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Manga Yakitate! Japan

Guest mewlink64

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Guest mewlink64
I used to get Yakitate from Snoopycool.com . Ifanyone knows where I can get it or if there is any licensing info on it. I must buy the Manga. :animestun
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[COLOR=#656446][SIZE=1]It ain't licensed yet (the manga at least)... but I guess this reply's a bit overdue, isn't it?


[i]Yakitate!! Japan[/i] is a manga by Takashi Hashiguchi. It's got 21 volumes to date and an anime series to boot!

[b]What's it about?[/b]
Baking. Yes, baking. A baking manga about a baker named Azuma Kazuma who works in a bakery called Pantasia. From the title alone, readers can tell that it's about baking (and bakers, and bakeries...). "Yakitate!!" (焼きたて!!) can be translated as "Freshly Baked!!", a come-on most often used by bakers to advertise their creations.

[b]What?!? "Freshly-Baked!! Japan"?[/b]
That's right!
...Oh wait. The "Japan" in [i]Yakitate!! Japan[/i] isn't really referring to the country of Japan. Nope, "Japan", spelled as "ジャぱん", is actually a play on words: "Pan"=ぱん=bread. Japan then translates loosely as "Japanese bread", much in the same way Japanese call French Bread "FURANSU-pan" and English Bread "IGIRISU-pan".

...So, other than mewlink64 here and me, has anyone of you read it?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Delta][COLOR=#656446][SIZE=1]It ain't licensed yet (the manga at least)... but I guess this reply's a bit overdue, isn't it?
Actually, the manga HAS been licensed by Viz. Keep your eyes open for it in September.


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Has anybody read [B]Yakitate! Japan[/B] here at the OB?

I hope so, because if not, you're missing out on a hysterical manga about the world of bread making.

If you haven't read it yet, it's basically about a boy named Azuma Kazuma and his dream of being the greatest bread maker in the world using his own line of bread inventions in what he calls [B]Ja-Pan[/B] (Pan meaning "bread" in Japanese).

He enters a tournament sponsored by the famous bread-company, Pantasia, in hopes of battling the greatest bread-artisans and climbing the ladder in order to make his Ja-pan well known across the world.

This manga is so amazing, you'd think it was just a heart-warming story about a boy and his dreams, but it's so much more chaotic and dramatic than that.

Also, you learn many things about bread-making, some techniques, science and it even teaches you how to make the bread that some of the characters use!

Every time I read the latest chapter of [B]Yakitake! Japan[/B], it always astounds me at how the characters come up with such amazing recipes and techniques that make me see bread in a whole new fashion.

I, too, have made all kinds of bread since reading this. I've made Melon Bread, which is simply amazing and made myself confident in the cooking area. I always want to bake a new bread and convince myself that I can also put my mind to anything.

[B]Yakitate! Japan[/B], in general, is a great manga that teaches you to overcome your hurdles and says that things aren't always easy, but you should always look forward to your dream.

Anybody else have any feelings? Bread-making they want to share? Pictures of the bread? Things they learned?

Please discuss it here.

Also, I'm a freak for bread now. Before I even read the manga, I've always loved bread. But now, I'm a bread freak. And want to be a baker, lol.

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