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Request New Banner/Avi Request


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[size=1]Hey, I was wondering if any of you Photoshop geniuses out there could make me a banner and avatar set from the attached image.

On the avatar, could you put my name, and on the banner could you put the words: "There is always light, even in the darkest corners..."

Thanks in advance.
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[color=#003aaf][size=1]I'm gonna be using the Kingdom Hearts versions (since they seem best quality, and I'm absolutely in love with that game xD) so give me a bit to post up my attempts. T'ankuu. =P

EDIT: Well, I didn't know who you wanted in the avi, so I made you two in case you choose to use my set. Attached are your avatars and banner. Hope you like 'em. x3 (And I don't care if you use 'em or not. Took five minutes to whip 'em up. xP)[/size][/color]
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I gave it a try since you said you would like to see others. I don't like the avatar as much..I could do it better if you choose to use the set.
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