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    i need help.
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    a struggling manga artist/writer with a bit of doujinshi put in....nah, i work at starbuks.

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  1. kitsunekami

    Manga Colored Inks-Help!

    i own a bunch of colored inks in bottles.... but i usually don't use that for coloring front pages. i don't think it works that well... and shading sucks.....
  2. kitsunekami

    Manga aqurian age: juvinille orion

    hey, i absolutely love this manga. it is really good. i hate how it was so short though. grand job and i think it's sad that not so many people have heard of it.
  3. kitsunekami

    Manga Inking Pens...

    [QUOTE=GTK]hahaha XD I totally practically use only .005 *shot dead* though if you use only that size, it dies pretty fast T_T I use .005, .01, .03,and .08 mostly This also may be a bit silly to ask, but are you drawing on the paper you are inking on? Sometimes when you erase it will tear up the paper (even if it doesn't look like it), so when you ink over it the line will bleed. I use printer paper also and have never had any problems O_o[/QUOTE] i use printer paper too. lmao and i didn't mean that you can't. wat i meant was: if your whole picture has small, thin, detailed lines, then yes, i think you should really use .005 on it all... but if you use a mixture of thin lines and thicker lines(just like i do) you will find it to be easier to use larger pens... the line thickness will be more even.
  4. kitsunekami

    Manga favorete anime/manga

    i thought the ending to wolf's rain in the manga was really stupid... i liked it better when everyone died.
  5. kitsunekami

    Manga favorete anime/manga

    well, here is a list of series i truley enjoy. inuyasha love hina Wolf's rain hellsing samurai champloo Ranma 1/2 ROD Paranoia agent
  6. kitsunekami

    Manga Need help on Manga eyes...

    hmmm, i tend to draw the eyes at more or less the same time.... first the outline.. then the actual eye, and then the eyebrows and eyelids. i beleive that it is best to get in the habbit of drawing ti this way so if you find it neccisary chang your style later it is easier.
  7. kitsunekami

    Manga Inking Pens...

    well, that's really simple. your holding the pen too hard on the paper. ofcourse, practicing will help lots just as the person who said before me... i don't neccisary agree that you should do your whole outline sketch in .005 pens... DON'T USE GEL PENS. unless ur not looking for a professional look. and ballpoint pens give a bad look... i would only use it if i was going to make it negatice later.
  8. kitsunekami

    Manga Inking Pens...

    um, i use the same brand of pen, i rearely have that problem. wat type of paper are you using? that might deal with it.also how you are handling the pens may contribute to the problem. it might be the pen itself... you really shouldn't use a ballpoint pen.
  9. kitsunekami

    Manga When did you first start drawing manga?

    [quote name='rikuza']I first started drawing manga last year, so it was in october 2005 im 12 so i have a lot of time to practise, im currently trying to make a manga called Souls Entwined, its a love story about a warrior and a girl that can never see him, and how the end up seeing each other and then the girl is trapped in a crystal and he is on a querst to save her! Sound cool?[/quote] hmm... could i see a sample of your artwork??? i started seriously drawing early November(2005)/late Spetember(2005... i forget when exactly, but roughly 3 months ago... sumthing like that. i should check my DA account). i have hopes of being a fancomic doujinka. i'm going to soon start working on short comics(one or two pages). unfourtunetly, i'm not too good of an artist. and to those two people fighting... i'd like to see sample of your art too.... how strange you two... only i don't think you can say ur a really good artist without showing proof.
  10. kitsunekami

    Manga Need help on Manga eyes...

    um, wt type of eyes are you trying to draw? CGed? simple like the girl's avi before me or more complexed? it all deals with your style... so um wat's ur style?
  11. kitsunekami

    Manga Manga/Web Comic Fonts

    well... if you are doing computer comics made through just the computer(like "and shine heaven now") u should use somthing like comic sans or whatever else tickles your fancy. if you are drawing on paper, you should do lettering.
  12. kitsunekami

    Anime Anime sexism

    [QUOTE=x_kr3w_x]Look I Agree but not all anime is like that i myslef like this one kind of anime called Initial D Also it is good if you like cars....So I introduce you all noobs to Initial D [/QUOTE] yeah, we all already know that not eveything is like that. we already got over that. besides, prolly most of us have already heard of initial D. and don't call us noobs, wth. and i don't see anything wrong with it anyways.
  13. kitsunekami

    Manga Manga Drawers Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'll try that sounds like a good idea.
  14. kitsunekami

    Manga my neat manga story

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook. a doujinshi is a self-published book. occasionally fan-doujinshi(pretty self-explanitory), which is probably alot more popular in the states. and alot easier to find. but there is original doujin which is an original story featuring original characters. not too common in the states, but is plenty in japan. ever heard of clamp? they started out doing doujinshi. since i feel the need to go on and in more detail, i will. doujinshi can be published by a single person, two people that just join up for that one(if they stick together they usually become a circle or somthing and get themselves a name), or, much more common, done by a circle. a circle is a group of people featuring a writer, artist, editor, ect. that makes doujinshi. like clamp, which is a circle. or omega 2-d is pretty well known. um, yeah. and i just realized ur prolly wondering(sorry if i'm wrong) how the hell people publish it. well, they first draw it, and totally edit it, then either save it on a disk or bring it to a printers place and copy it, then they print it out and give it to you, then you sell it. and of your post, i did not understand anything of the second part.
  15. kitsunekami

    Manga Manga Drawers Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ribbons, scrunchies, chopsticks, barrettes, hats, clothe, the whole lot pretty much.