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RPG Black Horizon [M- VLS]


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shawnz (David Castle)
Ceres (Alexis LeMone)
RioLaskand (Dane Kenny)
Baron Samedi (Steven Howard)
Raiha (Lanni Byer)
Freier Geist (Jayseon Taylor)
Corey (Allen Chubbs)
?If you want to moan at me about not getting in, go ahead.
It was hard to choose and mostly came down to grammar and substance.
With that said, as always, have at it.
[b]Black Horizon[/b]
Allen watched his crew enter his ship. The Bladerunner had been his ever since he had started with the Deep Space Rescue Federation. The crew looked composed and ready. If the information he had been provided with was at all true, they weren't ready in the slightest...

Allen saluted his commander after they were all in, and entered the ship, making his way to the gravity pouches as orders dictated. They'd be lifting off in a little under half an hour, and the entire crew had to be in stasis by then. The ships corridors were constructed to be bright, but not blindingly so. The walls, floor, and ceiling gave off a calming white glow. Every fifty feet or so there was a control panel on the wall. A single touch would bring up the ships menu, and from there you could access any subsystem you could want.

A blue line on the floor illuminated the path to the grav pouches. Allen knew the way by heart, and walked with eyes straight forward. The doors to the stasis bay opened as he got to them, and he walked in. The eyes of every crew member looked at him. Some were already ready for stasis, stripped to skin-tight undergarments. Others were just beginning to take off their clothing, seemingly a little shy.

[b]Allen-[/b] "We lift off in less than twenty-five minutes. I want each and every one of you in your pouches in ten." He looked from crew member to crew member, meeting each gaze. "When the ion drive fires, the ship will be hitting about 50 gees. That's enough force to liquify your skull. I suggest you hurry." Allen strode over to his locker and began to strip. Some of his crew looked like they had never been in space before. This wasn't exactly a run-of-the-mill first time mission. Everyone here was the best at what they did, even if it meant bringing in some first time flyers.

Within five minutes he had taken off all articles but a pair of briefs. The floor was warm under his feet. When they awoke two months from now, the floor would be cold. He wasn't looking forward to it. Allen stood by his pouch as the rest of the crew finished filing into theirs. After everyone was in stasis, he entered his own pouch. The chamber closed around him, sealing his body in a pill-shaped plas-steel pod. Allen punched the 'initiate' button, and a green gel began rising into the chamber. He inhaled a last breath and held it as the gel covered his head. It felt like jello. The electrical impulses from the computer surged through the gel, slowing his body to a state of near-death, and putting him in perfect stasis, and completely invulnerable to the immense force of the engines.[/size]
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Guest shawnz
David Castle walked into the ship, clean shaven and crisp in his new uniform. He also had a nasty hangover, which he doubted his impending time in stasis would improve. He looked around at the other members of the crew. Some seemed frightened, but none of them wished to admit it. So they covered their fear with blustering, boasting, and outright impertinance. They not only wanted to know what was going to be done about their concerns, but they wanted to know right that second. Castle spotted the captain.

[B]Castle[/B]- "Sir, David Castle reporting for duty as ordered. I just wanted to..."

Allen Chubbs scowled and pointed toward the nearest gravity pouch. Castle immediatly began getting ready as Chubbs addressed the crew.

[B]Allen[/B]- "We lift off in less than twenty-five minutes. I want each and every one of you in your pouches in ten." He looked from crew member to crew member, meeting each gaze. "When the ion drive fires, the ship will be hitting about 50 gees. That's enough force to liquify your skull. I suggest you hurry."

The thought of having his skull liquified was more than enough incentive for Castle to pick up the pace on getting ready for stasis. He stripped down to the required amount of clothing, and entered his assigned chamber. He hesitated for a moment before hitting the "initiate" button.

[B]Castle[/B]-"I really hate this shit..."

Seconds later everything had passed into peaceful darkness.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]A slightly tall feminine figure stood before the , Bladerunner. Her cream colored skin shined nicely as the suns ray poured down from the sky, Alexis seemed a bit intimidated by the size of the ship. Never in her days she would imagine the day, that she was promoted to executive officer and being a part of Allen Chubbs crew. Alexis smiled at the though, but soon her smile turned into distaste as she noticed a commanding officer behind her. [I]?Just great?it?s bad enough being pestered...now this fool ?[/I] .

?Executive officer [I]Le Mone[/I], greetings!? Said a mid-aged man as he saluted Alexis formally.

?Hello Officer Fidget. Are you here to say farewell to me??. ? She asked knowing the answer, but just wanted to be polite since it would be the last time seeing the old bag.

?Yes indeed, well then farewell and congratulations upon your promotion. I?m proud of you dear?? Officer Fidget said in a kind tone.

Without a word she boarded the ship and began to observe the crew and her knew surroundings. Alexis indeed had doubts upon this, but in the end she was dedicated to her duty?no matter if she was a bit scared. Pairs of skin-tight undergarments were placed upon the benches, Alexis gaze grew shyly upon the undergarments. [I]?I?m going to be wearing that tight crap??[/I], but even though she hated the though; She dressed and was done just as Allen walked in. He stared at the crew...each and everyone, that didn?t intimidate her one bit. She could deal with this, but the outfit?she?ll work on it.

