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Digimon: Lesson in Blood (M - V & L)


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Nicola groaned as she stepped into the Gate Room. Her first time ever to enter the Digital World.

Most kids would give anything to be a Network Field Agent, but she had no desire for it. It meant she had to get a partner. It wasn't that she hated Digimon, she hated any company in general.

Her old job meant little interaction with anyone, manning the Network's main monitoring computer system, affectionately called "The Beast" for it's large size. As a direct result of the name, her own Agent name is "Beast Rider".

"Network Agent 074, Beast Rider, state your business!" a young female secretary asked as she sat at desk near the Gate. There was a large computer on on the desk along with a bunch of papers and a Agumon bobblehead.

"For fuck's sake, Sara, you know my name's Nicola!" Nicola snarled, her bad mood intensifying.

"Touchy. So anyway, Nicola, why are you down here? Aren't you usually at the top of the building manning 'The Beast'?" Sara asked, her pen in her mouth.

"I got a "promotion" to Field Agent," Nicola sighed, giving in to the fact that there was no escaping the inevitable.

"Really? That means you got a Digi-Disk, right?" Sara asked curiously, looking for the mysterious disk. Nicola pulled a black disk out of a pouch on a belt around her waist. Sara reached for it and Nicola handed it reluctantly over. "They say Field Agents always get high level Digimon, I wonder what kind of Digimon you'll get? Is there a Digimon called Antisocialmon?" Sara joked as she slid the disk into her computer's disk drive.

"Ha ha, very funny," Nicola said flatly.

"Commenceing download," Sara said, observing a circle located in the center of the room, a few feet from where Nicola was currently standing. The circle began to glow and spin and small waves of energy pulsated out of it. A bright beam of light shot out of the center of the circle and a Digital Field formed.

"Download completed, identifying Digimon," Sara said as flashes of multicolored lights could be seen coming out of the Field. "Digimon identity comfirmed. Digimon is ... Beelzemon, Mega level, Virus type!" Sara gasped as Beelzemon stepped out of the Field. Nicola sighed and stepped toward the Demon Lord Digimon, she held out her hand and he shook it gently.

"I'm Nicola. I'm your partner. You and I are now both members of the Network. We are Field Agents. We go into the Digital World and eradicate any major disturbance." Nicola said, as if she had rehearsed it.

[I]Oh goody, I get Miss Bitchy Girl.[/I] Beelzemon thought as he looked her over. Her calm demeanor betrayed her, he could sense her emotions. She was scared and angry, but she looked as if this was business as usual.

"Sara, my mission briefing, please," Nicola said, holding out her hand. Sara, who had been staring in awe at Beelzemon, snapped out of it.

"Right away Nic- Agent Beast Rider," Sara said as she opened a drawer in her desk and dug around. After a few minutes of frantic searching she pulled out a pink piece of paper. "Here."

"Digital Disturbances have been detected in Ryoko Sector, thought to be caused by rouge Digimon attempting to open a portal to the Real World. Investigate and stop them by any means nesissary," Nicola read, and sighed. "Come on, Beelzemon. We have a job to do."

"We're preparing the Gate for your departure. There is currently one other Field Agent on this mission, if you encounter him you are to obey any commands due to his seniority." Sara smiled at Nicola's angered look.

Just then the circle began glowing and spinning again. A Digital Field did not form but there was something on the circle. It hovered in the air a moment before zooming over and clipping itself to Nicola's belt.

It was triangular in shape and completely grey. It was now beeping softly and it showed and image of Nicola, along with all her physical stats, then it went silent.

"That reminds me! Nicola, this is your communicator. If you get into trouble or discover something we didn't know, you can talk to us or write to us through this. It also has a map on it. Be forewarned, once you leave the Main City, there will be rogue Digimon everywhere. Some are friendly; some are not so don't attack blindly or walk up to every Digimon you see-" Sara was cut off by Nicola.

"Yadda, yadda, yadda; blah, blah, blah and all that good stuff. Can we go now?" Nicola asked, getting fed up with waiting.

"Fine." Sara sighed, "Go on through."

