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Art My art... Critique!


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Dragon! woo
These Hands Are Devils
The Concubine Logo
House Of The Living Dead Logo

I know theyre mostly not anime relaed, but Im new to this board so I thought I would share ;-)

Let me know what you think!
despite that the second and possibly the first is choppy due to the scanner.
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[size=1]'ello there, I'd first like to say thanks for posting your artwork. I find it fascinating. I'll explain why:

[b]Dragon[/b]- I'm more fond of this one in particular because it's like a puzzle for the eye. The swirls and squigglies that make up the dragon's body isn't anything one would see every day. Well, at least me. I've never seen this type of style. It makes me smile and get little tinglies to see all this eccentric and crazy work. It confuses me, and intrigues me. Like, I can't really make heads or tails of the dragon's skull..and are those arrows stuck in the "stomach"?

Very fun, bravo.

[b]Shoot[/b]- Honestly, the only two things that bothers me about it are the feet, and the right hand holding the gun. Specifically the left foot. The angle at which it's turned is a bit stretching it; a bit of exaggeration. The hand, now, I can't bash too much on hands because they do suck to draw sometimes. Especially when you're trying to achieve the position in this drawing. It's smaller than the left, and looks like it's bent at an impossible angle. But like I said, hands suck.

Again, bravo. Oh, and I like the dress ^_^

[b]Octipussary[/b]- Now this is hilarious. A marine animal being pwnd by machine. I don't know why that's so funny to me, but it is XD I love how the robot's one arm is totally taking control, and how the octipus (bleh, spelling sucks when you're tired) has his tenticles prying around the robot's arm. Also, the expression on the robot's face is the best. It says "Who's your daddy now, biatch?"

Wonderful, fun, and fresh. Keep it up, and let us know how you do this, what you use, la la la.[/size]
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Well, most of it I draw by hand, then I manipulate using Photoshop. I do tons of work. I added a bunch more actually computer artwork Ive done, For companies bands etc. etc. etc. I make a hobby out of it and hopefully soon a career. Yeah I hate drawing hands and the foot your right. Hah Im still a beginner with the anime drawing(going on a +2 year beginner now I just cant get it down! rrr) But Im slowly(SLOWLY) getting the hang of it. I edited the rest in after you posted so if you like what you see on the others let me know!

Awesome thank you! :-)
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[size=1]Woo! More artworks! Me likes.

[b]These Hands are Devils[/b]- Absolutely love it. I'm a huge fan of simplicity, as the rest of the members of the GFX Club will tell you. It's a simple picture, but not too simple as to where it's drab and boring. I love the colors, so surreal and dizzying. The swirling is not overbearing of the picture, which is beautiful. Overexaggeration is a turn off, major.

[b]The Concubine Logo[/b]- All I see when I look at this is machinery. Gears turning and grinding. I like how it melts together--the font and the "gears", as I'm going to dub them, lol.

[b]House of the Living Dead Logo[/b]- I'm not particularly fond of this one. Not because of the gore and junk like that, but the quality of the graphic is kind of weak. The chains really bug me ^_^;; They're really pixelated and too "stiff". The bone that is flying outward is kind of out of place..like, it's too big to have come from the body, and is just out on its lonesome. The last thing is the font. I feel it's too blurry, and is hard to read. It's an ominous style, but the fuzziness is a no-go.

I'm sure Helba's got a hold of you already, and I would like to see more from you. Keep it up, and stick around.[/size]
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