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FLCL banner/avi request (pics included)


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I need a change for my banner. My mediocre banners aren't getting my anywhere fast. So, why not give you the pictures and have an expert do the work!

OK I want these three pictures for the banner.
Could the dimension be about 450x100. I'd like it to say ~Atomsk~ (yes add the ~~) In the top left corner. In the bottom left corner put ~The space pirate king~
Give it a good border that fits the 'mood' of the banner if you could.

For the avatar
Have it the exact dimensions allowed. If you put a border around the banner, put the same one on the avatar. Could it just simply say ~Atomsk~ in the top left corner.

I'll leave the fonts and colors to you. If you think something else would look good in it, add it. If you find more pictures of atomsk add them if they're good.
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[size=1][color=royalblue]You go with wha'cha got, pal. ^_~


So yeah, I didn't follow anything. XD I just used the images provided. None of the text is where you wanted it, but I figured it wouldn't make that much of a difference...And I just had to do it this way.
I hope these look alright...I might have to go back and edit them a little.



Want anything changed, just ask me.[/color][/size]
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