Nicola ran forward and through the Gate and Beelzemon followed quickly after.
- - -
(OOC: Okay! There we go, the opening. You may be in the Digital World already, (Takuya you could be the other Field Agent ... but if you're not it's your choice) or just entering it for the first time. No you don't have to do a post this long! But make sure it contains some depth!)
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She was pointed the way and walked down a blank hallway. The air was stale and she disliked the whole idea of staying here any longer than she had to. She turned thecorner sharply and looked down the hall through her black sunglasses. She glared silently at the desk and kept walking. She reached the desk and dug for the DigiDisk that she had just aquired.

She was wearing A tight red t shirt with a black vest over that. Her very well fit blue jeans had a fire mark on one of the legs. And of course very sleek black sunglasses seemed to be permanently glued to her face. She never took them off. She had long blonde hair that was pulled back with a large device. Then there were three long braids that had red beads in the middle and on the ends ans fasteners. She waited.

She stared at the girl who glanced up at her. "State-" She saw the disk, "Oh... Right. Fine just a moment."

"Right..." She said quietly staring at the silly agumon bobblehead.




She looked near here and saw something start up. It was a circle. The circle began to glow and spin and small waves of energy pulsated out of it. A bright beam of light shot out of the center of the circle and a Digital Field formed.

"Digimon Download complete. Identity Confirmed. Kyubimon... Data Kitsune. Champion level. Decent." She girl said in a manner quite rude.

Nyoka knew it was most likely because she had seen so many different digimon emerge that a mere champion was nothing special. Neo however didnt care. She watched the field and two white flaming paws appeared.

Out of the field came a large yellow nine tailed fox with Yinyans on her shoulders and flaming tips on her tails. She had a long white and red thing around her neck with crystals in front of her chest. She looked at the fox and stared for a moment and then nodded.

"Kyubimon... I am Nyoka but call me Neo for short. I am glad we are partners."
"As am I." The kyubimon said with a bow.

The girl at the desk coughed, "Ehem. Anyways lets get you outta here."

The circle started reacting again as the girl did some thigns and a device meterialized and flew into Neo's hand. She looked at it... It was black and white. She clipped it to her pants and waited.

"Yeah... Its ready. Get on through."

Neo nodded and turned to Kyubimon, "Mind if I?"

"Not at all!" Kyubimon said turning slightly. Neo leapt up as if Kyubimon was a simple horse. Kyubimon leapt forward and the vanished through the portal.

OOC: This probably is horrible compared to what I can do but I just ate a lot of ginger snaps... My head is on fire from dinners hot mustard mayhem and I wasnt sure how to do this... so i just guessed as I went.
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Sako was not one to give up. He and Cerberumon had made a name for themselves among Network field agents by facing situations where the odds were against them and coming out on top. Nobody had triumphed against the odds as many times as Sako and Cerberumon had. The reason? Sako had a flair for the unexpected, and catching opponents by surprise is always extremly effective. Unfortunatly, formulating a plan was prooving difficult this time. The opposition was very cautious, which made things difficult. Then, a solution presented itself in an unexpected form: another Network agent arrived.

She was wandering around the area, clearly looking for something. Sako approached her, and noticed that when she saw him, she didn't seem too surprised. Sako introduced himself. "Hello. My name is Sako. And you are?"

"I'm Nicola, AKA Agent Beast Rider," she replied.

'I thought you were with the Network," Sako said. "You almost never see a non-Netowrk person with a high-leved Digimon like Beelzemon. Yes, you see Meaga after a Digivolution, but prety much nobody outside of the Networ has a Digimon that's naturally at the Mega level, or even the Ultimate level like Cerberumon, here."

"You must be the other Agent investigatin the disturbances," Nicola told him.

Sako nodded. "That's correct. I was just thinking I could use a hand. I believe I've found the group responsible for the disturbances. Unfortunatly, even if I have Cerberumon digivolve to Anubismon, he's still way out of his leauge. This group isn't exactly weak. They've got two Guardromon, five Megadramon, and a Gigadramon that appears to be their leader. I've been trying to figure out a way to catch them off guard, but they're very cautious and very well organized. Plus, those Guardromon don't seem to ned to sleep, so it's not like a night attack will work well. They'll see me coming and wake the others. Yes, they'd lose a couple while they composed themselves, but in the end, they'd win. However, you and Beelzemon tip the odds in my favor, even though they still have the force to out-power us. But that doesn't matter, because I know how we can take them by surprise."

