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Sign Up To Find the Infection 3: Gods' Game [M-LSV]


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[COLOR=Navy]The village was on fire. People ran everywhere, screaming and shouting as they tried to save what they could of their lives. In the middle of the village stood a figure. He was a young man, appearing to be in his late teens or early twenties.

He was laughing.

He held out his hand and powered up a small ki ball. With a laugh, the ki ball suddenly expanded and shot through the city, wiping out a whole section. A few men ran at him, some wielding weapons, others sporting small bits of ki. The young man laughed and waited. One swiped at him with a pike. The young man caught it in his hand and gave a tug, ripping the man off of the ground. The pike swung around and the man flew off the end and into the air. A small ki ball ripped through his chest, instantly killing him. The young man smiled and twirled the pike, daring the others to come at him. They did, all at once. The young man dodged a hit and planted the pike in the ground. He lifted himself off the ground and spun around the pike, kicking three men in the chests, instantly killing them. He then landed and pulled the pike up, launching it into a man?s chest. He then held out his hand behind his back and shot a beam at the man who was behind him, disintegrating his head. The young man dropped the pike and started walking.

He exited the village, which was almost completely burned down by now, and walked to the hill just outside. There was a temple on top of the hill. The young man walked up to it and opened the door. The hinges creaked in protest and a few spiders scurried away. Obviously the temple hadn?t been used in a while. The young man walked in as the door slammed behind him. It was dark but a torch near the altar illuminated a statue and a pool of water next to the statue. The statue was of Zennousha, a god worshipped on many planets.

?I?ve finished the last village, my lord,? the young man said, kneeling before the statue. There was a sudden flash and the torch went out, leaving everything dark. But the statue started to glow a faint crimson glow, almost like the color of blood. There was a great creaking sound and the statue began moving and speaking.

?Welcome back, my son,? the statue said.

?Hello, my lord,? the young man said in a polite tone. He was completely different from the person he had been in the village. ?I?ve wiped out the last major village on this planet.?

?Good work, Ranma,? Zennousha replied. ?It?s been a long time since we talked?

?Yes, it has my lord,? Ranma replied, ?Nearly four years. I?ve prepared two planets for your coming ion the time.?

?Very good,? Zannousha mused. ?Ranma, remember when I told you of your brother Jukunen?s death??

?Old Jukunen? Yes, I remember him well. Not very strong, but smart. He was suppose to conquer some planet name Earth but came into some resistance. He was working on the planet for over eight years.?

?Yes, and he died. But I have some other news to tell you. Kairiki is dead.?

?Kairiki!? Dead!? But, how? He was immensely strong!? Ranma shouted.

?Kairiki settled on to a planet name Char and set himself up as ?The King?. He started breeding gladiators to become an army to lead to way for my coming, but he became lazy and was killed, Char itself destroyed. But more importantly, the same people responsible for Kairiki?s death were the ones involved in Jukunen?s death.?

?Who are they, my lord? I will hunt them down and kill them.?

?No, you have to prepare more planets. Just a few more and I can bring myself into the material world, where my power will be unmatched.?

?Yes, my lord, but at least tell me their names so if I hear of them in my travels I can kill them.?

?Fine. They are known as Zain, believed dead, Urth, though also known as Erutan, Majotte, though he is also believed dead, and Tanna Jr. Now go and prepare all for my coming.?

?Yes, my lord...my father,? Ranma bowed and walked to the pool of water next to the statue. A look of concentration crossed his face. His ki spiked dramatically, though there was no appearance of it, as he continued to stare at the pool. Suddenly Ranma was bathed in a crimson glow. He fell forward and fell into the pool, not making a splash as he entered. His body fell through the water and into the dimension between planets, where he could choose his next destination. As Ranma fell into the pool, Zannousha smiled to himself.

?Jukunen was wisdom and Kairiki was strength. Both can become corrupted, and so they did. But you, Ranma, you?re chaos. Chaos, pure, blissful chaos, can never become corrupted. So go now, my child of chaos, and sow the seeds for my coming. The seeds of misery, corruption, disease, and suffering.

?Go and spread my [I]infection[/I]!?[/COLOR]

Ok, for those of you who are new to the To Find the Infection (TFTI) series, here's some basics.