"We lift off in less than twenty-five minutes. I want each and every one of you in your pouches in ten." He looked from crew member to crew member, meeting each gaze. "When the ion drive fires, the ship will be hitting about 50 gees. That's enough force to liquefy your skull. I suggest you hurry." Allen strode over to his locker and began to strip. Some of his crew looked like they had never been in space before. This wasn't exactly a run-of-the-mill first time mission. Everyone here was the best at what they did, even if it meant bringing in some first time flyers. ? Spoke Allen in a formal tone.

After this Alexis walked inside her pouch and started to panic a little as the chambers closed. She wondered if she was claustrophobic, but then she just relaxed and closed her eyes. She soon felt a cold gel like start to cover her body, somehow that felt relaxing?soon everything became dark and serene?just the way she liked it. [/COLOR] [/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Lanni Byer was one of the first to strip down to skin tight clothing and wait to enter stasis. Nothing modest about her. Years of training had taught her as much. She stood to attention by her pod while she waited for the Captain to speak. She had been early. Almost before the Captain himself had reported. If there was anything she knew about serving, she knew that her commanding officer would appreciate it if she weren't late. And since she didn't like to be the last in a room, even if she was on time, she was usually the first.

And now she waited ever so patiently for everyone else, the greenies included, to strip and get ready to sleep. Inwardly, she was wondering how many of them knew what they were getting into. Outwardly she could've been a piece of garden statuary. Motionless, legs spread shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind the back one in the other, head up, eyes straight forward. Even so, she could see the people on either side.

She appreciated the fact that her vision worked that way, although she wouldn't have minded being able to see two different images at once. The Captain made his announcement, she sighed inwardly. 25 minutes of watching people try to get out of their clothes?

The Captain stalked past her and did not turn to look at her. She didn't look at him once he had passed her range of vision, and she didn't flick her eyes at him. That was usually a good way to get an angry angry officer in your face. Shouting obscenities. And he was usually superior. Which meant there was no throwing things at him. Plugging him. Kicking him below the belt. Damn.

But all in all, Lanni wasn't upset. She was just happy to be getting out of her current situation. The one that haunted her when she wasn't on the job. The parts about her family, what was left of it anyway. Now that she would be off the planet, they wouldn't bother her. At least she hoped they wouldn't find a way to bother her. She figured, if she didn't think about them too much, they probably wouldn't cause any trouble for her.[/i][/COLOR]
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[i]You gon' miss me baby?

Yeah, girl, you know I'll be thinking about you everyday.

Mmm-hmm, can I trust you?

You know it, I ain't lied to you yet.

Jayceon, you just lied right then, nigga you ain't slick.

A'ight, A'ight, you got me. But I'll be thinking about you.

Ok, baby...[/i]

Jay snapped back to the real world as soon as he noticed that the rest of the crew were moving. He moved with them into the locker room, quietly. Physically, Jay was superior to the rest of them, towering high at 6'4 and being in the shape he was, but he said nothing about it. He thought back to that lie he told his girl back home, he must have meant alot to her, although he didn't feel particularly the same way.

After processing orders, Jay did as he was told, and removed his clothes down to his undergarments. Jay put them in the locker and walked back out towards the stasis pods. He looked over at a particular woman whom when he passed, kept her eyes straight ahead, looking at his torso. Jay didn't say anything and continued towards his particular pod where he let the green ooze fill up to the brim. [i]This shit is creepy[/i], was his final thought as the shock hit him and he went black.
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[size=1]OOC: We still have two people lacking. Please hurry. I'm anxious, as I hope you all are, to continue.
The silence spiraled into infinity. Corridors that once were the site of structure shattering explosions were placid. There is no sound in space. Nothing can make a noise in a vacume. But not all sounds are heard. Some are felt. When a person dies, their soul is torn from its corporeal prison. It makes a spiritual vibration that chills you to the bone. All things make this 'noise'. Most are so small that you cannot feel it. It is a mere whisper on the breeze of thought. But somethings...


...somethings that aren't supposed to be... Abominations... They shake the very foundation of the spirit. They rattle your soul, until you can feel it in every step you take. Every breath you draw feels like your last. The air around you smells of death. The lights you see are mere shadows of a grace that has abandoned that place.

They know nothing but pain. They are from a place where blood nutures, and death is the only nature known. There is nothing but pain. Horrible, horrible pain... Some are called ghosts, the beings that slip from a place of torment, into our world. They hate us at the most basic level. Not for the beauty we have. Not for the love we hold. Not for the world we yearn to save. But because we can choose. We have the choice. They know only death. Only the unblinking control that is hate. We can choose. And that is our power...


Abominations know nothing of placidity.

The screens on the Event Horizon sprung to life. Air began pumping into the breached corridors. Holes sealed themselves. The life support systems booted up and began their all too familiar task of making the ship habitable.

They do what they do best... They...

