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I drew some comics that i'd like to share with you guys. I did most of 'em on paint, but i did the last one on photoshop. Tell me what you guys think of 'em! Oh, and there might be some mature content, mainly blood.






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[SIZE=1]I got a kick out of looking at these. Even my mom chuckled when passing through the room, reading over my shoulder.

I'm surprised at the quality of the faces of the stick figures in certain frames, and I wonder, how long did it take you to do them? It must've taken a bit to figure out what would've been funny. Well, maybe not for you, if you're a naturally humorous person, but for a boring square like me... heh.

So good job. Keep making them.[/SIZE]
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Umm, I'm sorry but I don't find these funny to the least (more like very immature)... And I can't say that I like the style either (I'm at a neverending war against stick figures)... I mean, you could give them at least [I]some[/I] effort before sending them here.

But hey, that's just me. ;P

If you want good advice Attimus, you should keep doing what you do, and you'll become better and better almost automatically. It's clearly visible if one compares the first comic to the last that progress is inevitable. ;D
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Yeh, you're right, i didn't put much time into 'em. But i do think they're funny. It's ok if you don't though. Everybody's got a different sense of humor.

I'm much better on paper, trust me. I did those on paint and one on photoshop. The last one was on photoshop.
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