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  1. Hi people, So in my debate class we are having a debate (wow what a concept) on wether or not 17 and 16 yearolds should be aloud to vote. I was wondering if I could get all your opinoins on the subject. Should the right to vote be given to 17 and 16 year olds? Thanks [COLOR=Red][SIZE=1]Changed thread title to something a little more topic related :animesmil - [B]Stuart.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. Character Generation Name: Rose Cadvra Age: 16 Gender: Female Race: Half-Breed: Elf Class: Ranger Weapon: Rose?s sword has been passed down for generations and has absorbed a lot of power. She doesn?t know half of the damage it could do. Armor: Chain mail. Personality- Cocky and somewhat full of herself, which is really hiding a bunch of insecurities. However, she can be very serious and very sane at times. Appearance-http://photobucket.com/albums/a327/Sami-Hikari/?
  3. Humans first. A human character can be a resident of Alsoto, someone who has come to Alsoto to enjoy the festival, someone who is a part of the festival (someone performing in the festival, someone who works with such a performer, etc.), or one of the soldiers hired for security purposes. If you want to play as the 'mystery performer', PM me. Now, here is the human sign-up form: Name: Gwen Zil Age: 25 Gender: Female Appearance: Class: Swordswoman/ Elemental Mage: Wind Occupation: Gwen is a sword for hire. She also will perform a few sword tricks i
  4. well I was wondering if someone could make me my own Avatar. You know kinda like a custom made Character? I'm sorry that it wasnt understandable. :animeblus
  5. [B]Name:[/B] JinHee Lee [B]Age:[/B] 16 [B]Gender:[/B] Female (OOC:If this character is not a girl please tell me) [B]Your Wish:[/B] JinHee?s wish is to go to school to become a Doctor. Therefore, she can help the sick.
  6. Name: Ruse Atlantis (sorry first thing that came to mind) Age: 15 Gender: Female Race: half angel, half human Personality: Ruse is one of those nice people who have a dark hidden life that no one knows about. Weapon: The Sai's Powers: Flying Appearance: Ruse is tall, Skinny, has green eyes and long, straight black hair. She is mentally strong and the same physically Bio: Ruse was born in France and her Mother(OOC: the human) died in labor, so she grew up with her Dad. He taught her to defend herself against anything and to be athletic. So Ruse grew up in a relativly warm and n
  7. ok ppl. I havent really ever done a RP before I only just started doing them. So tell me if I do something wrong and I will try to fix it. Name: Escay Parsli Gender:Female Race: Half-Vampire, Half-Human Position: Wakanda Ability: Strong, Fast, She carries 2 semi automatic pistols,a silver dagger, a bottle of holy water on a necklace and a pet raven. Appearance: Standing at 5'5" with long, wavy black (gold streaked) hair, pale olive skin and red eyes are the only hints of Vampireism. High cheek bones a ski slope/button nose with soft curving lips. Long curvy bod
  8. [quote name='Darker Alucard']Sign-ups Closed[/quote] okaaaay so when r we going to start this???
  9. OK I was wondering if it was possible to get a Avatar that isnt part of any Anime or Manga??? Please someone Im desperate Skin: Pale olive Hair: Black with gold streaks oh, Its long and wavy Eyes: Red with tinges of blue Im not sure what other things anyone would need to know but all they have to do is tell me ans I will figure it out for them. :D
  10. I'll do this but give me some time. This is only my second 1 I've ever done so..... :animeswea but I will try to keep up.
  11. [QUOTE=Darker Alucard]all sign ups are accepted. ~ghostchick you forgot the what made you impure. i still need a werewolve (or more) and two extra half breed sign-ups. thanxs.[/QUOTE] ......ummm ok we'll go with the traditional story so Larel was walking home one fall evening after studying with some freinds for a test. It was dark and looked like it was going to rain so racking her brain for short-cuts she randown a alley when a man stepped out in front of her. She screamed and shouted," Josh!! Your back!!!" Josh grinned and said, "dont scream your gonna freak someone out." "B
  12. Name: Larel Race: Vampire Look: Tall with long, curly/wispy black hair with silver streaks that is always pulled back into a ponytail and black eyes with gold flecks. Her skin is med dark (like tan) cause she's a fairly new Vampire. Her clothing of choice is black cargo pants, a dark purple tank top and a black denim jacket. First ability: She became a vampire when she made a deal with the devil to help her kill her husband that she was forced to marry. She can fly and suck blood. ( is this ok?? I've never done a rpg before.)
  13. I have played bascketball and now Im riding horse's :catgirl: Im interested in fencing any type of Martail Arts and Gymnastics.
  14. I really like it. Where do I sign up?? :animesmil are the half breeds good or evil???l
  15. thak you. Is that [url]www.abode.com[/url] if not what is it??? :animeshy: thanks again.
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