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Guest shawnz
Somehow, as the ship traveled through the darkness of space, Castle became aware of his surroundings. He had felt the final shutting down of his body as he entered stasis...and then nothing...and now this. The darkness was waiting for him, eager to claim him. He could hear the voices in his head. Whether they were born of his imagination or were real, he could not say. They called out to him...

[B]??????-"You have sought forgiveness. You have sought the bearers of light. They will not come for you. They will not embrace you, for they do not love you, and they do not possess the truth. And they fear that if they come for you, you will know that. You will sense that. They do not want you to have this knowledge, for knowledge is power, and they desire the power all for themselves."

?????-"We, however, love you. We reach out to you from the place of hiding. We, and all those like us. Those whome you cannot imagine, whom you dare not imagine. We will love you and comsume you utterly. And you will know joy such as you have never imagined, the joy of full and complete truth, the joy of knowing what truly lurks within the darkness. For light is simple and stark, and it is opposed to the imagination. Only in the darkness can the truth of untruth thrive."

??????-"Look at all the darkness. Look at how much more there is compared to the light. The darkness is the majority by far in the universe. The darkness rules...be ours...be ours..."

?????-"Don't worry, in a few moments you won't even remember that we had this conversation. You can do nothing to prevent what is coming. Embrace your darkness...kill...kill..."[/B]

Castle faded back into nothingness....
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[size=1]Steven was the third person in the room. He had been a few minutes before reporting time, but was 'behind' nonetheless. Steven's eyes roamed over a sharp looking woman standing at attention next to one of the stasis pods. What a tightass.....speaking of which. He grinned wickedly in her direction, but she was iron through and though. Ramrod straight she didn't batter an eyelash. He nodded to the other two people in the room, and walked over to the next pod in the room, slouching against the wall.

Some few minutes later, he heard the measured pace of what was undoubtedly an officer. Standing up properly, he brushed himself off and stood to attention in his civilianwear.

As soon as the officer entered, he gave a terse order about getting into your pod as soon as possible. And some threat about liquidising skulls. Steven's mind had kind of drifted once it became obvious he wasn't going to get a chance to talk with him. Facing forward, so as to get the best view of all the room's occupants..but particularly the female ones, Steven pulled off his shirt and jeans, revealing a pair of racing shorts. He put his clothes in the chute provided, before stepping into his stasis pod.

The final thing he saw before the quickly rising gel covered his eyes was a nice piece of arse hopping into a stasis pod almost opposite his...[/size]
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[size=1][i]Rio is currently unable to get online. I've been holding out, hoping he'd be able to make a post, but it's time to press on. Sorry man.[/i]
In the stasis room computer consoles flickered to life. Pre-set commands shot across the screens at breakneck speeds.

[:-begin phase one of reanimation-
-nueral-stim begin-:]
[:-nueral activity at 35% and rising-
-deeptissue-stim begin-:]
[:-nueral activity at 100%-
-bodily functions at 42% and rising-:]
[:-estimated time until conscious '23:24'-:]
The pod opened and Allen fell to the 'softmesh' floor, coughing and spitting out congealed gobs of stasis gel. He curled into a ball and felt the warmed air of the stasis room wash over him. Could they possibly think of a worse way to end stasis? You suddenly come to still in the pod, and have to hit the drain button. The gel gets sucked out, and then the pod snaps open. You fall to the floor because your muscles are atrophied from disuse.

[b]Allen-[/b] "...fuck..." Allen attempted to stand and make his way over to the lockers. After two failed attempts, he compromised with a stooped hobble and walked over. It opened with a touch. He quickly grabbed the amino-pep pills designed to help rebuild the bodies muscled, and dry-swallowed them. He sat on the bench and draped a towel over his lap. He could feel the gel in every crevasse of his body. Like a layre of snot. He shuddered and stood up quickly. The room swirled around him and he sat down hard. "Gotta take it slow..." He stood again once the room calmed down, and made his way slowly over to the showers. He peeled off the skintight briefs and turned on the warm water, washing the gel off of him. He looked to the pods as he heard another one drain.

This is where the mission begins.[/size]
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[font=times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Swearing and spitting alternately, Lanni fell out of her pod, catching herself before a face plant and pushing herself up onto her elbows. She hacked up another glob of gel and shook her hair, gel flying in all directions. Then she dragged herself to lockers, made a weak fist, and punched the pannel. Once it popped open, she forced herself to take the pills without gagging, and straightened herself up, looking over at the captain.

Her voice was raspy, as one might imagine, but she still managed to raise one hand.[/i]


[i]He nodded, then watched as another pod drained and yet another crew member was reintroduced to gravity. Lanni straightened, testing her legs, then, finding that they were working again, walked slightly unsteadily towards the showers. Moving with distaste and general disgust, she cranked the water on and stripped off all her clothes. The Captain glanced in her direction, then looked back at his crew. Lanni spat into the drain, running her tongue over her teeth to make sure all the gel was gone from her mouth. Then, while the water was still running cold, she stepped in and turned her face towards the faucet.


Rushing all over her skin. Washing away the gel, making her clean again. Lannie leaned forward, resting on her elbows, propped up against the wall. She closed her eyes and sighed, relishing the feeling coming back into her limbs.[/i][/COLOR][/font]
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