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RPG Duality (M-VL, S if you want it)


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OOC: Well, here we go. Oh, just a note: this RPG takes palce in the year 2042. Also, EDRI has the most advanced technology there is, so keep that in mind when thinking about weapons and equipment.


Sako circled around, doing his best to remain unseen. He was engaged in a training excersize. There were two teams of EDRI agents involved in the excersize, and he was leading one of them against the other. His team was good, but their opponents had positioned themselves extremly well, and were prooving difficult to take out. Nothing Sako's team had tried so far had worked, meaning that Sako needed to get creative.

Sako circled around to the rear of the enemy's position. He knew they had the area covered, so he didn't attempt an approach. And he couldn't see any of his opponents, as they were too well concealed. He had a general idea of possible positions from observing the enemy's angle of fire, but the enemy kept changing positions to compensate. Sako had decided to remove the problem by aiming not for his opponents themselves, but for any trees, bushes, rocks, and anything else the enemy could use of concealment or cover.

Sako's team was spreading out, encircling the enemy's location. Sako allowed his team time to get into position, then opened fire, signaling his team to do the same. Their fire pattern was not meant to take out anyone, but it did an excellent job of altering the terrain, especially sinse a couple of Sako's men were armed with rocket launchers. A couple of the opponents were taken out, but most were able to easily avoid the incoming fire. However, they found themselves without any decent cover, and though they put up a fight, Sako's team didn't have too much trouble finishing them off.

The excersize, of course,had not involved live ammunition or anything of the sort. EDRI used a combination of holographic projection and virtual reality technology to duplicate the feel of actual combat. It was set up so that nobody would be harmed durring an excersize, yet was closer to actual combat than anything else had managed to get.

After the excersize, Sako approached the other team's leader, a man by the name of Jaht. "Congradulations," Jaht said. "I didn't think you'd be able to pull a victory out of that one."

"We were never in that bad a situation," Sako replied. "We just had trouble penetrating your position. I'm sure you were prepared for something like what I did, but not from the distance we managed it from."

"Indeed. That was some impressive positioning and fire planning."

"Well, I didn't actually do that part myself," Sako admitted. "I came up with the idea, but it was Kajo who did the positioning and laid out the firing plan. I don't know if anyone else could have done it, but Kajo's good enough."

"I noticed. Well, you got me this time. Next time, we'll have to put your team in as the defenders, andsee how well you can fend off my boys."

"I'm sure you'll put up a fight," Sako said. "Anyways, I'll see you around." With that, Sako left the training area.


OOC: All right, it's started. Introduce your characters however you want to. For EDRI agents, you can be on a mission, participating in a training excersize, or whatever. For characters from the other world, just do whatever it is your characters would be doing. I'll introduce the main plot shortly.
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(OOC: Since you wanted me to vcahnge my characters name Takyua, I Have done so. I will edit my Character when I am done with this post.)

IC: Phenreon, was flying a bit over some trees. He was hungry, as he hadn't eaten yet that day. He spoted some fox's, and dove after them. Most of thme got away, but three were injured by his talons. That would be sufficent enough for his hunger. He scouped them up, in his talons, and flew back to his cliffside home.

On his way their, he took a big circle around a village. Not likling to be around others, he was more than ahppy to take the scenic route. Not too long after the bypass, he arrived at his home. Not much, a nest their, a cave dwelling, but he didn't need much. He layed his breakfast on the ground, and began his morning.
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Solstice walked down the trampled path that led to his small house. He opened the houses door and walked into a big room. There was a fur coat sitting on the floor, a small fire that was in the stone fireplace and a small chair that was just big enough for him to sit in.

"Well, the other world men haven't been on a mission in a while. Wonder how long it will take for them to come back. I hope they do come back." He sighed and looked down at a folder that sat next to his chair. He looked over the paper that was inside. He knew very few of the words, mainly because most of them looked new. He was able to make out a sentance or two. He wasn't sure on what they meant though.

