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RPG Gangs United [M-LVS]


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Members that are in
Me-Rick High-Ace of Spades
sensai xen-Ken Xoah-King of Diamonds
SlowChemical-Ayama-Queen of Hearts
Erriku-Eric Scott-Red Tigers Leader
The Monster-Kyle James-Blue Dragons Leader
Rexamillion-Will Vernish-Skrulls Leader
Ellimist_CSL-Ben Newhouse-Renegades Leader
ArticSilver-Sigrid Maya-Jack of Clubs
chars_fury-Hina Wei-Red Tigers

People who are in the Royal Flush will start out on the roof of the precinct listening in on the conversation between the police and the gangs. Red Tigers and Blue Dragons do not get along at all.

Rick watched as four cruisers pulled up and the new leaders of each gang got out. "Damn" They had try to throw the gangs into chaos and start killing each, so they could take advantage of the chaos. He turned and looked back at the new Royal Flush team he had created. All masters in their own way, but as a team they were unstoppable. "Ayama, start the recorder" They had rigged the room that night right under those ingorant cops noses. Apparently they were trying to get the gangs to hunt them down. The four of them put on headphones and listened in on the conversation.

"You are probably all wondering why I brought you here?" The sheriff paced the room. "I know who killed your leaders. Not their names but their titles. Did you bring the cards?' Each of the leaders put a card n the table. The sheriff picked one up and looked at it. "Probably just like the others, not a trace of evidence on it" He flicked it making it sail through the air and into the wall. "Now if it were one of them it would have embedded itself completly in" He looked at the leaders. "Now I will answer you question. I brought you here so I could propose something. I will completly remove the offenses of the gangs when you bring in the four killers. The gang who brings in their's first though will be able to exact revenge on the man or woman. They are know as..' He pointed to the cards as he pointed them out. "Jack of Clubs,Queen of Hearts, King of Diamonds, and the Ace of Spades. They are known as the Royal Flush. That is all I can help you with, good luck" The cops escorted them out.

OCC: This is where you begin. Gangs will start out either talking among themselves or the other gangs. The Royal Flush is unseen on the roof. Leaders of the four gangs can make up members of their own clans, it will make things intresting. Have fun.
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[COLOR=Red][FONT=Century Gothic]Ayama finish the recording the police talking. She took of her headphones and looked at the ground of the roof. Great the cops are trying to kill them, it didn't surprise her. The cops were to scared of them to do it by themselves. They had to get help from other gangs, fight fire with fire. Cops were low.... they probaly got the bangs they hated them the most. God, she hated cops more then anything in the world. Ayama scrunched up her nose, feeling abit worried[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Rick looked back to Ayama. "You and me will tail the Red Dragons and the Skrulls since they seem to be working together. Ken and Sigrid will tail the other two gangs" Rick turned forward and jumped off the roof followed by Ayama into the lot behind the station. Rick climbed on his black Hyubusa bike. "You riding with me or are you gonna drive?"
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Red]Ayama looked around the lot, she was bassically in her own little world right know.Rick broke her trans and Ayama shoke her head. " whatever i don't care...." Ayama put on her helmet and got on Rick's bike, to much things where driving through her head. She wasn't sure of anything anymore, all she knew she was going to fellow the royal flush 'till the end. The gang was her home now and she not going to let some stupid cops stop her.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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