'Just don't give us anything too hard to do," Nicola said. "This is my first mission."

"All right, then, I'll give you the easy part. Here's the plan: Cerberumon approaches the group in plain sight, making no attempt to hide. The Gigadramon will immediatly assume that there are others trying to approach unsen, using Cerberumon's aproach as a distraction. He'll be right. Beelzemon will be coming in from the other side, and will undoubtably be seen. That's what I want. Nicola, you can't let yourself be seen, but I want them to see Beelzemon. Gigadramon will probably send four of the five Megadramon after you, more than enough to defeat Beelzemon, who should be focusing on evasion instead of confrontation. That leaves Gigadramon himself, the fifth Megadramon, and the two Guardromon to take out Cerberumon, more than enough to defeat an Ultimate. But they won't be facing an Ultimate.

"What Gigadramon won't know is that Cerberumon is partnered with a human. That's why he can't see you, Nicola. He must not suspect that our Digimon are partnered with humans. That way, he'll be taken totally off guard when Cerberumon digivolves to Anubismon. The surprise of this move will allow Anubismon to gain the upper hand early, and he should win withoug much trouble. After he's done, he and I will aid you and Beelzemon in taking out the remaining four Megadramon. Understood?"

"Sounds a bit risky, but I'm supposed to do what you tell me to, so I'll do it."

"That's not a risky plan," Sako replied. "Compared to some of the crazy shit I've done, this will be simple. Now, let's do it."
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Beelzemon was sneaking around rather poorly and Nicola had to remind herself that he was trying to get caught. She watched as the plan went into action as Cerberumon was spotted. She watched the force scramble to their master and enquire as to what to do. She watched as they began to hunt for Beelzemon, and she watched as they spotted him and sent out the four Megadramon after him, and then she looked away, and simply waited.

Beelzemon was in way over his head, he'd known that the instant he heard Sako's plan, but he couldn't go against his partner's orders. He watched as the four Megadramon approached swiftly.

"Dark Side Attack!" One them cried as he fired the powerful attack, aiming directly for Beelzemon who backflipped away from the attack. The others fired rapidly in succession.

Beelzemon knew he couldn't keep dodging forever, and it seemed that his opponents were getting smarter by the minute. He wanted to avoid confrontation if he could, but he couldn't possibly hope to outrun four Megadramon. That's when an idea struck him, he spun around to face the Megadramon. The Megadramon slowed down and were cautious, wondering what he was doing.

Beelzemon smirked as he brought his fingers up to his mouth and gave a shrill whistle that echoed everywhere. The Megadramon looked a little hesitant, wondering if he was calling for reinforcements, and waited, but nothing happened. They turned to him and prepared to attack all at once when a the roar of an engine filled the air.

A motorcycle came roaring down on them from above, landing in front of Beelzemon. He laughed at the stunned looks on their faces and mounted his "steed".

"Behemoth, let's move," Beelzemon said, revving the engine, "Hey boys, catch me if you can!" With that said he took off, as far away from Nicola as possible.

Meanwhile, Nicola sat in her hiding place staring at the ground. So all she had to do was sit here and wait for the battle to be over? She was tempted to show herself to them, but her loyalty to the Network held her back.

Nicola looked up, her back to the battle and saw someone approaching at a good speed. She squinted and looked harder. That was a civilian! She couldn't come here! It would ruin the plan! But Nicola couldn't warn her away because that would also ruin the plan!

What could she do? She decided to wait and see what the civilian did. If she got too close Nicola would have to warn her away. But hopefully she'd have enough common sense to keep her distance.
- - -
(OOC: I've attached an image of Beelzemon's motorcycle, Behemoth so you can get a better picture of what going on! And everyone's posting is wonderful and all that good stuff.)
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Neo looked around and noticed some comotion. "I wonder what is over there..."

Kyubimon halted and refused to move any farther, "I wont take you over there Neo."

Neo sighed and glanced a little harder... she sould see, even with the sunglasses on, that some digimon was approching another and yet another one was driving around on a bike. "Why not?"

