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Akieen Cloud

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Bodies littered the ground as Gabrielle was looking out amoung them. The battle between Heaven and Hell had finally spread to Earth. Gabrielle slowly began to walk amoung the dead trying not to disturb them. Amoung the angels and demons were humans, humans who had been possessed by lower demons not physically strong enough to pass through hells gate. More humans who sided with Heaven, over religious humans, or humans with powers who sensed that this one battle meant the war for Earth had begun. Same as angels the humans were young and old, Gabrielle paid her respect to a young girl that had black roots going through her skin. No older then ten and possessed. Her hand tightened on the sword in hr hand, the blade of seven souls, this is what she hated from these battles innocent casualties. She kept walking through the bodies seeing the wings of angels broken and standing from their backs at unnatural angles. Her heart sank lower and lower the more she walked, so far none had survived. She herself had not walked away unscathed. Her wings were tainted black with the blood of demons, the red blood of possessed humans, and grey from the smoke from the fires of hell. Her wounds were turning black and red from the cursed blades of the demons, her garments were ripped and her face mask and helmet were craked. She glanced up for an instant and had to look back down as her foot struck a body. She looked away from the body and held in her bile. Looking back she stuck the sword into the ground abd dropped to her knees. The young angel infront of her was barely recognizable. She took off her mask and helmet, her long blonde hair falling down her back and over her shoulders, her bluse/violet eyes clouded by unshed tears, her lips pale and quivering. Her tears fell silently. Her hands trembled as she touched the young angels forehead. If she hadn't seen the pendant around his neck she never would have known. Here lay her younger brother, Alexander. His body was mutilated. The demons had feasted on his young body, from the looks of the wounds, they were eattign him alive. The bites were jagged and ugly as if a struggle was taking place. His eyes blue and unseeing were open, his face full of pain. she took his hands and folded them across his heart and closed his eyes in a peaceful manner. She stood and took up her sword again, she could not take the dead from this unholy ground, they were cursed, no soul could find salvation or be saved. She continued looking for survivors but to no avial, there were none. She walked slowly over the ridge and stopped, her eyes widened as she took in the city, destroyed and crumbling to the ground. She looked around and blinked as she saw the scorch marks against the pavement and buildings. the fire was not demon fire but that of heaven's angel Raphael. Hope sprung up into her heart, Rapghael and Gabrielle had begun the battle side by side and then got seperated, she hoped he was alive. She watched carefully as she went through the town, looking for any movement. She continued her search for life and finally came across some, but none that she wanted. Demons, 2 and a possessed human, they were carrieing the body of an angel, the sixth high angel...Janzel. From the looks of her she was alive. she followed them and saw a scene that made her almost vomit. All the other angels save from herself and Alexander were hangin in a circle by what looked like barbed wire wrapped around their wrists and ankles. She serched for a particualr angel and didnt see his wings amoung the others there. She waited till they had Janzel tied above with the others and moved down to them, they were all somewhat unconsious. She spotted Raphael and ran over and began to release him, he opened his eyes and looked at her, she motioned for him to stay silent and he nodded leaning in and whispering in her ear, she listened on and off as she worked on his bonds. she got him down gently to the ground and helped him work his dark red wings out and then went to Janzel, the blind angel of water, Raphael worked on Astaroth. Both fell to the ground unconsious. Janzel's blue wings were plucked in spots while Astaroth's were completely ruined and broken.Raphael tended to Janzel and Astaroth as Gabrielle went to Sevotharte and realesed him his purple wings broken as well. She sighed as she saw he was breathing, so far the only one they had lost was Alexander. She walked around and nearly screamed as she spotted her lover, Michael the arch angel was hanging his wings pulled back so they were unseen and his wrists bound tightly so he bled most. She untied him and looked at his face, it was etched in pain, something didn't feel right to her all of a sudden and suddenly Raphael's words made sense.
"Black wings...."
Michael's eyes snapped open and his wings flew open flinging her back and to the ground. Gabrielle could only watch in horror as Micahel grabed his sword and advanced on Raphael and Janzel. She screamed with Raphael as Micahel sliced him through. He went from angel to angel dispossing them then he turned on Gabrielle. As he moved to her his black wings began to molt and then they were no longer a beautiful ebony, but nothing but bone and death. She shivered as she looked up at his eyes and saw blood lust. He took measured steps towards her, he reached out to touch her cheek and a wicked smile appered on his face. She felt his hand on her cheek and instictively leaned into it. The smell of blood made her came back to the present. Suddenly she felt his blade bite into her stomach and he pulled her close shoving it the rest of the way through her body. He ran a hand over her hair staining it red with blood and kissed her forehead as she died. He put her with the others and nodded as the demons carried Alexander's body to the rest of the Seven angels as well. Michael lay down and slit his wrists, he took Gabrielle's hand and looked to the sky his eyes clouding over with death.
"May the seven High angels be reborn on Earth to find the each other and turn against the holy grail and finally release the race of humans from their taken beliefes. Let us be the ones to free them."
He smiled as the sky turned black and angry as the holy grail realized wht Michael was up to, to show the truth behind the beliefes of humans, to show them that what they believe in is all fake and made up, that it is just a made up place and that they were actually slaves to the holy grail to be called upon at anytime. Rain began to fall from the clouds as Michael's life fadded and he too died. And so the seven high angels passed to the other life and waited to be reborn and live again as humans .
Twenty years later a young girl is born with bright blonde hair and blue/violet eyes, her name was Alexia. Gabrielle' reincarnation. Now in highschool she has a feeling that her life, her exsistance has more meaning than she wants to believe. Weird things keep happening, freak fires and flashes of light, thunderstorms and earthquakes. And her nightmares keep getting worse as well. Death, destruction, and a handsome young man with ebony black wings. Unknowingly to her other are out there just like her, only sox others. Finding each other means that the war for earth will begin agian, but not finding each other means Hell takes over without anyone ever knowing.



Name:Alexia Johnson
Gender: Female
Personality: Wise beyond her age Alexia is a sweet person. Gentle and understanding, strong willed and mildly outgoing.
Discription:[URL=http://www.uk-anime.net/images/girl3.gif]Give her blonde hair[/URL]
Angel: Gabrielle
Element: Light

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Name: Roland Sparks
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Can have a wicked heart when it comes to punishment, but usually is kind to most people.
Discription: [URL=http://yoyo.its.monash.edu.au/groups/macc/img/raven3small.jpg]ignore the crow thingy[/URL]
Angel: Michael
Element: Darkness
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Name: Raz Crichton

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Quiet, analytical, and a bit of a scholar at heart. He's the sort who can one moment say that religion is for the weak, and the next go around quoting the musical 'Godspell'.

Description: [URL=http://animepa.csusm.edu/galleries/T-Z/WildAdapter/sm/freeze.jpg]Don't mind the text at the bottom.[/URL]

Angel: None--named after the angel Raziel as part of a family tradition.

Element: None

(OOC: Don't worry--I talked it over with Lyuann-San)
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Name:Lain Chrys



Personality:Can be hot headed and loves to rush into things.She can be queit at times and never speaks from her heart.She just opens her mouth with out thinking and it gets her into trouble.She is stubborn and doesnot like people to call her 'Lys' for some reason.



Description:hang on...
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