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Sign Up Mr. Stubborn Guy meets Ms. Innocent Girl [PG-(Minor)VLS]

Who Am I?

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[size=1][color=dimgray]"Oh my girl is getting so big!" My mother wailed.

"Oh mom. Older brother is much bigger than I am."

"Don't complain. School's going to be great!"

[I]Hi there! My name is HaeYoung Kim. You could also call me Grace if that's easier. I'm going to 8th grade. My mother says I'm getting big, though to me.. it doesn't look like it. It's been two years since I graduated elementary school. Now this year I'm gonna graduate Junior High. I just moved to Seoul, Korea.. about two months ago. We're still getting settled here. My neighbors are nice and I got myself a puppy. Well not mine but ours. Ours.. as in, my older brother, my younger brother, and my little sister. We all named it Kinu. My older brother didn't like it but too bad.. haha. [/I]

"Mom! Mom!" My sister, Mina or Julie, cried out.

"What is it?"

"How do I look?"

"You look wonderful."


"Yes. My most beautiful daughter in the whole wide world."

"Thank you."

[I]Yeah right. That's what mom said to me 7 years ago. I mean she said [b]'most beautiful daughter'[/b].. so does that mean I'm not her daughter? Oh well..[/I]

Everyone in the family left and said our byes. I sighed.

[I]I'm off. 8th grade here I come huh? This is going to be one long school year and probably the most memorable. Just wait until High School.. things get tense. My older brother, JaeWon or David, was off to 10th grade and I was a couple of years behind him. He told me this, [b]"Once you get to High School you better not embarrass me.. and don't even ask about my girlfriend."[/b] Yes, my brother has a girlfriend. I kind of envied them. I was a loner. Everyone thought JaeWon was hot... though he was taken and people thought my little brother, JunSuk and Mina were so cute.. but me. Nobody really commented me.[/I]

As I walked to the gates of my brand new school, I got nervous. I caught people looking at me.

[I]Are they staring at my skirt? Gross..[/I]

I caught a glimpse of the most handsome guy I had ever saw.


I was in awe. I decided to quickly turn before I made a fool of myself. I walked to the office to pick up my schedule.

"Hello? May I help you?" A lady asked.

"Oh. Umm.. I'm Kim HaeYoung Grace Kim. I'm here to pick up my schedule."

"Oh. Are you the new student who transfered from Incheon?"


"Ok.. hmm. Kim.... G.. G-a...G-e...G-o.. ok.. H. There! HaeYoung Grace Kim. So you are going to 8th?"


"Aww.. that's so bad. I wish you could've stay longer with us.. It'll be lots of fun here."

"Oh.." I gave a uneasy laugh.

"Ok here you go! Your schedule along with a planner."

"Thank you!"

"No problem! Just come anytime!"


I walked quickly out of the office. [I]Whew..[/I] I made my way passed doors and tried to look for the room 2-A.


I knocked on the door.


I gave me a startled but I remained calm.

"Hi there! Are you the transfer student from Incheon?"


This was obviously the teacher. She was really pretty though she wasn't married yet. She stood tall with long brown hair and had cherry red lips with gorgeous eyes like no other. She was slim and.. perfect.

"Welcome! This is HaeYoung Kim. She came here from Incheon so please make her feel welcome."

The students in the room clapped and my heart started to beat fast. I guess I was really nervous. I stared around the room.


[i]Oh my...[/i]

It was the hot guy I was staring at in the morning. The teacher told me to take a seat behind a girl named JiEun. She was also pretty as well. She said hi to me and I said hi back she was really nice and told me who was not a nice person and who was. We became very good friends and then one day...

"Hey! What are you staring at?!?!?!"


[I]Uh oh.. I'm busted.[/I]

"Hey! New girl! I'm talking to you!"

[I]I gotta run.. [/I] I began to turn around and do a fast walk.


[I]Too late.. I'm caught![/i]

I hand grabbed me and spun me around.


[i]Woah.. I'm dizzy.[/i]

I gulped. It was hot guy. I was staring at him for like 5 minutes and he caught me.

[i]I found out his name.. it was TaeMin. I guess he was the [b]most good[/b] looking guy in school. No wonder. After a month I've been here.. all I've been doing was staring at him and hanging out with JiEun and YooRi (new girl as well).[/I]

"Hey! I told you what are you staring at?!?!?"


"Was it me or something else?"

Everyone was watching this way now. This was embarassing.

"Umm.. something else?"

"That's a lie huh?"

I began to turn red. "N-no.."

He smirked. "Yea right. It was me."


"I can see it in your eyes." He leaned in.

I got nervous and thought of a comeback. "No. I wouldn't even want to go out with you if you were the last person on Earth!"

Everyone in the background gasped.

[i]Opps.. too much. I think I over did it.[/i]

He looked angry. "Oh yeah! We'll see about that! I'll make sure you'll fall head over heels for me!!"

