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The War of the Demonic and Angelic [PG13-VL]


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A young girl ran quickly across the barren plain, dusty sand coating her black boots. Two scabbards, the perfect size for two kodachi, were belted at her hips. They smacked her thighs through a thin, short black skirt, though she didn't seem to care. Finally, she stopped before a large cave entrance, the black void making her wary.

Her blood red eyes searched the walls as she cautiously entered, her skin prickling. "Where is it?" She murmured under her breath, shivering. A black tank top wasn't too great in a dark and dank cave, but at least it kept her hidden from enemy eyes. "Ugh, why must the seven items be in such stupid places!?" Her demonic anger overcame the fear. "That stupid brother of mine... Just because he's the king, he orders me around like an average foot soldier!" She muttered darkly.

A rock fell, clattering on the stone ground. The sound echoed, causing the young demoness to look around wildly. Sighing, she began walking further into the immense cave. "My nerves are just tightly wound. The Angels wouldn't figure it out in a millennium. We'll find and corrupt all the weapons before they even realize what we're doing." She said, trying to calm herself. She looked up, catching her breath as her eyes saw more than just pitch black darkness. A pedestal of stone lay ahead, strange glowing plants lighting up the area quite well. A silver spear lay on the pedestal, the middle wedged into a groove upon the stone's surface.

"I found it!" She said excitedly, running up to the pedestal with great enthusiasm. She grabbed the sides of the spear and lifted it out gently, watching the silver become an obsidian black with satisfaction. The spear had been corrupted. She hefted it, barely feeling its weight. Returning to a normal position, she admired it. ?Who would?ve thought that I?d turn to long range weapons?? She said to herself with a fanged grin. A growl from behind caused her to jump, swearing. She turned around, her eyes widening. A lion-like beast had come behind her, its red eyes glowing ominously. Golden scales covered its paws, and ragged dragon wings had sprouted from its shoulder blades. ?****.? She muttered, readying the spear. She gave a shout, before charging at the beast with the spear aimed at the creature?s heart. It swiped at the tip, knocking the spear and the girl off balance. As she stumbled, Min felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. She looked over to see a large gash on her arm, and the creature already behind her once more. She quickly turned and jabbed at the beast. This time the spear struck its breast, bringing an angry roar. Wasting no time, she stabbed at the creature?s head, plunging the spear deep into its skull. The body fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

?The blasted thing was a demon hunter!? She spat in disgust as she drew the spear from its head. ?Feh. One less is always good news to demon kind.? She muttered, making her way out of the cave.

Plot: The angels have recently found out that the demons seek 7 heavily enchanted weapons that could easily be corrupted or purified depending on what sort of being touches it first. If a demon corrupts the weapon, it turns into the darkest black, and mutates into a wicked looking weapon. From then on, it cannot be purified. It burns any celestial being that attempts to use it and strengthens any demonic creature. It also taints the soul of any human that wields it.
If the weapon is first purified, it cannot become corrupt. It does the exact opposite of what a corrupt weapon does (Hurts Demons, and guides humans to a better way). However, if a human obtains the weapon first, it merely strengthens the person and can still be purified or corrupted.

The demons and angels have each sent 7 of their own in search of the weapons, including the Devil?s sister (Min) and an apprentice to God itself. However, humans may also search for the weapons themselves.

[B]The weapons:[/B]
The spear
The long sword
The staff
The knife
The katana
Chakram (it is a set, but when one is corrupted/purified, the other becomes so as well)
The scythe

To join, copy and paste the following into your post and fill it out before posting.

[B]Name:[/B] (Doesn?t have to include last name.)
[B]Race:[/B] (Human, demon, or angel)
[B]Age:[/B] (To make it simple, times a normal age by 100 and make the days the last two digits)
[B]Normal weapons:[/B] (No, you can?t already have one of the enchanted weapons)
[B]Abilities/spells:[/B] (You may have five, non god-like spells/abilities. Be sure to describe what they do in paranthesis)

[B]Name:[/B] Min
[B]Race:[/B] Demon
[B]Age:[/B] 1354
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Normal weapons:[/B] Two kodachis
[B]Abilities/spells:[/B] Black flame (Works like a normal fire spell), Black ice (Works like a normal ice spell), Slaving Earth (creates an earth golem to fight), Living plant (animates plants to attack and entangle enemies), blood familiar (creates an animal from her own blood to aid her. Vanishes when the wound is healed.)
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