"You might not notice it but most of those digimon fighting are ultimate levels and there are a few champion levels. The one on the bike is a mega. It isnt safe."

"I guess you are right... Where do you suggest we hide?"

"Well... I am yellow so it will be difficult to hide me but you can be hid easily because of your small size. I suggest you climb into that tree up there. Once up in the tree dont move or make noises. Only move when I return. I will be deeper into the trees hidden by teee cover and bushes."

Neo nodded, "Well ok then. Take care of yourself. We only just met after all and Id like to stay around for a while."


Neo climbed the tree rathereasily because of its many branches and odd shapes in its trunk. She got to a part where the branches came together and the tee made a dome of space. She was out of sign here. She sat on a brance and wondered what was going on outside. She could hear a roar of a motor and knew it was the bike but everything else seemed to be parts of explosions and attacks missing their target.

Neo moved her sunglasses carefully and looked up farther into the tree. A ways up the trunk she saw something sparkle on the trunk. She quietly climbed up and sat on the branch closest. She reached out and her hand instead of touching the tunk where it was sparkleing... heR hand went right through. She got closer and leaned in more but lost her balance. She fell through the spot and into the trunk of the tree.

As she fell she noticed hte inside of the tree looked nothing like the outside. It was smooth and colorful. Plenty of light for a place with no lights or sunlight. Something flashed in the corner of her eye and she felt something grab ahold of her. She didnt care the a moment because she was going to slam into the ground if she the whatever it was didnt catch her.

One safely on the ground she noticed what it was. It had armored legs, claws, and head. It also wore a shirt with fire marks on it. The armor had the same marks in yellow red and orange. Its skin was blue and there was a blade coming out of its head. He stood on both hind legs and looked down at her.

"I take it you are new to the digital world?" It asked.

Neo nodded, "Yeah. Didnt know this was one of them... hiding tree things."

"Thats why its for hiding. It is like every other tree." It said looking around.

"Then why is the trunk at the top sparkling?"

He put a claw to his chin and though, "Hmm not quite sure on that. Anyways I am called Fladramon. Who might you be?"

She smiled, "My name is Nyoka but just call me Neo."

"Ok Neo. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise..." She stared at the ground for a moment, "The only problem I have now is I cant see Kyuubimon from here. I was supposed to come out of the tree when I saw here. In here i cant see anything from out there."

"Hmm. A kyuubimon eh? Ill be right back." Fladramon then leapt out of the tree. He went through the wall as if it wasnt even there. A few moments later he came back, "I found your yellow friend and told her where you were. She seemed pelased that this tree was what it was. She will stick her head in when the fight is over."

Neo nodded, "Thanks... But what IS going on out there?"

"Well a bunch of megadramon following another ultimate gigadramon and a few others... they have been like terrorists. Hard to explain but A couple agents are working out their plan and fighting them now." Fladramon said a little slowly, "Dont worry... You are safe here. I wont hurt you," He grinned and looked at her oddly, "Yet."

Neo just stared for a moment, shrugged, and looked around.

"Ok... That joke didnt go over like I had hoped." He said sitting down.

"Of course not... Those kinds of jokes dont phase me."
ooc: I am using Flamedramons original name which is FLAdramon so dont think it was just a typo.
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Sako concealed himself in a clump of bushes and watched as Cerberumon approached Gigidramon's group. Everything happened as he'd expected. Gigadramon immedieatly assumed that Cerberumon had help, and it didn't take long before Beelzemon was spotted. Gigadramon sent four of the Megadramon after Beelzemon, more than enough to take him. Gigadramon, the fifth Megadramon, and the two Guardromon remained to deal with Cerberumon. Beelzemon wouldn't last long, so Cerberumon would have to work fast.

"Your little ruse failed," Gigadramon said to Cerberumon. "You were wrong to assume I'd be fooled by such an obvious 'deception'. Your friend was unable to destroy any of us, and he's now facing more than he can handle. And so are you."

Sako made his move. He lept out from his hiding place, triggering Cerberumon's digivolution to Anubismon as he dashed towards the battle area. The enemy was so surprised by the digivolution that Anubismon was able to take out the Megadramon before it could react, leaving only Gigadramon and the two Guardromon.