-_________- ;;

[i]Is this guy for real? Did he just say that to me?[/i]

He left and I took a sigh. It was over.[/color][/size]


Okay! Sorry it took long but welcome! Welcome to "Mr. Stubborn Guy meets Ms. Innocent Girl!!!!"

I hope this will be an interesting RP.. because it'll probably mix with romance/drama/ maybe some comedy.

[b]Plot:[/b] Innocent Haeyoung had some trouble at school with TaeMin. Oh my.. after the "No. I wouldn't even want to go out with you if you were the last person on Earth!" comment.. TaeMin been trying to get Haeyoung to go out with him. Haeyoung surely thinks it's funny. Huh? What happened? Oh no.. Jinny has come and there's nothing stopping her. She's come back for TaeMin! TaeMin's in trouble now and he's even asking for Haeyoung's help. What will happen once Haeyoung's in the stituation??

There will be characters that will [b]have[/b] to be played. And no you can not make up your own. So that means several people can play.[/size]

[color=slategray][size=1][b][u]Playable Characters[/u][/b]

[b]Haeyoung/Grace[/b]-Innocent girl-[b]Who Am I?[/b]
[b]TaeMin/Steve[/b]-Stubborn guy-
[b]JiEun/Rebecca[/b]-The Protective One/Haeyoung's friend-
[b]YooRi/Clara[/b]-Smart One/Haeyoung's friend-[b]Beta[/b]
[b]Jinny[/b]-Mean Ex-Girlfriend/TaeMin's ex-[b]NPC[/b]
[b]MinJi/Sarah[/b]-Snobby Friend/Jinny's friend-[b]NPC[/b]
[b]JaeWon/Daniel[/b]-TaeMin's friend-[b]Sinistra[/b][/size][/color]

[size=1][b][u]Sign UP[/u][/b]
[b]Name:[/b] One of the playable characters.. if you want to be someone different you can but PM me first to see if it's okay.
[b]Age:[/b] How old? Remember this is [b]Junior High[/b].
[b]Personality:[/b] How does your character act?
[b]Background Info:[/b] At least two to three paragraphs.[/size]

[size=1]Well there you have it! I'll be judging on the signs up and let's hope this will go well! Have fun!![/size]
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interesting RP I ussaly dont join Rp's where I cant make u my own chars so I bet this will be a challange ^_^

Sign UP
Name: TaeMin
Age: 15 (I dont know if thats to old people have diff veiws on junoir high and high school so I can change this
Personality: A stubborn boy he is somewhat depressed that his looks outshine his smarts althogh he seems open and a tease he is actulally quite shy he in his heart he belive he is nothing but a sham and wants to find someone who likes him for his peronailty instead of his looks
Background Info: a stragit A student for many years but nobody notices because of his looks he actuallty fell for Haeyoung so he is very stubborn on getting her he thinks she might actually fall for him for his peronality instead of his looks alone if she does than he will be happy to go out with her and start a real relationship
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(this is going to be complicating but i can deal with it :animeswea )

Name: JiEun/Rebecca
Age: 15 (thats how old in my country)
Personality: JiEun is a very protective of her friends and she will go to the lengths to protect them.
Background Info: JiEun lived in Korea all her life and she became best friends with haeyong when they meet in class.
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[CENTER][SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Kang, YooRi
[B]Age[/B]: 14

[B]Personality[/B]: YooRi, as said in the character description, is the studious one. Her parents pressure her to get the best grades and excell in allf her studies. Always being inside she adapted to being by herself with a book, paper, and pencil. Thus she is really shy. Its kind of a kit... yours super smart, but the other item is being shy. You cant really have the smartness and be outgoing at the same time...you have to choose one. But YooRi was forced to use the smarts.

[B]Background Info[/B]: YooRi was born into a wealthy family that had owned an international Korean food Co. (Kimchi! Yea!) Everything was practically given to them. Her smaller brother is very spoiled, he acts like he is the king of the world. YooRi grew up qouite the opposite. Her first encounter with someone lower in the finacial ring than her was when she was 5.

As she was walking down the sidewalk she saw a man sitting on the sidewalk. Dressed in very old and dirty clothing. She stopped and looked at him. Then she asked him a question.

"Mister, why are you dirty? Dont you have a home to take a shower in?"

The man chuckled at her cuteness. "Im poor...I dont have a house."

From then on YooRi learned that being rich is a very,very very special gift. She als pledged to live the life of an average person, not a rich one. She wanted to show being rich has nothing to do with the way a person is.

YooRi entered school at the age of 6, as most children do. Her parents always gave her a long lecture on the way to school.

"You must do good in school! You must get good grades! If not then you will be a dumb girl and no one will marry you. If not then you wont get a job. If not you wont be able to inherit the family company. Your little brother will...."

It went on forever, YooRi simplylooked out the window. What a beautiful day it was...

