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I am wondering if anyone has actually seen this anime; it?s about this girl who?s next in line to become the Earth?s guardian of some sort.

If you have, did you enjoy it or were you dissapointed? Also, what's the reason?

I'll give my own opinion after a few posts, of course.
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I watched the first 5 episodes of Arjuna.

I must admit, it surprised me. It was really unique. I mean, I've seen a fair span of anime and I'd seen little like it. See, I have Comcast on Demand, Anime Network. Or was it on Adult Swim...either way, I was really busy (twas the school year), and after a week or trwo it was 3-5 episodes ahead of the last one I'd seen. I'd really like to see it if they loop it.

Yeah, Arjuna is trying to stop these beats that Mother Nature/Earth is creating because of the destruction plagued on her by the humans. Last I'd seen, the guy who granted her the powers was trying to get her to realize that there was another way besides killing them. I hope that's not a spoiler, it's really early in the series and doesn't really say anything. I think I came up with a theory:

Not really spoilers, cause I'm theorizing. But you won't wanna read if you haven't seen any of the series, probably.

[spoiler][I][SIZE=1][COLOR=Black]You see, Arjuna's just trying to kill the monsters to protect the ones she loves. But she has yet to go to the heart of the problem - the devastation of Mother Earth. I think, in order to truly, for good, stop the monsters from arising in the first place or respawning, she must clean up these dumps, stop the poisoning or rivers and streams, and heal the hurt of the Earth. Only then, will the monsters cease to come.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/spoiler]

That's all I have to contribute as for now.

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[COLOR=FireBrick][SIZE=1]I actually found it hard to see a single main point in the story. It's as if every episode has its own lesson to teach, each as important as the rest. I've seen a good number of episodes (just for the ending song really. [i] Mameshiba[/i] remains the most played song in my Player) and I sure wish I could've followed it more closely. The animation is brilliant, even the little "imperfections" on the facial animation subtly amplify the character's expression. Yoko Kanno-brand music kept me interested through sequences with no dialogue or much action.

Now for my two cents on its main message:
Ryo's probably got one aspect right.Somehow, all things in this earth are connected. Harm nature and your loved ones will suffer. [SPOILER]But in the earlier episodes, it was stressed that one should not try to block Nature's way of dealing with things, be it exterminating the caterpillars eating bad parts of the plants or suppressing the bacteria in your guts. Will lead to imbalance, you know? The intricate web of life would be disturbed.[/SPOILER]

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Hmm I loved this anime for a few reasons but they are not
A. voice acting *bleh*
B. message *im more important than nature beacause I have a soul*
C. Soooooo confusing at the end

Why I love
A. animation=lovelyx10000
B. OMFG beautiful music
C. Arjuna is hott
D. I liked the love story
E. I liked the fight scenes
F. [COLOR=Black]its funny when arjuna freaks out about burgers*was hilarious*[/COLOR]
There you go
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