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[SIZE=1]Here is the underground thread, where you can find information on the other characters that we?ll come across and where you can ask questions about the RPG. Each name is a link to the characters picture.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B]Parallel Convergence:Revelation

[size=2][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B]+ + +Sins+ + +[/B][/FONT][/size]
Helena?s children. In actuality they are physical manifestations of Helena?s sins. After Helena made her deal with the dark one, she found that her emotions increased ten fold, disturbed her studies, and causing her to lose her sanity. As her mind was slipping she decided that the easiest way to go about eliminating her ?problem? was to let her emotions out. She created corpses, and used her newfound abilities to imbue the sins into individual bodies. They now follow her faithfully, and she treats them like family. More so than both Arc and he lover.

A red-haired creation of Helena. In the both realities he was an experienced illusionist, able to easily manipulate minds into seeing what is not their and feeling what is not real. He spent the most time with Helena, and during the nights that Helena?s spent slaving over her work he would accompany her. They formed a relationship, though Helena did so on an subconscious level. He?s a team player, and, except for the misplacement of morals, is a relatively nice guy. All the other Sins are good pals with him, and he?s one of the few who like Wrath.

Small, orange-haired, hazel-eyed, and always searching for food, Gluttony?s looks are extremely deceiving and it?s a wonder that she maintains such a thin figure. Her insatiable hunger goes hand in hand with her super strength that she possesses. Her food fuels her; the more she eats the stronger she is. Liked all around, and tolerates Wrath.

Envy, though quite striking, is always feels need for what others possess. She has long green hair, and dashing yellow eyes. She has the incredible power of metamorphosis, and is able to take any shape she please, even inanimate objects. If she changes into another person, she acquires almost every attribute, including finger prints and abilities. The only thing that she is unable to change is her eye color. Gets along with all of the other Sins, and tolerates Wrath like Gluttony and Lust.

Cocky to a fault, Pride is every bit of what her name implies. Her eyes are a fiery red, her hair jet black. She was Helena?s favorite of the Sins, save Lust. Helena looked at her as more of her child than the rest. Pride?s power is fire manipulation. Able to create it, morph it, and disperse it, her ability matches her fiery temper. She and Lust get along well, and she?s gets along moderately well with everyone, but cannot stand Wrath.

Sloth is the second youngest of the group [older than Gluttony] and is treated as such. He?s quite the nuisance most of the time, seeing as he usually retreats to a nice couch and lets his eyelids cover his purple eyes and his blue hair fall over his face as he sleeps. When he does muster the strength to do battle, he is quite ferocious, and is almost as scary as Wrath. His nails turn into claws, and his teeth sharpen. His senses are increased dramatically, and so his physical strength. The most frightening part of the transformation is the inhuman speed he attains. Faster than the normal human eye can see, he blasts around his enemy, creating a maelstrom around them where he violently lashes at them with his claws. This ability is very tiring, and only lasts a few minutes. After his energy is spent he retracts to his normal self and sits back to watch the rest of the battle. Most of the other Sins ignore him, except for Wrath, who respects him.

The most frightening of the Sins, his body is mostly mechanical. He doesn?t hesitate to peel the flesh off of woman and children, and, if he?s in the mood, loves to prolong the pain he causes others. His hair is golden, but his eyes are black. His fangs are unbelievably sharp, and can tear through metal. A great silver, mechanical wing emits from his right shoulder blade. His abilities are quite the site, as long as you?re not on the receiving end of them. One of the abilities is quite like Lust?s illusions, only much worse. You are forced to live through the worst forms of torture, and every time one finishes your body is mended and you are put through another. His second, more fearsome ability, is his creation and manipulation of metal, and worse, of blood. He cannot control the blood as long as it is in your body, but once spilt, he can create weapons from it. Pools of a soldiers blood beneath him can be turned quickly into a pit of spikes. The most disturbing thing about his persona is that he?s happy-go-lucky, and loves to crack jokes, even while he?s skinning people alive.

Greed is laid-back, and isn?t actually all that greedy. Though he does, on occasion, love to scam others and knock over jewelry stores or banks. His hair is dark brown, and his eyes are red. His ability is better suited for thievery and such, but combined with his master gunmanship, is quite dangerous. He has the skill of invisibility, though it?s much more powerful than normal invisibility. Not only can he not be seen, his breath cannot be heard, and he does not leave footprints. His aura is still detectable, but most aren?t powerful enough to sense his aura before he kills them.

[SIZE=2][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B]+ + +Great Forces+ + +[/B][/FONT][/SIZE]
There are three great forces in this new fusion world. Two mighty emperors, Muchitsujo and Zetsumei, and the deranged doctor herself. Muchitsujo and Zetsumei have been at war for years, and are determined to become ruler. They have both made deals with dark lord just as Helena did, and are rumored to possess unknown dark powers.

The proud ruler of the Northern region, and the king of tactics and battle strategies. He is also known to be an unrivaled swordsmen, though Zetsumei?s followers argue that Zetsumei is the better of the two. Muchitsujo is known for being able to cause exactly what his name means, chaos. Implying the use of smoke bombs, tiny explosives, and well trained shinobi and ninjas, his armies easily send their enemy into a state of panic and disorder. His weapon is a specially made katana, that is as tall as him.

The mighty ruler of the south, and the king of warfare in general. Weather is be land, sea, or air, Zetsumei?s forces are impenetrable and unstoppable. His skill with a blade is awe-inspiring, and the only event more breath-taking than him or Muchitsujo training alone, is when the great warlords do battle with one another. Through his many battle he has caused much zetsumei, or death, and has earned the name ?The Grim Reaper?. His blade is as fast as lighting, and those who look into his eyes are said to be paralyzed with fear. His weapon is a specialized katana as well.

The great doctor/sage has finally lost her mind. The two women were fused together, but still remain separate consciousnesses. They have become a monstrous two headed dragon-behemoth. Protruding from the forehead of both dragon heads is both Helena?s, though they have been altered slightly [click her name]. This might creature has the ability to forcefully defuse the creatures that were fused together when the world were combined. But the diffusion comes with a terrible price. The two beings, once ripped apart, die and disappear. Nothing is left of them but a blood stain. Though she is causing great sorrow and pain, she believes it to be the best for the people. She doesn?t destroy the sins because of their loyal devotion to her.[/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=1]If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or PM me.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#003aaf][SIZE=1]Well, I have a question. It's been a bit since anyone has posted in either this thread or the sign ups, and I was wondering if this thing would ever get started? I mean, I love the idea, and I'm really looking forward to participating. But I can't do anything if it hasn't been started, right?

So, in short, I'm eager for this RP to get off the ground, and was wondering if you have any idea when it might. ^_^;[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=#660000][SIZE=1]Don't worry Revy, Revelation's got her's up, and Kamuro will very soon. I wanted to wait for all sign-ups to get in before I started it, but I'll probably not be waiting for Ouroboros. So when Kamuro get's his up, keep a keen eye out for the thread in the Square.

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