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Request God Of War Banner And Avi Request


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Hey guys/gals can anyone here make me a avatar of just Ares head, and a banner of maybe kratos doing Army Of Hades on some enemies, also if someone could put "VashTheStampede" in red at the bottom right corner. Thnxs whoever makes this, you will be greatly appreciated!!! :animesmil
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[size=1]Well... I get to experimenting... and I come up with many different images... lol. I couldn't find decent pictures as to what you asked... so I did what I could with some variations. I do have some live action pics... Kratos swinging his swords and such... if you'd like those just let me know.

There's subtle variations to each picture. Either diaganol lines, or a gridded image. I just felt like experimenting with the effects. I hope you like.

It won't let me upload the rest.. I'll put them up on ImageShack.











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[SIZE=1]Meh, I felt like giving this a go too. See what you think, I didn't make an avatar since I didn't think I could do any better than what the Doc produced there.[/SIZE]

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