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Help Tozoku with her secret anniversary project? (I draw back)


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Hi guys! Sorry to suddenly reappear like this, but I need your help...
December 5th is my one-year 'anniversary' with that which for lack of a better word I shall refer to as my boyfriend. x3;; And so, I shall now begin a secret project to make an excellent gift for him! Now, here is what I want to do, what I'll need, and how you can help:
I want to make a DVD (preferably... more on that in a minute) for him called "The Random Adventures of Shadow and Hai-chan" (Shadow being one of my aliases, Hai-chan being my nickname for him- it's short for Haipazaru). What I really want is animations (static or otherwise) and comics. But I also would like couple art, short stories- anything you can think of. Be creative!
Of course, I won't expect you to just do this for free. I would be glad to draw something for you if you'd like. ^^
[url="http://www.freewebs.com/projectanniv/"]Here[/url] is the website with all of the pertinent information (yeah, I used the Freewebs builder even though I know HTML. Do feel free to point and laugh). It has details (a ridiculous amount of them) and reference pictures for both of us (our characters that are based on us, that is, so you don't have to draw from photos), as well as suggestions and guidelines for what you can do.
Also, I could use help with how I can put all this together to give to him. He won't have computer access on the day, so I hope to put it onto a DVD. If I must, I think can make it into one big WMV to burn onto a DVD that'll play in a DVD player, but I don't want to resort to that.. As soon as I finish making this post, I'm going to start researching methods, but if anyone happens to know how I can do this, I'd really appreciate the help.
Sorry for the long ramble ^^; Thanks so much to anyone who helps out!

[color=teal]EDIT:[/color] PS. If the images won't work, just tell me. That happens on some computers.

[color=teal]Please do not double post. It is against the rules we have set up on this board, since it clutters the topic up and you can just as easily edit your post by using the button at the bottom of your posts. -Syk3[/color]
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[QUOTE=Tozoku]Really? Why's that? -unfamiliar with this board-
Eep. A few people have told me that. A lot of the links seem to only work with some computers. x_x I'll see what I can do.[/QUOTE]
good, that'll make it easier. i have no idea what i'm suppose to be drawing...
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I encourage people only to really post if they have made something, or are seriously planning on doing so in order to help Tozoku out. I haven't checked the links myself, but as for getting you for this, I don't see anything else particularly wrong with this thread. :)
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-salutes- Okay! ^.^;; My apologies for the double-post.
I'm working on the broken links. One of the free image hosts I use, tinypic.com, had a crash a while back, which is why a lot of my images don't work anymore. So, I'm just going through, locating and fixing... every... single... dead... link. =____= It's a long process, so please bear with me. x_x

Edit: Okay! A Photobucket account is now up and running. Sorry ^^;
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