Anubismon took out the Guardromon first. They were easier to take out than Gigadramon, and it was almost always a good idea to reduce the enemy's numbers as quickly as possible. With the Guardromon out of the picture, Anubismon could focus on Gigadramon. Gigadramon put up a better fight than Sako had expected, but he was clearly out of his leauge. And he knew it, too. Which is why he fled before Anubismon could finish him off. Though Sako didn't like it, he and Anubismon had no choice but to let Gigadramon escape. They didn't have time to chase after his, as they needed to aid Beelzemon.

Locating Beelzemon wasn't hard, and Anubismon wasted no time in coming to his aid. One of the four Megadramon was down before Anubismon's presence was noticed. The other three realized imediatly that they'd been had, but there wasn't anything they could do about it now. They readied themselves as Anubismon and Beelzemon moved in to finish the battle.
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Nicola noticed the Gigadramon escaping, and cursed. She poked herself out from behind the large tree she was using as a hiding place and saw that Sako had revealed himself.

Beelzemon looked like he had taken a bit of a beating, but he was putting up a bit of a fight, too. She had to admit he looked quite dashing on the motorcycle. Until ...

"Dark Side Attack!" two of the Megadramon cried as they fired the twin blast, sending Beelzemon spiralling, to have the bike land on top of him. Beelzemon was struggling to get the bike off him and the two were charging for a final strike.

"Pyramid Power!" Anubismon cried, blasting the two Megadramon away from the defenseless Beelzemon.

"Thanks," Beelzemon grunted, pushing the bike off him gently, "I owe you one."

"..." was Anubismon's reply.

"Double Impact!" Beelzemon shouted, blasting the third which had been attempting to sneak up on Anubismon into bloody bits of data.

The other two Megadramon watched the data float away, and roared in rage. They flew at Beelzemon, not caring about what would happen to them.

"Darkness...CLAW!" Beelzemon screamed, holding his arms out, a purple glow surrounding his hands and he leapt at one of them, slicing completely through the Megadramon with his claws. Anubismon blasted the other to pieces with his "Pyramid Power" attack.

The first battle was over, the good guys won. But their adventure was just beginning, who knew what would happen then?
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A nose poked into the tree. It was Kyuubimon. She looked at Neo and smiled, "Its over...for now."

Neo nodded nad smiled at Fladramon, "I guess Ill see you around sometime."

Fladramon nodded, "Perhaps so." With that he leapt and vanished out of the tree.

Neo left the tree by simply walking out and quickly got back on Kyuubimon's back. Kyuubimon then walked slowly out of the trees and into a clearing. It looked quite mangled from the battle. All the blasts and such tearing into the enviroment. Neo looked around and noticed the girl from earlier. She was with a large black and purple digimon and there was also a male there too. He had a three headed black dog for a partner.

"Beelzemon and Cerberumon" Kyuubimon pointed out.

"Cool. Mega and an Ultimate." Neo looked around and wondered where to go first.

Kyuubimon also looked around, "Hmm. There is alot to explore. A lot to see."

"You are in control of the direction. Choose one and go. I dont care... I just want to look around. Where doesnt matter."

"As you wish..."
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"Not bad for your first time," Sako told Nicola as Anubismon devolved back to Cerberumon. "Most of 'em shit themselves first mission. Not literally, of course."

"Well, thanks," Nicola said. "Of course, it didn't all go as planned, did it? Gigadramon escaped."

"True, but we got everyone else. He may pop up again sometime, but that's really not relavent to this mission."

"Well, I may have something else that is," Nicola replied. "At the start of the battle, I noticed a civilian approaching. I don't know what happened to her."

"Well, she's probably not here anymore. Most of them try to stay away from any battles. Sometimes, someone will stay to watch, but even if that's what she did, she's probably going elsewhere right now. Either way, she's not our problem. We should return to base for debriefing and, if they have one, another assignment. Though the odds are slim that we'll be together again. Still, it could happen. Anyways, let's get back to base."

"All right," Nicola agreed.


OOC: Sheath, I recommend that you give us another assignment in your next post. The mission should be part of this RPGs main plot (if you don't get the plot going soon, this RPG won't last any longer than it already has).
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