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Do as Infinity


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is Do as Infinity in america? their cd atleast. i havent looked yet but ive heard one of their songs as an ending theme to Inu Yasha ( its called Fukai Mori) and i really love it along with The song of Truth which is not an ending theme i think its just on one of inuyashas movies or soundtrack thingies.. well peace! bye!

the end is now ! i surrender, the war is over!- Trust Company
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[color=#6699cc]Welcome to OtakuBoards, bay. Good to have you here with us today.

I'm fairly certain you're talking about a music group, so I am going to move this to the Music, Movies, and TV forum, where I think it is better suited.

Before you continue posting, you need to read our [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/rules.php?]rules[/url]. We have fairly high standard of post-quality at OtakuBoards, and your post is unfortunately difficult to follow.

If you expect other people to take the time to read your post, please take the time to punctuate it correctly.

When you start a thread, you will also find it helpful to give some information on the topic. Explain what you are talking about. Offer a line of discussion. Questions that can be answered in a simple "yes" or "no" usually do not merit making a new thread.

If you have questions, feel free to PM myself or another moderator.[/color]
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[size=1][color=slategray]I am quite a Do As Infinity fan myself. I'm not sure if you can find any of their CDs in many stores in America. Perhaps if you look in the Foriegn Music sections you'll have some luck. But if you want to save yourself A LOT of time, just go to Amazon. They have alll the CDs, and for pretty good prices. I think your best bet would be to log on their and have one of your parents buy them for you with their credit card. If you can't do that... then, either, take a chance in the Foriegn Music sections, or, you're jusy not getting them.
Also, you can always use Limewire or Kazaa to download music, but since that is illegal, and the government is suing people that use those program every which way, you might not want to chance it. But there are always those systems that you can pay for so you can download songs legally.
It's all up to you and what you think is easiest. That's all the help I can give you.[/color][/size]
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