1. It's based in a semi-DBZ world. We use ki and saiyans a bit, but we also through in demons and swords and other things. It is not connected to the DBZ anime/manga show what-so-ever. So don't try to do something like that, you'll be asked to leave.

2. This RPG will excerise a lot less character control then what is common here at OB. Please keep this in mind.

3. This is the third in a series, but it does not mean you cannot join without know the other ones. This RPG will be connected to the other two TFTI's, but it will also be a RPG on its own. The point we're starting at makes it extremely easy for others to join. It's four years after the end of TFTI2.

4. If you're new and you're thinking bout joining, great! We love to have you on board. But, we would like if you read the first two. The links are:
[center][URL=http://www.freewebs.com/bgstk/To%20Find%20the%20Infection.rtf]To Find the Infection[/URL]
[URL=http://www.freewebs.com/bgstk/To%20Find%20the%20Infection%202%20Gladiator.rtf]To Find the Infection 2: Gladiator[/URL][/center]
Their converted, fun to read (I'm re-reading them myself) and make this one make more sense. Just click then download. It will download in rich-text format.

5. Characters that we need to have filled are:
[CENTER]Ranma (very nice to have someone be him, otherwise he'll be made an NPC)
Zennousha (though he will only be a person behind the curtain at first, he'll become really near the endish-middleish; without anyone playing him, he will be made an NPC)
The sign-up sheet is as follows:
[B]Name[/B] - your name
[B]Pronunciation [/B] - how to pronounce your name
[B]Age[/B] - how old are you
[B]Sex [/B] - male or female
[B]Race[/B] - what species?
[B]Height [/B] - how tall are you
[B]Weight[/B] - how heavy are you
[B]Hair color [/B] - what's your hair color
[B]Hair style [/B] - how's your hair sit on you head
[B]Eyes [/B] - eye color
[B]Body [/B] - how's your body build
[B]Weapons [/B] - tools for fighting that you carry with you
[B]Clothes[/B] - what are you wairing
[B]Distinguished marks[/B] - scars, stuff like that
[B]Special Powers [/B] - unique abilities that others may not be able to do
[B]Handicaps [/B] - Things that you can't do but others (unfortunately) can
[B]Transformations[/B] - what can you turn into (ex. - SSJ)
[B]Special Moves [/B] - special moves that are unique to you
[B]Bio [/B] - your past[/COLOR]
And here is my personal sign-up form:

[B]Name[/B] - Zain
[B]Pronunciation [/B] - zAin (long A)
[B]Age[/B] - 23
[B]Sex [/B] - male
[B]Race [/B] - Saiyain/Woodling, infused with Angelic Demon blood
[B]Height[/B] - 6'1"
[B]Weight [/B] - 175lbs
[B]Hair color[/B] - red with dark black streaks
[B]Hair style [/B] - long and spiky, but the spikes all point down. His hair is bit past his shoulders, but he usually keeps the back tied up in a ponytail. When he does this he leaves a bit in the front, which falls around his face.
[B]Eyes[/B] - black with golden rims
[B]Body[/B] - built, buff
[B]Weapons[/B] - A long sword that has a curved tip, making it a scimitar. The hilt is made of a material that looks and feels like black ivory, except more durable. There is a green stone set into the bottom of the hilt's hand.
[B]Clothes[/B] - black pants and black combat boots with a green shirt and a black leather jacket over the shirt. His sword is worn on his belt in a scabbard and he has a small green orb hanging by a string around his neck. Black fingerless gloves are worn on his hands.
[B]Distinguished marks[/B] - A 4-inch scar that is shaped like a feather on his right calf, received when Rahk grew his leg back from his feather. Burn scars on his hands and arms, received from Majotte's Dimension Sphere attack on Char.
[B]Special Powers[/B] - Zain can sense power levels extremely well. He can even take it a step forward and sense their actual life-forces. Life-forces are extremely detailed, and Zain can tell race, sex, and even age from life-forces. He can do this because he is part Woodling. Zain can also manipulate nature a bit.
[B]Handicaps [/B] - Zain depends on his green pendent to keep the evil side of his angelic demon powers in check.
[B]Transformations[/B] - SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, Angelic Demon form, Angelic Demon SSJ, ADSSJ2, ADSSJ3, can turn into an elemental when seriously injured and comes in contact with an element of nature
[B]Special Moves -[/B]
[U]Elemental slash [/U] - uses his weapon and flies around opponent at high speeds using the elements of lightning, ice, fire and wind he inflicts heavy damage and shock, frostbite, burns, and wind cuts (wind cuts are cuts that have the wind blow through them so they hurt more.)
[U]Lightning drill[/U] - a bolt of lightning strikes Zain's arm and forms a drill around it. The drill can be used as a close combat weapon or it can be shot at someone.
[U]Ultimate Ki Slash[/U] - Zain focuses ALL of his energy on his weapon and delivers a devastating blow (this is often used as a finisher)
[U]Fusion Blast[/U] - Zain places his left hand on top of his right and points his right palm at his target. He shoots two beams, one of ki energy and the other of dark ki energy (the ki power of angelic demons), at his opponent. The two ki beams spiral around each other and delivers great damage.
[B]Bio[/B] - (EARLIER LIFE FOUND IN TFTI AND TFTI2) Upon arrival onto Rahk's home planet of Enarjun, Zain was found and graciously nured back to health. He is now living with a nice old angelic demon woman, Rashield, who happens to be Rahk's mother. As fate would have it, she was the one that found Zain half dead. Zain trains frequently and fights in many tournaments, both illegal and legal, around the world to support himself and the kind old woman that has housed him. He is starting to regain his kindness which was stripped from him during his time as a gladiator.