" 'Mission, something,: Your job is to kill, something. This person has been, something, and we can not let them tell, something. You can not fail. If you do you, something, be put in the, something.' " He read over the text agian then sat the folder down. He was very lucky to had come across it a few weeks ago, while fallowing a team of new comemers.

"Lets see if I can figure this thing out some more." He opened the folder back up and began to read over it agian.
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Emma quickly picked up her alarm clock sitting on her bed side table and turned it off. She was already fully dressed in her usual workout attire of a grey tank top and black yoga pants, sitting on her already made bed. She was usually up early, even when she didn't need to be.

"I don't know why I even bother setting that thing," she muttered to herself in a bord tone.

Being back in this world had always been very dull to Emma ever since her first trip to the other world. The only thing that even compared were training sessions either in the simulation room or through good old-fashioned sparing. Hoping there would be another mission soon, she headed off for the gym to practice her kickboxing and Tae Kwan Do on her own.

She usually prefered to be on her own. Even though her life since high school had been significantly better, Emma still carried an unshakable distrust of others due mainly to a lot of "behind to back" redicule she was forced to endore.
OOC~ Sorry I couldn't think of much to write. I put in a little about why Emma tends to shy away from others; I do plan to have her open up more as the story starts to progress.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray]After wandering around in the earily hours of the morning. Train felt like he was felt in an akward position as the sun eventually came up. As he looked around being ontop of the desert where the secret base of EDRI was located as he stamped the ground hard looking straight down at it.

" It really is a wonder that the base is under here. This place looks like there isnt anything around here but a plain desert." He then took a deep sigh after looking back up at the morning sky,"I hope i dont get scolded again for coming out here. I just cant get enough of being able to see a sunrise. I hope that i dont have another mission today. ugh! sometimes being a field agent can be to troublesome."

He took another look at the sunrise as he sat down on the desert ground, yawning
some since he came out early. He streched then layed down on the desert ground with his hand behind his head. He continued to look up at the sky as he began to drift of to sleep in the morning light.[/COLOR]
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Laying in an awkward position, Matthew slowly awoke, whiping his eyes and letting out a loud yawn before finally sitting up.
"Guah. Shouldn't have stayed up reading that damn Harry Potter book..."
Matt slapped his head lightly before sliding his feet onto the floor. He grabbed a pair of pants on the floor and slipped them over his boxers. As he headed to his room door, he grabbed some white boxing tape. Matthew headed towards the weight section of the gym.

A slam into a punching bag caused Matt to stumble and almost lose his balance. After regaining his balance, Matt started to kick the bag furiously. He glanced over to the other side of the gym and spotted Emma. He gave her a big smile when her view drifted to him during her combat practice.
"Oi. Hiya Emma. Whats up?"
Emma looked away and continued her practice.
Matt continued to fight with the punching bag as thoughts of hurting people he hated ran through his head.
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"Mister, how do you get rocks to fly so high?" A little child asked through a loose tooth, eyes sparkling in admiration. Aidan made a motion with his right hand as if asking someone to sit and a rock, about as large as his head and floating in the air near the branches of a tree, slowly made its way to the ground, landing with a soft clink.

Aidan looked to the girl who had asked the question, emerald eyes questioning her motives.

[I]Hmmm, is she asking merely out of curiosity?[/I] he asked himself mentally before replying. "How high can you make them float?"

The girl sniffled. "Not very high...And I can only do little rocks. See?" She pointed towards a rock laying next to her on the grass and bit her bottom lip, concentrating all of her will power into making it move. Surely enough, the rock wobbled and lifted into the air, slowly rising to the same height as Aidan's flying rock had. Suddenly, the rock dropped and the girl swayed, falling into Aidan's arms. He frowned.

"You shouldn't push yourself, Tari. You may have overdone it," he explained, standing Tari up straight but holding onto her arms to prevent her falling over. "Magic takes practice. If you want to do something great, start small."

