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Sign Up Wait and Bleed [M-VL Possible S]

Box Hoy

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This RP will contain intense scenes of Violence and Language. Sexuality will be a possibility

[CENTER][COLOR=Red][B]Wait & Bleed[/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]

When will I finally find reality. I've spent far too long in this dark neverland. I've waited here for so long believing that there's a way out. I have no idea how to proceed. I've been presented with the choice of going forward and risking my mentality to the darkness of this world or staying here and hoping forever.

There's so much more to this than I can concieve. Every aspect of my life has been put forward and it has created this hell. I must find the answers to these questions.


Welcome to your mind. The thing we think nothing about but without we would die. We fill it with information and than we die. We pollute it with intoxicants for a quick pleasure which we will later regret.
In death our reality becomes a compilation of our experiences in life. Reality becomes whatever we want.
For some it is a pleasent reality filled with joy and a comfortable enviroment without any danger. For others it's only a continuation of their life and how hellish it must have been.
Souls interact in different ways also, both in life and in death. There are crossovers of realitys. Sometimes it turns into a fusion of two realitys.

Those conciousness enough to realize that they are residing in what their mind has created, live their lives in search of the truth...and escape.

Seven different realitys are one. An adventure to seek the truth of reality will ensue across these seven different realitys. When the truth is found what will happen?

Alright so, obviously I need seven people for this rpg. Please, I'm looking for expereinced and mature rpers, so basiclly, unless I approve of you're sign up and you're a New Member to Otakuboards, than forget about it. Other than that count on being added.

I need:
Character Name: (Anything)
Age: (Anything is cool
Description: (Try to be unique)
Background: (Expereinces in life)

Remember that you're character is in a dream reality.
? BoX ?
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