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Divine Kinship [M-LSV]


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[SIZE=4]Fuki Yuriyama's Divine Kinship[/SIZE]
Kamuro as Sasurai Hitorine
Katana as Senka Hjorrdis
Revelation as Tomoya Yujin Woo
Sakura as Sakura Hiwatari
Retribution as Rafael de Machiavelli
Deucalion as Shichishito Hauken
Epsilon as Dorothy. Spes. Octavius.
Archangel as Sozoro Tetusya
Imi as Fayth Archer
Unborn Lord Xion as Zhou Tao
Revue as Rieur

[I]The High Council -[/I] Below God are the 9 members of the High Council. Men and women assigned by God himself to rule over heaven in his absence and carry out his wishes otherwise. They are deemed most loyal to God among all of his followers and aquired their position in the High Council by proving so over the years. They hold great power yet do not fight and boast their greatest strength from a mental standpoint. Each person specializes in a certain area yet when an important matter arises they all convene to discuss the issue and produce an adequate decision.

[I]Hendrix -[/I] Hendrix is one of the 9 High Elders responsible for the supervision and protection of heaven. Although he is an extremely smart man he has a firey temper and sometimes his judgement can be skewed on certain subjects. His ideals are old-fashioned and traditional. He believes humans to be lesser lifeforms then himself and refuses to depend on someone of an obviously lower level of power. However, through God's eyes humans are of utmost importance and even his own life seems a mute point in comparison the highly favorable race. He is loyal to God with every fiber of his being yet sometimes questions his decisions and motives concerning lower lifeforms. He isn't well-liked but is very well-respected among the members of the council.

[I]Louis -[/I] Louis is one of the 9 High Elders responsible for the supervision and protection of heaven. He is thought to be the very smartest of the group, well-known for the power his mind rather then that of his fist. Over the years he has learned to use every ounce of knowledge given to him, allowing for changes in reality formatted by changes in his mind. This allows him to speak with others using telepathy, teleport from one place or another, distort physical beings, whatever he chooses. This great power has aquired God's notice and his unique abilities have bestowed upon him the task of the Divine Kinship. It is his job to provide the humans with all the tools and information they'll need to accomplish the task of protecting the Chosen One. Louis believes humans to be just as important as God himself, and he enjoys being able to aid them in any way he can. He is closest to God among the members of the High Council and is often the subject of envious remarks from the others.

[I]Lord Takanaka -[/I] Lord Takanaka is the major antagonist of the story and is responsible for the capture of the Chosen One. Over the years he has become more and more powerful, training under the strongest users of dark magic known to man and aquiring abilities far beyond any other normal human. He is thought to have connections with the Devil himself, as the Divine Kinship does with God and those of heaven. He has assembled a nearly unbeatable force, sweeping through all of Japan and the surrounding areas, claiming each as his own. For a short time he has haulted the expansion, no doubt planning to increase his army's power in hopes that the surrounding nations will prove easily attainable. No one truly knows what he has in mind, but everyone hopes the expansion will stay dormant while the Kinship attempts to infultrate and rescue the Chosen One.

[I]Fuki Yuriyama (The Chosen One) -[/I] Fuki is a young boy with a firey spirit and strength unlike anyone at the ripe age of 14. He grew up in Japan, living an average life under the roof of the man he called his father. Although he knew the man was not truly the one responsible for his birth, he accepted his new family and they raised him as their own. His parents knew there was something special about him. Even as a child he had a presence like no other, the ability to make even the saddest person cheer up almost instantly. However, as Takanaka swept over Japan he got word of the extroadinary child. Rumors spread quickly and soon the boy was captured, expected to tell the secrets of his power to the dark lord. Although he was quite different from the other children, he had no idea he was the famed Chosen One, the future king of Earth. Even as he was beaten, he was unsure as to why and what he had done to deserve it. But his pride stays strong, and even on the roughest days he believes that someone will rescue him, and he will finally learn the mysteries of his past and future.

[I]Participants -[/I] The members accepted to the RP have posted their character information [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=48474][I][COLOR=White]here[/COLOR][/I][/URL] at the Inn.

As the story progresses there will be more and more NPC's and people you might need some extra information on to write posts to the best of your ability. All excessive character information will be posted here at the Underground.

[SIZE=4]The Five Lords[/SIZE]
[I]The Earth Province[/I] - The area where the team begins is towards the outskirts of the Earth province. There are forests and areas resembling any other normal wilderness. However as you approach the center of the province plant life dwindles down and the area changes. The land closest to the castle is desertlike, the hot sun beating down constantly and offering no release for those who attempt to trek through it. Members of the province have learned to adapt to the whether and certain cities have arisen within the barren wasteland, however they aren't very fond of visitors.

[I]The Earth Castle[/I] - One of largest of the Five Lords, the Earth Castle peaks high through startch desert air surrounding it. Entirely made of stone the castle is nearly indestructable and offers the perfect protection for one of Takanaka's Five Lords. Surrounding the castle is a large stone wall, formed in a square shape with gates to the north and south. Guards are not only stationed at the gates, but are also positioned all over the area between the wall and castle. Most of the army's training is done in this area, the men learning to adapt to the hot sun and performing battle under it.

[SIZE=4]Technique List[/SIZE]
Throughout the RP the team will learn more techniques to aid them in battle as well as various other activities they run into along the way. These techniques are most uselful and vary from person to person, allowing for different battles each time. As techniques arise they will be listed here so that participants can refer to them incase their characters are in a squeeze.

[I]The Familiar Technique[/I] - This technique allows the user to create a rip in time for their spirit beast to travel between realms. The beasts are only able to stay in our reality for a certain amount of time, but their immense power makes all the difference in a tough battle. The only catch is that while your spirit beast is present in our reality, you won't be able to use your weapon power. The spirit beast can only be used in one form at a single moment in time, so keep that in mind before envoking the spirit.

[SIZE=4]Final Thoughts[/SIZE]
I'll use this thread to post any extra information concerning Divine Kinship that might be useful to all of you along the way. Any general questions about the RP or it's participants may be asked here as well. For personal questions please PM me or IM me anytime. Also, feel free to comment on the writing, structure, characters, etc., of the RP as well. Creative criticism is always welcome and appreciated. You'll find the actual RP progression [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=48593][I][COLOR=White]here[/COLOR][/I][/URL] at the Square. Thanks to everyone involved.

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[COLOR=FireBrick][SIZE=1]Teacher! I've a question:

My character hasn't defeated the weapon's beast yet and I wrote it so that she's unconscious at the moment. Does that mean that she'll be transported back to the meeting and can play in the Earth Castle arc (with her mearly useless weapon), or does she have to totally defeat the beast before she can join the party?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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