When he was sure that Tari wouldn't fall over again, he stood and picked up his small pile of books.

"Mister?" Tari asked innocently.

"I believe that it's about time that you return to your family..." Aidan replied, walking away in the forest.
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Garamond]Cat sits in front of a flat screen plasma television, glued to the old-school graphics of Halo: Combat Evolved. Her shoulders are slumped and her brow furrowed in concentration and hordes of strange thinngs run towards her, a shotgun in her hands. BLAM! They explode into many, smaller strange things. She grins, pauses to remove her glasses and rubs vigorously at her eyes. "Another night wasted killing Flood...I hope we don't have training today, I'm beat."

She leans forward to turn off the console and rests the controller on top, freeing herself from Microsoft's addictive embrace. Standing, she stretches out her legs and walks to her bathroom to take a shower.

[COLOR=Gray][Let's skip ahead, kiddies!][/COLOR]

Munching on a banana, Cat walks into the gym. Nodding in Matt's and then Emma's directions, she tosses the banana peel in the trash. "Good day to exercise, I guess..." She mumbles as she lays down to stretch.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: Raze_3103 and digiX, I believe I made it perfectly clear that there is absolutly nobody from the other world who even knows that our world exists, let alone that people cross from it to the other world (I can't believe I missed the 'seeing EDRI agents arrive' part in your sign-up, Raze. Now that I have, I must ask you to remove that part before posting in this thread again). Both of you must remove everything in your posts that mentiones EDRI or our world. Oh, and digiX, your character can't just travel around encountering every other character from the other world. Running into those characters is fine, but traveling all over just so that this can happen is not.

All right, I'm going to introduce the first part of the main plot in this post, but since I'm expecting Frankie to sign up any time now, I'll give her a chance to do so before I get our characters involved in it.


Kiva was screwed, and she knew it. She was the leader of a team of six field agents. Their mission was supposed to be a simple one: they were assigned to protect a team of EDRI researchers investigating the remains of an aincient struchers of some kind. The researchers semed to have come up with interesting results, but Kiva and her team were not enlightened, nor did they ask to be. Their job wasn't to learn what the researchers discovered. It was to keep them safe. And at the current moment, that mission seemed doomed to failure.

Kiva's team had been taken completly by surprise. The enemy had expertly prepared an ambush. Kiva's team had spotted them a bit sooner then they'd intended, but they'd still managed to take out three of Kiva's team, as well as both of the group's vehicles. Another field agent, as well as two of the three researchers, had died in the ensuing battle, leaving only the researcher Jorman, Kiva, and her teammate Treana alive. And Kiva doubted that any of them would survive.

The enemy group had been reduced significantly, but it wasn't enough. An archer and three mages were still alive, waiting for one of the EDRI people to make a move. All three EDRI people had taken cover in the mess of debris (sp?) created by the battle, but the moment any one of them showed themselves, they would die.

"There's only one choice," Kiva whispered to Treana and Jorman. "We can't win, and not all of us will survive. The only reason the mages haven't destroyed this whole mess is probably because they think we have something they want. Sooner or later, they'll grow tired of waiting for us to show ourselves. They'll eliminate us without caring about whatever they're after. We need to make our move now, and there's only one move we can make. One of us is going to have to die.

"The only way to get out of here alive is if those mages aren't paying attention to you. Someone's going to have to create a diversion, and it can't be you, Jorman. You need to survive. Trea and I are expendable. Treana, you have a better chance of making it then I do. You're smaller and faster. Which means that I get to be the diversion. Don't bother arguing about it with me. The decision has been made. When I reveal myself, you two make a run for it. I'll do as much damage as I can, but I won't be able to get them all. Treana, if the survivors pursue you and Jorman, it'll be your job to stop them. Understood?" Both nodded.

