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Alien Versus Predator [M-VL]

Darth Vectis

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[SIZE=1][B]?Mr. Weyland, come here. I think I?ve found something!?[/B] The man said as he had an exciting face on while hovering in front of his laptop.

[B]?What is it John??[/B]
?I think it is the most important find that is in the history of man since 2004!?[/B] John said with great enthusiasm and a huge smile on his face. Mr. Wayland looked over the computer screen trying to figure out what his employee was talking about.

[B]?So, John what are we looking at exactly??[/B] John pointed at the massive red and orange object on his computer screen.

[B]?This is a pyramid, and I have no idea how this could be here either. This is impossibility.?[/B] Weyland looked at him confused and with awe at the same time.

[B]?How is it impossible for it to be here??[/B] John looked at him as if he should know.

[B]?Because there is no indigenous life on this planet. We had to terriform it, in order for us to even be able to live on this place.?[/B] Weyland started off into space. Weyland was old, and getting older. He was at least 59 and coming down with a cancer in his lungs; he saw this as an opportunity to make the Weyland name famous amongst the galaxy. A smile grew on his face.

[B]?This is perfect!?[/B] Weyland said out loud.

[B]?What do you mean??[/B] John asked.

[B]?Don?t you see John? We can make Weyland Corporation the number one robotics company in this galaxy and the next.?[/B]

[B]?I still don?t understand how finding an old temple is going to make us number one in the robotics industry.?[/B] Weyland tapped his 2 fingers on his temple.

[B]?Think John. We will get all or newest models of robotic building equipment. We will need all the news crew you can find to show them how much better our equipment is versus everyone else?s.?[/B] John perked up and grabbed the phone nearest to him and dialed numbers. Mr. Weyland started to head back to his office.

[B]?This is big my friend big.?[/B] He said excitedly as possible.

Three days later and several hours of drilling and camera crews seeing history in action. Mr. Weyland was standing next to a new reporter as his robotics equipment drilled behind him.

[B]?So, Mr. Weyland what is it that you have discovered here today??[/B]

[B]?Well, this is one of the greatest finds in the history of Mankind, directly below us is a temple we spotted three days ago. All my experts say that this is impossible that this temple was build after we got here and terriformed this planet. But with some extensive researching and some hard working astronomers we found this planet was habitable and very possible for any civilization to build on this planet. But what?s more troubling about this temple is that it is build the way humans did thousands of years ago, and not by one type of people, but by three different cultures. And this is the part even I couldn?t believe, because this was created by cultures to primitive for them to have even known about the stars or even the planet. But it seems that it was possible by someone of something else, we don?t have all the details yet but as soon as we do we will tell everyone.?[/B] The reporter stood there a little shocked and in awe.

[B]?Well, that is quite amazing. So what is up with all this new robotics equipment that you have behind us??[/B] Mr. Weyland looked back casually.

[B]?Oh, these are just our newest models of digging equipments, the best in the galaxy I might add.?[/B] Both the reporter and Weyland laughed. Right then the machine stopped and the man operating it called to Mr. Weyland.

[B]?Excuse me I need to see what?s going on.?[/B] Weyland walked over to his employee and talked to him quietly. After a moment he came back the reporter, barely able to contain his great smile.

[B]?Ladies and Gentlemen. I?d like you all to know that we have reached the temple. We are about to go down the tunnel and see this amazing find.?[/B] Everyone on the new crews clapped with excitement.

The Predators flew in there ship towards what was to be their proudest moment, the day they earn their right to wear the mark of adulthood. All the predators on the ship looked different, some looked like the way they use to, others seemed to evolve and change form. Looking more human then before, knowing the human language so they could blend instead of having to cloak. But only 6 Predators would be leaving this ship to adulthood, the others were there to give them last minute tips on how to handle their prey, and they knew their temple would attract the creatures they needed to start their hunt. The Predators didn?t feel bad that they used humans, after all they populated quickly and there were billions of humans all over the galaxy now. Also Predators were more superior then humans, as they thought, but occasionally humans would prove to be their equals and they respected that. Each Predator was from a different tribe so each predator looked and acted differently, each Predator was good at something that the other wasn?t, and all of them were expected to try and kill their own prey and return with a token of its kill and the mark on their helmet and/or face. All 6 Predators loaded up their weapons and prepared for their new journey.

The humans had entered the temple and activated the system for delivering the Predators ultimate prey. By now the Weyland Corp. had discovered most of the temple by now and found the Predators guns and removed them, before the Predators were even in orbit of the planet. But this was all the time the ?Ultimate Prey? needed. The face-hugger eggs had been dispatched and the new alien life-forms were being born, after a few hours and the aliens had been hatched and all the humans had been taken as ?hosts? for more aliens. The Aliens looked different like the Predators; they seemed to have changed as the humans advanced. The aliens could now assume a human looking form, they still had alien attributes, and still looked like aliens but they could mold their body so that they could change into the very things they used to breed.

Just before Mr. Weyland died he had one last thought.

[I]I can?t believe we messed up so badly, we let loose an evil creature that will massacre the people on the surface. I need to get a message out to the people.[/I]

Sadly, he never made it to a working camera before he died from the blood loss from his stomach wound from a spouting alien.

The aliens were loss on the planets surface now, but instead of just grabbing people left and right they found a new home deep in an unexplored cave only 3 miles outside of the major city. Shortly after this murder of humans the Predators showed up ready for battle, only to find that their prey had moved on to somewhere else and the temple lay empty, save for the massive amount of bodies now dead due to the alien breeding. Now the Predators are on the hunt for their prey in order to pass their test and go home to their tribe with honor.[/SIZE]


Tribe Name: (Predators only)

Rank: (Tell me what rank you are if an alien like; Hunter, snatcher, tracker etc.)

Age: (No one should be younger then 25; Predators and aliens live for a long time if they live naturally.)

Appearance: (Predator?s look more human since they have evolved over the centuries but some of them have maintained their old look. Alien?s can shift their body so that they can look human.)

Specialties/Abilities: (Everyone is the best at something in their race. Predators, if you look like the way they use to you are best at two specialties; Human looking Predators can only master one skill but can speak the human language and predator language fluently. Aliens, your good with human weapons in human form and can speak human language as well, but alien form you only good at your natural weapons that are on your body.)

Bio: (Predators, just tell us what lead up to this event and aliens start out as human and tell us how your face-hugger snagged a human.)

I will post my entry after i've seen a few from this. All I can say from here is have fun.
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