The past four years for him has been training and coming to understand his new angelic demon powers that Rahk infused into him. He hasn't told Rashield about his connection with Rahk, only that he knew him and doesn't know where he is now. Zain is also very interested in ways to travel between planets. He has been told that there is one planet that has great technology that enables people to do so, but they rarely visit Enarjun. There is also talk of techniques and other abilities that allow planetary travel, but Zain has been unsuccesful. He painently waits for the advance species to come to Enarjun.

He is also ever vigaliant for news of Urth, Majotte, or Tanna Jr.

((Also here are two pics, both badly done, I know, of Zain, one with streaks and one without. The one without looks better but he has streaks in the actual RPG so....meh...[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v192/SSJ4Gohan/1b252afe.jpg]Zain normal[/URL], [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v192/SSJ4Gohan/a0a074c1.jpg]Zain with streaks (the real one from the sign-up.)[/URL]))[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Green][B]Name - [/B] Urth (AKA Erutan)
[B]Pronunciation -[/B] erth (Or Earth)
[B]Age -[/B] 4 Years Old. (If you must, Erutan is 23 years old)
[B]Sex - [/B] Male
[B]Race - [/B] Mystical Human
[B]Height -[/B] 5'9''
[B]Weight -[/B] 186 lbs.
[B]Hair color - [/B] Red and Black
[B]Hair style - [/B] Spike Up (Like Super Saiyan 2. Spikes connected to the scalp are red, extended spikes above are black.
[B]Eyes - [/B] Purple
[B]Body - [/B] Semi-Built
[B]Weapons -[/B] Scepter with a Red Ruby on the end. The ruby powers his abilities even further.
[B]Clothes - [/B] Black Boots/Pants/Shirt, with a cape. Inside of cape is red, outside of cape is black. The Cape aids by defelcted any weak projectiles.
[B]Distinguished marks - [/B] Scar on chest where the Imposter Orb that Jukunen had was placed (TFTI 1). Scar on back where the Seraphim's Ki attack ate away the flesh (TFTI 2).
[B]Special Powers - [/B] Can control all elementals and nature-like abilities.
[B]Handicaps - [/B] He is an orphan, so he's not really bright in the head when it comes to brain power.
[B]Transformations - [/B] Mystic Power-Up: Elemental Powers increase a great deal in this form.
[B]Special Moves -[/B] Can Distort, Create, or Destroy anything using Elemental or Nature-like abilities.
[B]Bio - [/B] Urth was formally the Earth?s Guardian Erutan. Erutan had absorbed the Earth?s Orb a long time ago during his child years, thus making him a Human with incredible power. After the fight on Earth, he accidentally teleported himself to the planet Char, and was taken as a prisoner. Erutan released that without the Earth?s Orb on its own planet, Earth would decay and rot into nothingness, so he tried to return until he was dragged into a war against the King. During the battle, Erutan was killed by a creature, and was shot into the center of Char. It was there that his remains absorbed another orb, The Orb of Char. His body regenerated into a new being, an exact reincarnation of Erutan, who gained the memory of his old counterpart. The new being also changed his name, Urth. During the final moments of Char?s destruction, Urth teleported Tanna and himself towards Earth, saving their lives. Years have passed, and Urth?s Elemental Power sky-rocketed to new extremes. It was awhile before he realized that The Orb of Char had given him more power than that of Elemental Power. His aging process has slowed down by a large amount, allowing him to live hundreds of years more than regular humans. It also changed his race again. When a sibling, he was a Demon, then Earth?s Orb made him a Human, then The Orb of Char transformed him into a Mythical Being. Urth feels that there is still one final Orb in the universe, and if he somehow manages to absorb it, then he will be able to live forever with eternal elemental power, and guard the Earth until it ceases to exit. The problem with this is that he cannot leave Earth, for the above reasons. Urth now waits patiently for the day that he discovers the final orb, and guards the earth from all evil.[/COLOR]
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My account can't access those sites i hope I can still join.