"In that case," Kiva said, "it's time. Good-bye."

Kiva didn't think about what was about to happen to her. She just acted. The moment she revealed herself, she opened fire at one of the mages. The only his was to the mage's arm, but Kiva's gun fired explosive rounds. The mage might survive, but he wouldn't be doing much of anything for a while. Staying in motion, Kiva attacked the other two mages. She killed one mage and wounded the archer before the other mage was able to take her out. By then, Jorman and Treana were gone, and the mage didn't pursue. He decided that it wasn't worth the risk, especially not when the bodies of everyone else of their group were right there. The odds were good that one of them had what he was looking for.

Jorman and Treana slowed their pace a bit once they were out of sight of the battle area, but they still kept moving fast. Fortunatly, they were not far away from the crossing point, the point where they would be able to cross out of this world and back to the EDRI facility, a process which, for reasons not fully understood by most of the people at EDRI, could only be done at certain locations in the new world ('The other side', as it was known at EDRI). They would be at the crossing point shortly, despite their lack of a vehicle. They only hoped that they'd be able to reach it alive.
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[COLOR=Orange]Xelda-Zuri sat on a boulder. It was late morning by now. She staired at the sun.

"It's so bright today." She whispered.

She stood up and gathered her things. She only carried essentials. Nic nacs and keep sakes were for people with homes. She didn't belong anywhere. She did have one a necklace made of gold and some sort of orange jewel. Other than that just stuff like a knife, a blanket, flint and steel, Two other alphits, a plain white dress, some rope, eating uttensals, and a staff.

She slung the old worn out sack over her sholder and ran off. She was very fast. She was proud of that it din't take her long to reach a village. When she arrived it was very festive appearently from what she gathered there was some sort of traditional carnival going on.

Staying to the back allies she carefully counted her money enough for aroom atleast three nights and maby she could do some oddjobs and make some money. Either way she was hungary and was exited that she could get something better than her half ass cooking to eat.[/COLOR]
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Aiya looked at her guns in the closet, and pulled out her sniper riffle .

"Time for shooting practice."

She walked into the shooting range and put on her silencer. She turned on the sniper simulation and walked into the room.

*This should be easy."

Aiya laid on top of the building and waited with her sniper riffle ready to blow some peoples head's off.

[SIZE=2]-----------------------5 minutes later-----------------------[/SIZE]

Aiya had her lazer scope on a man's head. She smirked and slowly waited for a perfect shot, then the shot came.

Aiya pulled the trigger and the man's head had a very small hole directly in the middle. The bullet went right through the man's head and it ricochet off another man's gun and shot another man in the heart.

"The perfect shot..I love this job."

--------------30 minutes (and alot of more people dead) later---------------

Aiya walked out and went back to her room to take a shower and put her gun away.

The water felt really nice as it quickly smuthered her body. The warm water reminded her of the old day's when she went skinny dipping with Jake in the high school pool. She got in a lot of trouble when the principle found out, but they would do it again anyway.

The thought made her laugh a little, and she looked at her wedding ring on her necklace.

She rubbed the ring with her finger's and got out. She wrapped a towel around her self and got dressed in her usual elfit.

She walked over to her dresser and picked up the picture of her and Jake, it had been exacly one year since he was murdered and the memory of them kissing before he died filled her mind.

Aiya hugged the picture and started to cry.
Aiya walked out with her gun's srapped to her back and an angry look on her face. Everyone was used to her looking angry every day, but she looked more angry than usual. She looked like she was ready to kill.

And she was ready to kill. Ever since her husbands death she always seemed angry. She also loved the feeling of killing, wich would have been odd two years ago, but not anymore, now it was typical.

She walked to the command room and walked up to her commander.

"I'm ready."
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Desdemonica had been awake since early morning had just completed her dayly training. She went to the food center to get something to eat. It was about 3.

