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I got a question?

Ash Ketchum

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Guest mandys_e_news
[SIZE=3]16[/SIZE] [COLOR=limegreen]lime green[/COLOR] :D

Hey you people... i reckon the older you are, the more you'll understand...

I'm 13, not that old... but old enough ;)

i like everything about pokemon.

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[color=teal] Look at the N-krew ppl @ nintendo power. They're married and have kids and still like Pokèmon! Pokèmon I think is a good game to get the family together.....me and my dad played the minigames in Pokèmon stadium 2 4 3 hours strait! Ur only to old 4 Pokèmon if u view yourself as being to old 4 it.[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ash Ketchum [/i]
[B]Do you ppl find that if an older person is playing pokemon hes inmature?cuz im 14 and i like poemon,I find it quite a good game... [/B][/QUOTE]

I'm 14 and I love Pokemon... I even used to be a mod for this section...

But you probably shouldn't listen to me, I still like Power Rangers...
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