Name - Rukin
Pronunciation - same as its writen
Age - 18
Sex - female
Race - Half demon and Half angel
Height - 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight - 120 pounds
Hair color - Purple with tints of black
Hair style - long to her rear and manga like
Eyes - Brown
Body - well built
Weapons - War wrangler blade
Clothes - Tanish brown war dress
Distinguished marks - faint Halo appears over head when she stands still and Black dragon wings sprout out of her back
Special Powers -
Soul Purify: She can purify the evilest soul
Soul steal: She can steal a soul for health
Bat wings: Her bat wings sprout out of her back so she is able to fly
Handicaps -
Transformations - Pure demon or pure angel
Special Moves -
Demon Claw: one of Her hands become devilish andextremily sharp
Angel Talon: Her sword turns into double blades that curve around her arms
Bio - Rukin was put down in her village and they never trusted her heritage so they tried to kill her and she returned the favor by murdering them all. She wandered the planet to find her true meaning besides killing people. She always is carefull were she lies at night because she doesn't want any one to kill her in her sleep because she might come back as something...................very bad or good.

[url]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/girls71.jpg[/url] This is a picture of her with her faint halo, over her head, and her bat wings that are faint also.
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Great, our first femal character......ever!

The sites are actually download sites. Just click then a download box appears (if that's any help). Yes, you need to download to read it.

If you're still having problems, email me, I think its in my profile, and I'll email you the other two.
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Or, you can download them here:


The entire site has no significance to TFTI, but on the home page, scroll down to the very bottom to find the links to the downloads.
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[B]Name[/B] - Majotte
[B]Pronunciation[/B] - Muh-Joat
[B]Age[/B] - 41
[B]Sex [/B] - Male
[B]Race[/B] - Saiyan Android
[B]Height[/B] - 6'2"
[B]Weight[/B] - 300 (400 at 100%)
[B]Hair color[/B] - White (close to the face), Gray (middle-ish area of the hair), Black near the end.
[B]Hair style[/B] - Shoulder length, but just down the back, nothing on the sides. Like Seraph, except it tries to spike up, but spikes a little bit downwards. [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v163/cursed_gaara/officialhair.jpg]Like So.[/URL]
[B]Eyes[/B] - Teal.
[B]Body[/B] - Fairly built (No working out over a long period of time makes you a little less muscular).
[B]Weapons[/B] - 2 Swords attached to the tips of wings that appear as if they were feathers that were attached during the process of attaching his arm.
[B]Clothes[/B] - White shirt with rips on the back (where the wings would sprout) and no sleeves, and a dark grey pants (slush pants?).
[B]Distinguished marks[/B] - Well, the robotic arm for one. A huge scar where the arm was ripped off from Zain's Fusion Blast.
Special Powers - His robotic arm can shape shift, and has it's own life force that's been attached to his body. It can grow onto Majotte interior/exterior-wise, and can regenerate if it were to be damaged.
[B]Handicaps[/B] - He isn't very quick. As in, he moves very slow in comparison to the other characters. Combat-wise, he's not very smart either.
[B]Transformations[/B] - He can go up to SSJ3. His robotic arm can grow onto him, and grow in percent forms that go as: 0% (not growing, but stronger), 10%, 30%, 60%, 95%, and 100%. By 100%, his body is entirely covered, extremely improving his defense, attack power, and his speed. He can also go SSJ1/2/3 while in his Robotic Transformations.
[B]Special Moves [/B] -
[u]Split Up[/u] - Majotte splits up from his robotic arm, and the Robotic Arm regenerates another form of Majotte. Making two equally powerful Majotte's.
[u]Bio-Ray[/u] - His signature energy beam, basically just a green energy beam. Usually followed with a light green gas.
[u]Sin-Wave[/u] - An energy beam that on it's own is a little bit stronger than the Bio-Ray, but gets stronger the more powerful the target is. Although, is no where strong enough to kill the target. But can damage the target a lot.
[u]Celestial Dance[/u] - If you read TFTI2 near the end, Majotte did a series of combos on the Seraphim. That series of combos was called the Celestial Dance (would be an instant kill, but I don't know if any of the characters die here by getting their neck or spine snapped o_o;; )
[u]Dimension Sphere[/u] - The attack used to finish both of the first two RPGs so far, and were unsuccessful in their uses. Majotte powers up, and his aura grows around him in a spherical form. For those who can't understand, just picture a purple Spirit Bomb with electricity, k? Now picture Majotte right in the centre where he is safe and controls the energy ball there. Anything it touches, immediately gets raped with destruction.
[B]Bio[/B] - Ever since TFTI2, Majotte was frozen for about 4 years cryogenically (sp?) on an unknown planet, until it was undersiege by an army that came from the other side of the family. The two massive cities have been waging war for hundreds of years until the time Majotte was awaken, when the city was about to finally lose. Majotte was awaken to destroy the opposing army and only for those uses. They found Majotte knocked out in the mountains, missing an arm. Luckily they found him during an expedition, or else he would've died in his sleep due to blood-loss. They then used their advanced technology to rebuild an arm for him, along with wings. Of course, if they wanted to use him for Warfare purposes, they'd have to put all the technology they have into him. TFTI3 for Majotte takes place just after they've woken him up.

I'm currently drawing a picture of Majotte, and I'll try to get it hosted as soon as I can.
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Name - Sal'es Vec

Pronunciation - Sal Less Veck

Age - 18

Sex - Male

Race - Possessed Human

Height - 200 lb

Weight - 6'2''

Hair Color - Deep Red

Hair Style - Slicked back with a ponytail, which is held in by a golden ring

Eyes - Ice Blue

Body - Moderately built with very pale skin

Weapons - A regal sabre that has a slight coating of red over the blade. The handle guard is golden.

Clothes - He wears a black three peice suit with red pin stripes. Under it is a black shirt with a woven gold tye that he continual restraightens. His shoes are made of some sort of snake leather.

Distinguishing Marks - Long scars trail the vains on his arms. His shadow is contorted and is adorned with spiked wings. The shadows eyes glow dully like embers in a fire.

Special Powers - When he believe it is necessary he calls upon the demon that is inhabiting his body. This is rare, since he is used to dispatching his foes with ease and doesn't feel the need. Unless his clothing is wrinkled...

Handicaps - He enjoys battles to much to let the opponent die quickly, thus he'll stop before he kills them, to relish victory before they are killed. He also is excrutiatingly vain, and will always take a second to flatten his clothes or straighten his tie.

Transformations - 1/4 Possession, 1/3 Possession, Half Possession and Full Possession. At 1/4 two rows black flames appear on either side of his head, like unattached horns. They point straight forward. At 1/3 the wings of his shadow tranfer onto him, leaving the shadow looking like a normal man. At 1/2 the suit melts into a viscous ooze that covers his body head included. Only Flaming eyes can be seen. The wings and flame horn stay the same. At Full Possession, it solidifies into a dark, blood red skin with the suit intact over it. The Body is covered in rippling muscles. His teeth appear jagged and pedatory. The horns have melded into his skull and havegrown slight barbs. The wings are now the same color as his flesh. His shadow is that of a normal man.

Special Moves -
At 1/4th:

Hellfire Wake - His steps burst into unextinguishable flames

Demonic Gaze - His eyes fire long beams of black energy. They deal enough damage to cut through nearly any non supernatural substance.

Saber Dance - He spins slowly creating a whirling inferno around himself and the opponent while sticing with is saber.

