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RPG Game Boost [M-LSV]


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[COLOR=SeaGreen]OCC- wow I am so happy I am finally getting one of my story's in the square and again thanks to all the people who signed up for it.

Everyone woke up from falling from the sky. They all had expressions on their faces that said ow that hurt.

"How did we get here and why does it feel like I just got hit with a baseball bat in the back of the head." Garret said looking around at the others.

"What did we get our selves into." Said Colmin in a I don't think I care kind of voice.

"LEVEL ONE" said a weird voice coming from no where.

"Who said that" Said Katie with a stunned expression on her face.

It became really foggy and no one could see each other they all of a sudden they heard a weird screaming noise coming from the distance. and the all heard that they were saying things.

OCC-All right you guys can take over for now[/COLOR]
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"I cant see anything" Gage said
"huh what..." he said a familar voice
"Lorrie!" he shouted running fast he couldnt hear the others anyone anymore except Lorrie
"I found u atlast" he said extending his arms he looks around he suddnely felt the ground slip under him a cliff
"Help!" he shouted Lorries voice still calling he grabbed a tree branch
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OOC: So sorry! I forgot that this went up! Please don't hurt me for my impudence!
- - -

Tyrone was wandering through the fog, hands outstrecthed in case anyone noticed him. Not that anyone could really see through the fog.

"Hello? Is anyone still alive. Preferably a girl. Hot girl. With," Tryone was cut off in his calls for help.

"Shut up you freakin' moron! We are all still alive, so don't finish that sentence."

Tyrone grinned and replied, "I don't care if you're still alive. I want the people who think I'm funny still alive."

"Then why aren't we all dead?"

"Good question!"
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Loki ignored the guy. He wasn't funny at all. The only thing he was being was perverted and annoying. "Hey, women deserve respect so back off" He thought about the girl he was with before she was killed by his brother. Loki cracked his knuckles and looked around then heard someone cry for help. He got down on the ground the fog being thinner there and crawled following the voice. He put one hand in front of the other then suddenly felt air. So he fell off. "Hey where are you?"

"Down here. On a tree branch"

Loki made two large icicles and slowly made his way down stabbing them into the side of the cliff to give him a hold. Everytime he stabbed one in then he would make another one and put it into the cliff face. "Climb on up" He held out his hand as Gage grabbed and started climbing up. Loki followed up after him and sat on the ground when they reached the top. "Name's Loki"


"Why don't you say we find the others?"
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"good idea" gage said smiliing
"What were u doing down there anyways" Loki said
" I could here the voice of the one I came here for and I came running just to find out it was a fake" Gage said laughing
"I also heard what the other person said the crack about women I am a Lechor by heart but still give respect to women" he said he thoght he saw Lorrie he shook his head and thoght it another distraction
"I hate this place" he said
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Loki stood up and began making his way through the fog with Gage behind him. He followed the voices until he came across the group. "Alright so what are we supposed to do now" He frowned a little bit. "And I don't want so funny remark, whoever that was the first time."

OOC: Just trying to get things going
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Katie sat there wondering where everyone could be so she got scared and started to walk around and tried to find the others. she was screaming but they couldn't hear her because they were talking to each other.

"Hello are there any other people here besides me?"she asked

No one answered she felt lost she didn't where she was and she felt like crying.

All of a sudden Garret started to look around and wondering if they were missing someone.Then it happened they heard a scream coming from the front of them. It was coming from Katie.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]OCC-well you guys those are great so far and I again am very thankful you guys signed up.

Garret finally realised who they were missing and they all ran off into the fog towards the scream. They walked around for a while and they still couldn't find Katie but then they heard her scream again and ran towards it.

"Katie Katie are you there where are you?" They were all screaming.

"I don't know where I am but all I know is that I am in a forest and I am being chased by someone so help me." she screamed back

Garret and them were running towards her as they heard her voice and befor you knew it Garret had run right into the trees and very loudly he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Katie was still running and she could here them behind her and she was not paying attention and looking behind her she ran right into loki feeling emmbaraced she backed off and looked away blushing.

"Oh loki sorry I didn't see you there." she said still blushing and looking behind him to see gage being chased by the same people she was being chased by.

"Look out loki." She said grabbing his hand and running with gage on the other side.

Meanwhile Garret, Colmin, and Tyrone were trying their hardest to find the others who had run the other way an soon after they all ran into each other and decided they were going to try and hide from the guys but they had to figure out where they were going to go.[/COLOR]
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Loki stopped and stood his ground. "I'm not running, we don't even know what it is yet." He clenched his fist as a clod mist appeared around them. "Show yourselves" A shape appeared in the fog and Loki raised his fist. Garet and the other two suddenly appeared. Loki stopped himself from smashing in Garet's face. "Your not what was chasing us." He looked around trying to find it.
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