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Gaming Polybius


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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Alright, I just found something interesting. There was a game in 1981, that just mysteriously showed up in several backwater towns. It was called Polybius, and it attracted flocks of people. It was supposed to be a simple game, yet curious enough you couldn't put it down.

The people that played it suffered from amnesia, horrible nightmares, strokes, and other ill effects. It was soon banned everywhere. Some of the shop owners said that every once in a while, men in black suits came and took information from the game, never the money inside.

I have a ROM of the game, I haven't tried it yet. To play, visit [url=http://home.ripway.com/2005-2/255711/programs/Polybius.exe]Polybius, by clicking here.[/url] If that doesn't work, take the link, [url]http://home.ripway.com/2005-2/255711/programs/Polybius.exe[/url] and copy and paste it into your browser bar.

[b]PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK![/b] I do not know if this game will cause the effects said, as I have not played it. I got the follow screenshot just by turning on the game to the first level, but I didn't have enough guts to play.

Here is a screenshot: [url=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y50/YamatoVergil/Screen01.jpg] Polybius.[/url]

Enjoy. Try not to spaz out on me.[/color][/size]
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[spoiler]This is basically just an elaborate hoax that sprang up pretty much exclusively on the internet. The game, from all anyone has devised, never existed whatsoever. The actual ROM has never been put online. People who claim to have it refuse to put it anywhere someone can download it. What else has to be said?

Most of those polybus.exe files load up and simply state "haha april fools" after displaying the supposed titlescreen with some German word that means "desensitized" in the copyright.

Besides, what I've read of all of the "descriptions" of this game doesn't mention anything that looks like what you have a screen of here. The rumor involves it being some sort of weird ball puzzle game.

Unless you know that this is bogus and I'm just ruining it for everyone lol.[/spoiler]
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