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Gaming Rhapsodia aka Gensou Suikoden Tactics. Your Views


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Well, rumours have been going around for quite a while now and finally I have discovered some news. First Suikoden news here so if it seems off then don't blame me.

Apparently this Strategic Role Playing Game is to be titled Rhapsodia and has surfaced on many Suikoden fan sites both in Japan and Overseas. It is belevied to be the Suikogaiden for Suikoden 4 and is set after the events of said Suikoden game. Here is the information I have been able to gather from trusted sources.

Console: PS2

Genre: SRPG

Release Date
US: November 8, 2005
Japan: September 22, 2005

Time frame: around Suikoden 4 (the heroes are traveling and chasing after the "rune cannon", which is a threat to the world)

Comfirmed Suikoden 4 characters: Lino, Kika, Akagi, Mizuki, Keneth, Harvey

Game system:
Combos are available by arranging and positioning the characters
Techniques, such as swing and paring, can be upgraded by experience points
Rune system is the same as the other Suikodens


I pinched the information off of MyOTAKU, Brilliant.
Am I the only one that is pumped, Come on ARE YOU PUMPED.
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I loves me some SRPG action, but why do these weak (graphics-wise) games keep coming out for the PS2? Companies like NIS, Atlus, etc. need to start thinking about the PSP and, mainly, the Nintendo DS. The DS is perfect for games like this; and if you can put them on a PS2, you can put them on a PSP.

Aside from that, I'm psyched for this game, even with this being my first time hearing about it. It'd be great to have a Suikoden-sized game packed into a SRPG; especially since all that I've played over this past year has been basically nothing but Disgaea, La Puccelle Tactics, Phantom Brave, and... Tekken 5. I'm actually looking forward to Makai Kingdom, but I just don't have the money for another game exactly like the ones I'm still trying to find time for.
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