She didn't get junkfood or any thing with sugar. She just got healthy foods. Necessities and ate them quickly. She then went to her room to shower. She finnishe quick then collapsed on her bed still in her roab. She always read a book in her free time.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Elie was sitting behind a bunch of crates because he was getting shot at and he was only a newbie.Cat came around the conner and she had a tiered expretion on her face.
"So tell me what is the purpose of this training facility anyway and why put it on the top level I'm only a newbie so this is a little hard." Elie said as he shot over the boxes.
"I guess they just want us to train more and I don't know why they would put it on this high with you being a newbie and all." She said as she also shot over the boxes.

After the training session he went back to his dorm room to take a shower all he could think of was what his father said to him the day he died and he looked down at his feet and back up at the shower head and turned it off. He went into his room and changed into normal clothes and layed down on his bed and stared at the selling.

He went into the living room and started to watch tv and he got board and wished he was back at home with his family and friends and his girlfriend.[/COLOR]
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Branit Selkaro quickly made his way to Medical Bay 1. He was head of External Management, meaning that it was his job to oversee all operations in the other world. The agents were the ones who actually went over, but it was his department's job to decide what their tasks were. They also decided which agents went on which missions, and to assign teir equipment. Though others (many of whom were ex-field agents) actually made those decisions, they all eventually came to him for final approval. Which meant that for him to be called down to a medical bay, there had to be something major going on.

As soon as Branit entered Medical Bay 2, he was approached by two men. One was a doctor he didn't know the name of, but the other he recognised, even though the man looked like he'd just had the shit beaten ot of him. "Jorman! What the hell happened to you?"

"Hello, Branit," Jorman said. "I regret seeing you under these circumstances, but given what happened, I'm lucky to even be standing here."

"What happened?"

"we had just finished our research and were en route to the extraction point. We'd almost reached the point when we were ambushed. I'm not quite sure what all went on, it was all happening so fast. Before I knew it, it was just me and two of the escorting agents, Treana and team leader Kiva, left alive. The enemy had suffered losses as well, and were down to three mages and an archer. We'd taked cover, but couldn't do anything. The minute we showed ourselves, they would have killed us. So Kiva distracted them. She showed herself and opened fire. Treana and I escaped while she kept them busy. I looked back at one point. There was only one survivor, and it wasn't Kiva. She sacrificed herself so that Treana and I could escape. We're the only two survivors."

~One hour later~

Sako had just left the mess hall. He thought that he'd return to his quarters for a while and relax. He'd been training hard the past couple days, and thought he deserved a little break. He never got it, because his personal communicator beeped as soon as he entered his quarters. He answered the call. "Sako here."

"Sako, you are ordered to report to Briefing Room 3 at once."

"Understood." Sako terminated the connection. [i]Well, so much for relaxation,[/i] he thought. He turned around and left his quarters, heading for Briefing Room 3. Upon his arrival, he took a seat and waited.


OOC: All EDRI agent characters need to report to Briefing Room 3. Characters from the other world should keep going about their lives. I'll bring them into all this shortly.
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Garamond]Cathryn's personal communicator blips obnoxiously as her arms are stretched out, biceps corded and straining from the weights held above her head. "Dammit..." She gently eases the weights down and onto the floor, checking her communicator after briefly rubbing her upper arms.

"Cathryn, you are ordered to report to Briefing Room 3 at once." A silent sigh accompanies these words as she stands. "Yes, Sir."

"So much for no activity today...I need coffee." General words of complaint are mumbled as she walks to Briefing Room 3, entering in gray sweatpants and a black racer-back tank top. Nodding at Sako, she sits across from him, her posture ram-rod straight, but her eyelids drooping.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]As Train continued his sleep on the outside of the facility he was rudely awakened to a loud and annoying beeping coming from his Communicator which was in his pocket. He sat upright and rubbed his eyes still trying to get used to the light that was beaming off of the sun. He took a brief stretch as he took his Communicator out of his pocket. He looked away as he was already getting yelled at for breaking all the procedures of being an EDRI agent and all of that good stuff.

