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RPG Worms Armageddon


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Ok, this is like a Battle RPG where you select a character (?????-Worm) and have fights against other people, just like the worms games. You can use weapons from any of the worms games, and you can have a special ability.

Here is the sign up sheet:

Name: Cactuar - Worm
Age (worm years): 14
Special Weapon: Super, Extra, Mega, Giga, Terra, Sheep tosser.

Ok once enough people begin to sign up we can have some battles.
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well, i'm sorry, but i've gotta go, because my little baby brother has to go to sleep. He sleeps in the office. So, I should be on again tomorrow some time. How about we start then. I'll PM you when I get on. ..............well, see ya tomorrow, and sorry .......:sleep: :sleep:

PS. I'll add you to my Kool Dudes list tomorrow......k? :sleep:
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