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Werewolf, Demon, and Vampire war [M-VL and some S]

Lady Halo

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A war started over thousands of years ago and it was between The werewolves, demons, and vampires, with the humans stuck in the middle. But some Werewolves, demons, and vampires wished to end the war and created half breeds that could end this horrible war. It still goes on today but Humans pay no attention to it as it rages around them and the desendents have nearly forgoten there pupose but as the war becomes worse they begin to remember and fight to end it once more as there ancestors did.
2 characters max
The Bio sheet:
Weapons and/or powers:
Appearance: (Picture or you can type what your character look like)


Name: Mace
Age: 15
Race: Half cat dragon demon, Half human
Gender: Female
Weapon: Cat Dragon blade
Personality: Hyper but is quite serious at moments and a fighting spirit
Bio: When mace was young she was transmorted from this world to the demon world leaving her family behind. She grew up in a small allying village, were she was taught to fend off evil and she became a warrior and sent to earth to help save it from the war were she meet Zai (who you meet next) and she curantly fighting the war.

Name: Zai
Race: Half Werewolf, Half human
Gender: Female
Power: Wolf like figure nail claws, sharp teeth, and wolf likeness
Personality: Energetic, loyal, and peppy yet mysterious
Bio: Zai was 10 when she meet Mace and found out she was a half werewolf. She was going to school at the time and they became quick best friends. Zai fights the war beside Mace and Mace and her never seem to part unless she's at school and Mace is at her home. Zai grows a wolf tail and ears when she battles (when she isn't in werewolf form)
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hello,[B] Lady Halo[/B].

I am locking this thread for the following reasons:

Correct grammar usage and a backstory, are required for all RPs. We advise that the back story be at least two paragraphs long. Requirements and recommendations can all be found in the Inn's sticky at the top of the page and also [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318]here[/URL] .

Also, double posting is not allowed. It generally take time and patience to get people to play your RPs, so it's not unusual for it to take hours, if not days, to gain signups. That aside, double posting is not allowed anywhere on our boards. Please keep that in mind.

[b]Thread locked[/b]

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