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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Obviously, this is the Underground thread for [U]Full Metal Alchemist: Corruption's Demise.[/U] You can use this thread to discuss latest posts, the RPG, or suggest ideas for the next post, or plan ideas. Also, use it to ask questions, and clear up confusions.

So, posters and reads alike, have at it! Enjoy the RP.

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Wow. I'm glad I caught this.

Vilearchangemon brought up a valid point in her post; when in the series IS this taking place? Pre episode 25 or Post?

I'm rather curious myself; It would be nice to know what characters we're working with NPC wise at the moment, as well as the events we're workinng with.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Pre Episode 25, for sure.

I suppose that the NPCs would be nearly anyone and everyone that doesn't have a sign-up. This includes the well-known Military members, such as Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, and Maes Hughes. Also, anyone original characters you're willing to make up can be counted as NPCs, as well as members of Corruption's Demise that people haven't signed up as. An example would be like the Head of Communications in Corruption's Demise, and, for the sake of examples, a secretary for the Military.

As for events, I wouldn't be too sure on that. I would think there would be lots of battles. I suppose for Corruption's Demise, there would be meetings at Headquarters (I'll explain the HQ in my next post. I have it planned out, and missions for both sides. Those types of things.

I hope that helps.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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