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Gaming Fire Pro Wrestling series- Your Thoughts.


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When a friend of mine was in America recently he bought back a few games on Game Boy Advance. One of these games was Fire Pro Wrestling 2. He was no good at it and gave me the game as a gift and I must say that I was hooked. So I have decided to create a topic on your thoughts on the Series.

My thoughts

Okay, So the game is not the best looking game on the GBA and the sounds will make you want to tear your ears off but you can get round these problems. What you have left is a wrestling game with a roster of 200 +. Now right now It sounds like I am doing a review of the game (Not so) but I am just pointing out some big things with the game. Gameplay is hit or miss, depending on how patient you are ( Suprising that my GBA works still).

(Will continue)


Those are my thought now how bout yours>
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