[CENTER][B]First Encounter with Death[/B][/CENTER]

YooRi was 12 at the time. She went to the nursing home to viit her grandmother. She was very ill, and did not have long to live. Her grandmother told her one thing, and one thing only.

"You know what YooRi... I woke up today and said.... Today is a beautiful day...the sun is shining... the birds are singing.... and I say... I am going to live it up. You never know when its gonna be your last..."

That night her grandmother died. YooRi cried and cried for days in a row. But then she rememberd what her grandmother said. Instead of wasting her life mourning she decided to live it up. And do everything she ever wanted. That was her goal.

Will edit later...still more I need to add....[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: I'll give this a shot...it'll be fun. If you need me to change anything, PM me or let me know some other way.

Edit: Just adding what you wanted. Hope that's good enough. ((And thanks for the many complements.))

Edit 2: I'm adding a picture. I just feel more comfortable knowing that JaeWon has a face.[/SIZE]

[FONT=Palatino Linotype][CENTER][U]Name:[/U] JaeWon Im a.k.a Daniel[/CENTER]

[CENTER][U]Age:[/U] 13[/CENTER]

[CENTER][U]Appearance:[/U] See Below[/CENTER]


JaeWon is laid back around everyone. He's approachable and is good at giving advice. Being TaeMin's friend, he's always getting caught up in the middle of his relationships. JaeWon never engages in any type of relationship on his own because he feels that he's not ready for that just yet.[/CENTER]

[CENTER][U]Background Info:[/U]

JaeWon comes from a family that isn't much different from most. A lot of them are laid back like him, and are always there to give a needy person a hand. JaeWon himself is very caring and will help pretty much anyone. JaeWon has been known, however, for his temper around TaeMin's ex-girlfriend, Jinny. It's been known that the two often argued about what was good for TaeMin. JaeWon often left the scene in search of a way to cool down.

Being quite the opposite, TaeMin and JaeWon get along surprisingly well.

A long time ago...

JaeWon had become a transfer student himself. It seemed to take a while before anyone would even speak to him. When TaeMin made the brave move of approaching him and inviting him to join he and his friends for lunch, JaeWon accepted. Soon after, everyone came to know JaeWon and his well-known relationship with TaeMin. The two seemed unseparable, and seem to still be same way.

JaeWon is a big soccer freak. He's hardly seen without a ball (except in school when it's not allowed) and has a recent obsession with J-Pop.[/CENTER][/FONT]
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[CENTER][SIZE=1][b]digix:[/b] Please check your grammar and spelling please.. I'm kind of picky on that but.. I'm very sorry. It's okay and all but on "Background Info".. I want his background a bit.. like how you became friends with JaeWon and stuff. It's good just add that part.

[b]Beta:[/b] Beta! It looks like your sign ups done but I guess you have to edit it right? From the looks of it right now, it looks swell!

[b]Sinistra:[/b] I love your sign up! It's great![/SIZE]

[size=1][color=slategray][b]My SIGN UP[/b]
[b]Name:[/b] Haeyoung/Grace Kim

[b]Age:[/b] 13

[b]Personality:[/b] She is a shy yet outgoing type of girl. She is very active in sports and loves puppies. When it comes to school, she tries to study real hard and not get distracted by [b]Stubborn Guy[/b]. She loves to hang out with friends and during her spare time she loves to get a good book and read. Other times she just likes to stay on the computer.

[b]Background Info:[/b] Something terrible happened back at Incheon that has made the Kim family upset. Their grandparents died trying to save them. Everyday, it would be a depressed day. No one in the family would talk nor play with each other. It was a sad little home. Everyone was getting tired of the same dead silence house and decided to moved. I guess Incheon was not a good place for them. Everyone packed their belongings and headed out for Seoul. Now that they were there, everyone became themselves. Seoul was a great place to be.

After four months of living there, they were finally settled in. Now everyone in the family made friends and having great parties. Haeyoung on the other hand, was having trouble at school because [b]Mr. Stubborn Guy[/b] wouldn't stop bugging her after that iccident. She laughed at the fact that he would try to get her to like him. She wonder even why he would do such a thing. At school everything's nice and she even made two new friends, JiEun and YooRi. Her family's doing well and everythings going great for her... or is it?[/color][/size]

[size=1]We still need some characters... Jinny and MinJi. We could always put them as NPC but I'll just wait for a couple of more days and we'll get it started. How does that sound?? Lady Halo and digiX, please add a bit more and check spelling.. sorry I get a picky on that.[/size] [/CENTER]

[SIZE=1][B]EDIT: Okay.. I'm going to make Jinny and MinJi NPCs. We'll get this started. If Lady Halo doesn't edit her sign up then I'll give the spot to Beta and she'll get to play both of them.. but only if Beta wants to. Well I'll probably edit this later. [/B] [/SIZE]

[size=1][b]EDIT:[/b] I'm just about to post this in the Square. I still need to know if Lady Halo is playing. Please respond ASAP. Well see you soon![/size]
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