Shadow Grip - His shadow grabs the opponents ankle.

At 1/3:

Hell Ball - He conjures a basketball sized fireball into his hand and throws it. While flying if shows the gaunt visage of a screaming man.

Basilisk Gaze - The gaze now converts all matter to stone, and covers supernaturals in a dense heavy layers of black diamond.

Unholy Gail - Blows a thick cloud of demonic poison towards the opponent. It acts acidic to anything that doesn't command vast power (SSJ2 +)

At 1/2:

Ooze Wave - His limbs extend and engulf the enemy in a thick acidic goo. He uses this to try and suffocate the foe.

Blight Gaze - His gaze now rots anything within his line of vision in a 100ft wide by 1000ft long cone. In the case of non organic, it rusts or melts.


Unholy Strength - His strenght is roughly equal to a SSJ4

Diabolical Gaze - Steers Sphere of Oblivion

Aura of Death - Anything non amune to poison dies of the toxic fumes given off by his body.

Soul Ripper - He stabs his hand into the foe and unleashes a massive hellball.

Sphere of Oblivion - A immense black ball of energy that crackles with red lightning channeled into his hands which are both extended upwards and are shoulder length apart. He throws it and controls its movement with is Diabolical Gaze. It is known to destroy large portions of planets.

Bio: A seeming rich man that is exceedingly vain. To keep his beauty he sold his soul to a demonlord that now shares his body. To do this he had to cut out his own heart with his sabre. His body doesn't react to pain nor pleasure. By this he has turned insane and Sociopathic. Believing he only feels emotion through victory in battle. His body regenerates as from any injury except desintergration for the demon wants to keep hold of his investment for as long as he can. His personallity is very charismatic until he gets a chance to murder you.
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  • 4 weeks later...
POSTING FOR EG WHO SENT ME HIS BIO OVER AIM, I did NOT bother reading it 'cause I'm good like that.

Name - Natan (Changed name from Tanna)
Pronunciation - Na-Tan
Age - 26
Sex - Male
Race - ½ human ½ saiyan
Height - 6'
Weight - 180 pounds
Hair color - Dirty blonde
Hair style - Long hair
Eyes - Brown
Body - Built
Weapons - Sword
Clothes - Non-fighting clothes: Brown trenchcoat, White shirt underneath, Wears Bandana, Blue jeans and light brown boots. Fighting clothes: Snaps fingers and changes into black fighting shirt with matching pants and wears same bandana and has wrist bands on each wrist.
Distinguished marks - Many scars from training
Special Powers - Has uncontrollable rage, In Kubakai 1 and 2 has tentacles that can suck enemies energy. Makes Natan get stronger, He can regenerate in Kubakai 1 and 2 and every time he does so he gets 5% stronger. (Also depends what he regenerates ex. All of upper body gives him more then 5%)
Handicaps -
Transformations - Transformations: SSJ, USSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, DRF I, DRF II, Kubakai I, Kubakai II
Special Moves - Down fall (energy wave) Counter-Strike (feeds off opponents energy wave and uses it against them with doubled power) DRF II special Itesutsa energy wave Lightning flash Kubakai I and II special.
Bio - Natan is known for destroying many cities just to find majotte. He was used in a lab experiment. A group of scientists wanted to make a "Bio organic weapon" and Natan was more then strong enough to be a test subject. The experiment was not fully completed so Natan does not remain in that form for the rest of his life only when he wants to transform.
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Just a few questions before i join/take the time to read both stories.
A) What timeline is this baised in? Modern, ancient, futuristic?
B) What is the current situation on Earth? Were will new characters be starting. Thank you.

If this is a modern Earth, than here is my character.

Name - James Lockwood
Age - 32
Sex - Male
Race - Human
Height - 6'1"
Weight - 180 lbs
Hair color - Brown
Hair style - Short Caeser style, with a scruffy beard
Eyes - Blue
Body - Athletic, yet nothing bulky, due to regular exercise. Exceptionally nimble and agile.

Weapons - James relys on a number of armorments which he has gathered over the years as a professional theif. He has a number of advanced prototypes and recovered alien weapons from all over the galaxy. The basis of his armorments is a full body exoskeleton created by top military engineers using advanced alien tech which gives him advanced strength, the power of flight, and near impregnability (the alloy that makes up the bulk of the suit has proven to be invincible to modern human testing).

