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Sign Up Jet Force-Past the Gemini (PG13-mild language, bug guts)


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[SIZE=1](ooh, I hope it's alright...)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][U][B][I][CENTER]Jet Force: Past The Gemini[/CENTER][/I][/B][/U][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]You know the story; you know the ending. The evil Mizar enslaved the tribal bears, a tyrant with a nasty horde of minion bugs, breaching all possible Federation treaties, and virtually destroying their fleet. The heroes Juno, Vela, and Lupus ended his reign with the help of the mechanical Floyd. Turned out Jeff?s brother Berry just wanted some attention. But now there is a new menace, an evil greater then Mizar, and closing in. (Cue: *dun* *dun* *dun*) Years later new heroes shall emerge, but will they win the day?

[CENTER]* * * * * * * [/CENTER]

Eyes a glaring toxic green color scanned the open area from under the dark hood. No other features of its face were visible. Nothing but the black dress shoes showed through the shadows enveloping the wooden chair. It was waiting.

?Niiih. Ni-ii-ih,? were the only sounds heard from the gathered soldier drones as they chatted, heads bobbing and antennae twitching. All was silenced as the figure suddenly stood up, stepping closer to the middle of a large round platform, soles making a soft noise on the wood. No words escaped from their mouth, but its message was heard to all.

?The time is now, my loyalists. The furbals are right where we want them, the planet?s are waiting for us!? Cheers ring around the area as the speaker lifted a dark gloved hand. The figure let them ring, not without its toxic eyes hinting at a cruel smirk. Eventually the noise died down.

?Go in, take over, and kill all who resist!? Louder cheers erupted, handguns waving in the air. After a few moments, the place quieted down, as all of the drones waited for their leader to continue speaking. It didn?t. After about a minute of silence, the leader spoke. The eyes plainly showed aggravation and disappointment. ?What are you waiting for?! Get going!? The glove pointed in the direction of an improved Skamet battle cruiser.

[CENTER]* * * * * * *[/CENTER]

Black heels clicked along the halls of the Federation headquarters. After Mizar, the corporate president that thereafter took over had made sure that things were done a little differently. By good, they worked well. A soft ?whoosh? is heard as the doors slid open into the briefing room. The large, reflective surface table stood in the middle, most of the chairs already filled. A long, slender hand moved green locks out of the way of the red eyes as the president walked over to the front of the table, locking gaze on Jeff and Magnus.

Jeff was getting older (as if he wasn?t already), and had Magnus accompany him everywhere. On King Jeff?s other side, was the small blue (monkeyish) alien, Midge. Others sat gathered around the room also, to which the president paid no notice.

?We are here today, to discuss our plans against Plough.? The soft voice was firm, and easy to hear. ?Although he has not yet out stepped the bounds, I do not want a repeat of the Mizar scare.?

Nods were seen all around the room, with sympathetic looks to the tribals. ?Yet what should we do? Our hands are tied without proper reason,? King Jeff went on to state.

?Yes, I know.? She turned her head, clicking on a remote to bring up a map on screen. ?Plough?s rule hasn?t extended beyond here, However-? The map switches over to Twarfet. ?We DO know that the leftover zombie bugs have been disappearing from Twarfet. Is that right??

?Yes,? Said King Jeff. ?I myself went with Magnus to check it out.? He nodded. ?We ARE willing to take up arms and defend ourselves if it becomes necessary.?

The president?s blue lips turned into a smile. Her eyes passed over each of the ambassadors in turn. ?Here?s what we?re going to do. Do to our own laws, we are limited to options, but at the first sign of any invasion, we?ll retaliate.? There are nods of agreement around the room.

The intercom buzzed, and a male voice rang over the speaker. ?Pardon the interruption, but we?ve just lost contact with most of the fleet! We DID receive one transmission though. The only thing that came clearly through the static was ?Skamet?.?

?Well, I guess that?s it. We?ll rendezvous with the SS Khepri and get some light weapons for the tri-? The place is rocked with the sudden heavy fire. Everyone was tossed around a bit, but managed to stay relatively in place as they all stood up, knowing that orders were going to be rushed. ?-on Goldwood. Then we?ll fan out from there! Just-? The place lurched again, and tons of soldier drones invaded. ?-Exterminate the pests!? She almost fell face forward onto the table, but managed to make her way toward the doors, pulling out a machine gun. ?Good luck everyone!? She managed to say before the room was engulfed with bugs.

[CENTER]* * * * * * *[/CENTER]

The evil Plough has made his first target the Federation itself instead of taking over individual planets. With a crippled fleet, can a rag band group of trainees, officers, and allies stop the threat to all that is peace? This is our mission. Sign ups will be here for a while. FOREWARNING: possible planet traveling

I will be playing the current federation president. Everyone mentioned above are playable characters, except for Midge and Plough.
You may even be a random tribal if you wish, but may only use a pistol as a hand weapon. However, it is easy to hide behind things and in small places. A knack for throwing things like grenades, mines and cluster bombs comes in handy.
If you choose, you can play as Jeff. However, you?d have to be Magnus also. Jeff uses magic. No weapons.
Just don?t be a bug. That would be...pointless.

[U][B]Signup: [/B][/U] I?m not expecting too much, most info is relatively irrelevant.
Age: (optional)
Race: (human, tribal, other)
Gender: self explanatory
Weapon(s): NOT all of them. Just pick a couple, so that there?s more of a team effort. Limit=pistol + 2 The pistol is a given, you don?t have to put it down.
Looks: A pic or description, either is fine.
Bio/occupation: just a short little snippet on who you are. Doesn?t have to be a life?s story.

[B]Here?s mine for an example:[/B]
[B]Name:[/B] Chara
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Weapons:[/B] Machine gun and Shruikens
[B]Looks:[/B] Her long, grass green hair is always held back in a high ponytail by black cloth, but bangs sometimes get in the way of her crimson eyes. Slender, with tan skin, she wears the standard Jet Force armor (like Vela?s).
[B]Bio/occupation:[/B] The current president of the federation, she decided to take charge and not let another Mizar scare happen as long as she was in charge. Strong willed and calm most of the time, she has a quiet voice, although one that is easily heard. Treats others as equals. [/SIZE]
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