"Train I swear if you went a good marksman you wouldn?t even be here anymore!"

Train took a deep sigh answering back in a cocky manner like he has always done.

"Oh that may be true but the fact of the matter is that I'm still here so go on and finish whatever you had called me for, plainly disregarding my good sleep for all of that manner also."

"You are ordered to report to Briefing Room 3 immediately and I swear if your not there on time I...?

Train shut off his Communicator before he could get the rest of the message and took another deep sigh and soon after took a deep yawn as he got up at started talking to himself.

"Yeah yeah I hear you already I?m going to go to the damn briefing already. You don?t have to always keep going and trying to bite my head off just because I break a couple of rules?"
He got up off the dirt that he was laying on and wondered into back into the base. He winded his way though the corridors of the base into his quarters, as he took a quick shower to get all the dirt off of his skin and hair. Then he grabbed an pear off of the counter in his quarters and headed of to the briefing room.

He took the long scenic route to the briefing room since the regular way towards it didn?t really feel right to him for some reason. After he arrived he briefly waved to Cathryn and Sako as he slumped into his seat and crossed his arms and closed his eyes as he made it look like he was concentrating on a subject, when he was really sleeping.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=GREEN]After about 30 minutes of training, Emma finished up her rutine. She picked up a small towel and wiped the sweat from her face and neck. She figured she could grab a quick bite to eat before returning to her room to continue with her current novel, [I]The daVinci Code[/I]. She left the gym without even acknowledging anyone else present.

Just as she was entering the caffeteria, her communicator bleeped. "This is Emma, go ahead."

"Emma, you are to report to briefing room 3 immedeately."

"Yes sir. I'll be there in a few minutes." She turned her connection off and sighed, "So much for a meal." Instead, Emma nabbed and apple and energy bar, slipped the bar into her pocket and headed off towards briefing room 3.

By the time she got there, she had finished her apple and a few others were already there. Besides Sako, there was also Cathryn and Train, both of whom seemed to be falling asleep in their chairs. Emma took a seat on the far end of the room and started on her energy bar. [I]Now, the waiting. I hate this[/I], she thought to herself.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Elie left his room on his way to the briefing room and he was really tired he had went to the work out room and just gotten back and changed.

"What is up with this place man the only time you get to relax something has to happen." He said turning a cornner and walking into a wall.

"Ok so I guess I have to go up one more turn I am lost I think." He said to someone

"Um what are you looking for?" The man asked

"I am looking for the breifing room 3 do you know where that is?" He asked

"Yah follow me."He said

he ended up in the briefing room and sat down in one of the chairs.[/COLOR]
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[size=2]Sako looked around at the gathering team. He'd worked with a couple of them before; the others were agents he didn't know. That was how it usually worked. EDRI had too many field agents for anyone to knwo all of them; after all, their operations covered an entire world. That sort of thing can't be done with a small group. However, the more experianced agents, such as Sako, had been on enough missions with enough different agents that there were usually a couple they'd worked with before.

The door to the briefing room opened again, and three field agents entered and took seats: Matthew Wayne Duffey, Aiya Minasuko, and Desdemonica Tahirah. To everyone's complete surprise, they were followed about a minute later by none other than Branit Selkaro. They all knew who he was, and they all knew that the head of External Management normally did not give briefings. So why was he in the briefing room?

Branit took his place at the front of the room. "You're probably all wondering why I'm here," he said. "I'm here to brief you on your next mission, and the reason I chose to brief you myself will soon become apparent. Also, be aware that your mission is classified level Alpha. Nobody is to know of your mission.

