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Boarding School for the Gifted (powers) [PG-13-VL and maybe S

Lady Halo

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Great another year of school, Mimi thought to herself.

Mimi hated school, she was going to 9th grade this year, because she was always the new kid because her family were transferred all around the world so she had no real time to make long-lasting friends. They had moved to the United states and her mother was saying the would stay, but she knew we would end up moving.

"Mimi! Get dressed the bus will be comeing soon!" Her mother yelled up the stairs.

Mimi scratched her head and ruffled her hair as her kid brother walked into the room.

"What do you want dweb!?" She angrely said covering herself with her covers.

"Mom said for me to wake you up and tell you you're lunch is packed!" He said snobishly and with that he left her room.

Mimi stood up and got dressed in her new school dress. Mimi was going to a Boarding school for specialy gifted students so she would get her uniform later on in the day. Mimi was an A+ student but was alttle ditsy, but her mom may have took it alittle to far. Mimi stood at the front door holding her luggage and her kissed her on her check, wich she quikly wiped away and stepped out the door.

This RP is about a young girl named Mimi who is going to a boarding school for the gifted. She is hasn't figured out yet why her mother sent her but she will soon enough. Will she stays at the school she makes new friends and foes. But when a great evil trys to take over her new school. The students will band together to fight this evil menance.
(No god modeing)
(up to 2 caracters per person)
Bio sign up sheet:
Age:(13 to 19)
Power: (two powers!) (like elemental powers, etc..)
Appearance: (pic and/or description)
My bio sheet:

Name: Mimi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Power: Abilitie to talk to animals and control animals
Personality: She is shy and ditzy but an A+ student.
Bio: When mimi was little she would always be found near some type of animal but as she grew up she became closer to animals and her mother found her one day haveing a conversation with an animal and when Mimi was sad and animal would be right beside her of protecting her. Thing is Mimi doesn't really find it strange so when she found out she was going to a school for the gifted she thought her mom was sending her to a stupid school.
Appearance: (bottum of page)

Name: Rini
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Power: She can create and manipulate fire
Personality: She is a hyper, friendly, and a really hot temper but she's a B student
Bio: When Rini was a little kid, of 5 years old, she learned to snap her fingers and her house bursted into flames but she wasn't hurt but her family were killed. She lived at the shcool since then, learning to control her powers and homeing her skills.
Appearance: Bottum of page

This is a picture of Rini (blonde hair) and Mimi (pink hair):

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I'd like to join...

Name:Flaminina Urakawza (Flame Ura)

Age: 14

gender: female

power:able to shoot a green like fire from her finger tips. Has the ability to frezze something.

personality:Likes to talk...gets angry easlily.Doesn't like people who back talk her. Yells when angry...can be refered to as...an idiot.is very cold to some and likes to start fights.

Bio:Flaminia was abandoned at the age of five because she discovered her power and lit her parents on fire. The social serveses gave her to her grandparents and never had anything to do with her.Flaminia grew up to be cold hearted and very rude.She was then sent to the school without being told and ran away from it because..no one told her she was strange.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sin Nato

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Power:[/B] Can use dark magic and munipulate blood that has left the body
Personality:[/B] Sin is a lazy guy. He would do well in school if he actully payed attention and worked. But he does have moments where he is a really good student, but he's just a little crazy.
Bio:[/B] Sin Nato was originally named Sam Noman, he was a normal kid until he turn 15. At that age he started to get interested in witches and warlocks and the dark magic. After he read his first book on it he was naturally good at it, he could summon up small demons like imps and such. But after mroe extensive training he could use it to cut someone down he didn't like. He learned he could use blood when cut himself and he put his hand over it. He shaped it in to a blood stick basically, he could solidify and liquify any blood he found, he tried to use this skill on poeple put he couldn't control blood that was already under someone elses uses. So he just ended up sticking with blood that would fall from him or anyone by accident. And after awhile he changed his name to Sin Nato, seeing that it suited his dark and "evil" powers better then the name Sam Noman could.

[B]Appearance:[/B] He's about 5'9" with a black leather jacket, with a black shirt with the name Danzig on it and blue jeans and black vans. He has green eyes and just below shoulder length black hair with red tips on someone of the ends, he always has a cleanly shaved face and a slightly muscular body.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Daiske

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personlaity: He is very cherry. He likes it when other people smile around him. He tries to protect evry one that he comes in contact with.

Powers: Psychic and telekenetic

Bio: He lives with his parent, and love them dearly, yet recently, he has have had trouble controlling his powers. His father had heard of the school, and after long discussions with both Dai and his mother, they all agreed that this school would best benifit Daiske twards the future.

His first two years, went by faster than he had thaught. He hated it thoguh. He ended up loving the school, and couldn't wait to come back for the third year.

Appearance: see below
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hello,[B] Lady Halo[/B].

I am locking this thread for the following reasons:

Correct grammar usage and a backstory are required for all RPs. We advise that the back story be at [B]least two paragraphs[/B] long. Requirements and recommendations can all be found in the Inn's sticky at the top of the page and also [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318]here[/URL] .

[b]Thread locked[/b]

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