have to have that damn amulet!"
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