"Approximatly (sp?) 1 hour ago, I was notifed that one of our researchers, Jorman, had been taken to Medical Bay 1, along with a field agent by the name of Treana. When I arrived, I saw that Jorman was minorly injured, though he looked like hell. Treana, on the other hand, had multiple broken bones, mostly in her arms. Despite this, she refused to allow the doctors to anesthetize her until she'd had a chance to speak to me. The doctors say that they can repair the damage, but that she'll be out of commission for a month or two.

"Jorman was a member of a three-person research team, and Treana was one of six field agents assigned to protect them. They had finished their research and were en route to the nearest crossing point for extraction when they were ambushed. I was told that the battle was quick, but fierce. Treana and Jorman managed to escape with their lives, but nobody else did. The two of them are the only survivors.

"More disturbing than the loss of those men and women is the manner in which they were ambushed. According to Treana, the attackers knew more than their route. She told me none of the attackers showed any sign of surprise when she and the other agents opened fire. In fact, the attackers seemed to know who was more dangerous, and were able to prioritize in a way that they couldnt without knowing anything about our technology.

"We're looking at a Code Omega, people. Someone on the other side knows about us. The extent of this knowledge is unknown. Also unknown is how they aquired that information. I'm sure that the first thought entering some of your minds is 'treason'. This is unlikely to be true. As you know, we do extensive analysis and background checks before approaching anyone about joining EDRI. If we think that there's any chance youll say the wrong thing to the wrong person, you're never approached. While we cannot afford to rule out the possibility of treason, the answer most likely lies elsewhere.

"When we fed this little scenario into the computer system, it gave us a list of agents deemed suitable for this situation. We narrowed it down to you. Your mission is to locate the attackers and discover how they know about us, and just how much they know. You'll be going in fully armed, the best equipment we have. You'll also be provided with all data related to the research expidition. You are to report to the armory at 1430. That gives you an hour to prepare. Dismissed."


OOC: EDRI agents, make your preperations and report to the armory. Characters from the other world, I'll try to get you involved in the story in my next post.
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Aiya walked into her room.

"This should be fun."

She strapped on her communicater.

*Here we go.*

She kissed the picture of her dead fiance and opened the door.

She walked into the hall and saw Matthew coming out of his room. She walked over to him put her arm on his shoulder.

"Hey, looks like were gonna work together...it sounds like a pretty intense mission. I can't wait...well I guess the Marines and the C.I.A will do that to you."

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You don't talk to me for weeks until we get a mission, then you just pop up and start talking again."

"Don't take it personally..I do that to everyone...well seeya."

She patted him on the head and walked into the armory.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]After the briefing, Train went back into his quarters and picked up his trusty guy Hades. He rummaged around his belongings and picked up a quick snack since all he had so far was a pear. He waited for a bit and got up out of his quarters and headed towards the armory.

He walked out of the door of his quarters winding around hallways looking for the armory and started singing a random song that he could remember from when he was a kid.

"Yada yada yada. I still think some of the things that I have gone through just to be able to get here have become too troublesome. O well there is nothing that I want to do to leave anyways. I mean going to the other world is awesome...except when what happened just now." he sighed and took a small hit at a wall" I just hope that nobody else hast to get hurt like that again..."

he continued he walk still thinking about the ones who were hurt in the last mission and eventually found his way into the armory and stepped inside. His expression full of confidence and determination as he gracefully stepped inside.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=GREEN]OOC~ Sorry for the late-ness :animedepr As most of you know I have a lot on my plate right now.
Emma showed no real emotion as she made her way down the cordior to her room, but there did seem to be an added bounce in her step. Simply stated, she was very excited to finally be going on another mission to the other world. She entered her room and changed out of her work out attire and into the normal uniform worn by EDRI agents on missions. All ready, she left her room for the armory.

When she got there, she saw a few of her fellow agents arming themselves with whateven they thought was nessisary for the mission. She smirked slightly, but it still gave her the look of a mischivious troublemaker. Taking her pick of the weapons available was like being a child in a candy store.
OOC~ Hope this is ok :animeswea [/COLOR]
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