[URL=http://starverse.dwnonline.com/ryanverse2/ink/ironman.jpg]Here's a pic of the armor[/URL]

Clothes - Wears a skin tight sensor suit underneith his body armor.

Distinguishing Marks - being realtivly normal looking, albeit handsome, helps keep him inconspicuous, making him a better theif.

Special Powers - James is an expert theif and can pilot his exosuit with professional level pressision.

Handicaps - By a powerlevel standpoint, just a normal human when outside of his armor. Also, the armor's powercells need to be recharged with a near nuclear powersource.

Special Moves - Thermal Beam Cannon - Dual palm-centered cannons capable of firing a beam of thermal energy. Power can be adjusted depending on the situation and powerlevel of the suit.

-Piercing Rifle - Sholder mounted sniper-rifle with up to 100X zoom. Specially crafted bullets are laser cut to have a tip only .005mm wide, allowing it to penetrate nearly any surface.

-Gravitation Well Generator - Capable of creating small gravity "wells", which esentially act as miniture black holes, sucking in all matter with incredible force.

-And a number of other gizmos and gadgets ranging from traser bullets, tool kits, and tranq darts.

Bio - James was trained to be one of the worlds greatest theives. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, he met legendary theif Hector "The Cat" Davis at a young age when he retired to the house neighboring his own. Board with retired life and wanting to leave a legacy, dispite having no children of his own, Hector took James under his wing, training his the secrets that made him one of the world's greatest theives.

By chance, James happened upon the Patriot XT while infitrating a military development facility as a training excercise. When cornered by military security, James highjacked the exosuit to escape arrest. By chance, while trying to pilot the suit to his safe house, James crash landed on the get-away car of two would be conveniance store robbers. In stopping the robbery, James was declared a hero by the media, and given the media tag The Iron Avenger.

With all the positive media surrounding James, the US government couldn't arrest him without risking furious public outcry. Therefore, James was able to keep his freedom from the US gov't, along with his identity from public knowledge, as he never removed the suit's helmet in public. This gave him near complete immunity from the law, aslong as he contined to use the Patriot XT in occational acts of heroism, and allowed him freedom from the public eye, allowing him to remain the world class theif he loved to be.
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I have permission to post here by XYZ


Age: 15

Sex: male

Race: 1/2 Saiyan

Height: 5'6

Weight: 106 pounds

Hair color: Blue

Hair style: It points down kind of like Daisuke's hair in DNAngel

Eyes: brown

Body: Medium built

Weapons: a iron katanna

Clothes: A black shirt and pants with black trench coat

Distinguishing marks: Has a scar in the shape of an X on his left cheeck

Special powers: Has the ability to sense a persons chi and their location

Handicaps: Don't make him to mad or he'll blow

Transformations: he kind of weaker so he can only make it to SSJ2 right now.

Special moves:

Exploding Dance: A move in which multipule ki blasts are sen from all directions and explode on impact.

Dual Spin: Takes two energy beams like Kamehameha and spins around doing a lot of damage

Energy Repulse: When he punches someone at full strenght energy pulses from his arm creating a shockwave type thing.

Bio: Suzu lived on Planet Vegeta until it was destroyed while he was gone. He then decided to live on a little planet that housed humans it wasnt earth but very close.
A family had even adopted him.

But on his fifteen birthday things went wrong. He was coming back from a shop he opened the front door to see his mom lying on the ground no pulse no heartbeat dead.

The rest of the family disappeared after that. He was all alone.
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Name - Dante
Pronunciation - Don tay
Age - 17
Sex - male
Race - 1/2
Height - 6'0
Weight - about 160
Hair color - Red
Hair style - hair going down (a lil past eye brows down to ears and then neck.
Eyes - white
Body - medium
Weapons - A long sword strapped to his pants
Clothes - Black jacket sleeveless jacket with a lond whight t shirt under. Black pants, beaded bracelet and neckless. black fingerless gloves and black boots.
Distinguished marks - a scar right down his left arm form shoulder to abount and inch above his wrist.
Special Powers - He can copy other moves and use them against u but even stronger.
Handicaps - none
Bio - He is a wanderer that knows nithing about his past but still searchs fot it.

If i need to change something pm me plz
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