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RPG Nassel School M[V,L,S]

Blaze Girl

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[COLOR=Blue]Here we go.
Axel stood up from the table. Grabing his back pack from the floor, he turened to face Ichigo.
"Well I have to figure out what to do about this disapering thing. Just try not to draw any attetion to yourself."
She nodded. He turned and headed out of the lunch room to his hand combat class. In a few short months the the class had gotten to be half the size it was when the year had started.

OOC: Ok to start out just be in a class or at lunch. We will meet up after everyone posts and i get a little more background on the school up. [/COLOR]
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Ichigo watched as Axel walked away.She streatched and stood up,fixing her courier bag around her shoulder.Her eyes glanced across the crowded lunch room. People were laughing and having a good time...not realizing the great problems that lie in the school.

"Axel,I'll try to not draw attention...but that will be hard for me."She whispered as she walked slowly down the asile.

OOC:Okay,there's mine!!this is going to be so cool!! :D
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Miho yawned a bit as she walked slowly down the hall. She didnt exactly have to be in class just yet but she also never ate lunch much so she was just wandering. She looked around and stretched her arms behind her back. She heard others rushing to lunch or class.

"Hmm." She sighed as she walked into a classroom, "Well I might as well uncharge."

This was a term she used often. Over the activities of the day she would gather energy that sometimes would build up to much and either cause pain or make a little moody soin her free time she tried to relieve herself of unwanted energy.

She sat at her desk in the back of her elemental class that hadnt started yet. She stretched both hands out in front of her with both palms facing each other. She watched the area between her hands and then pointed both index fingers towards each other but did not touch.

She continued to watch and sparks began to fly from the finger tips. A bright yellow and blue stream of electricity flowed between both fingers and she slowly pulled her hands farther apart. The energy was being focused into a ball in the area between her hands. She tossed it back and forth carefully, very careful not to drop it, and then closed her hands over it. The tighter she closed her hands the smaller the ball got. Soon it was gone again.

"That is better..." She stated yawning again more out of boredom than anything else. As she played "catch" with the energy random energy that she didnt need was lost and now she felt better. She was ready for the class.

She layed her head down on her hands and closed her eyes. It was only a matter of time before it started.
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[color=indigo]There sat Mira, perfectly still and staring intently at a classmate. This particular classmate was a girl who just last week called Mira a "mindfreak". It was getting towards the end of her psychology class, and most students were finishing their classwork. However, Mira was the first to finish and was now enjoying the free time. The girl she was staring at, though, gave up on the work and was talking to her friend as quietly as possible. The teacher was too busy correcting essays to hear. There was almost a silence in the classroom, except for inaudible mutterings and the scratching of pencil on paper.

But the ice was broken.

"I love Professor Gilbred! He's the cutest, cutest guy I ever met and I wanna marry him and have kids and everything! Wheee!" The girl blurted this out with much exctement. After a brief silence, the whole class laughed, and the teacher looked up, puzzled. But a few seconds later, the girl wondered why everyone was laughing at her.
"What? Did my skirt fall down or something?"

A few moments later, the lunch bell rang above all the laughter. All the students started heading out the classroom, except Mira and the girl from earlier. The girl tried to talk to her friend on the way out, but the friend just said "Weirdo" and ignored her after that. The girl then seemed totally lost and stomped out of the classroom.
"Mira, why are you still here?" called the teacher, which was the Professor Gilbred the girl had talked about. "Didn't you hear the bell ring?" The teacher's cheeks were still red from the girl's blurting.
"You know how I feel about going out. I don't have any friends or anything to hang out with, and plus I do like to contemplate certain things after class..."
"What's on your mind now?"
"All the disappearing students. And speaking of mind, I keep wondering if they were mind-controlled to go somewhere and never return... amazing how that works, doing something against your will. Just like I..." Mira covered her mouth and put her head down.

"Well," said the teacher in a humorous tone, "that was quite a speech coming from Tamara today, wasn't it?"
Mira said nothing and smiled.
[i]It was quite a speech all right. Wow, what an interesting year this has been! The three new classes I'm taking... how exciting! I see that I'm learning the subject matter of one quite well, that's for sure. Heh, at the rate I'm going, I'll be bending spoons by next week! Eh, maybe that's an exaggeration... but that would be nice wouldn't it? Electric eels use modified muscles to produce electric charge--do the same to brain cells and what do you get? Heh, interesting.[/i]

Mira's contemplations continued throughout the period--she would not move again until the next bell rang and she was off to her next class, Neurology.[/color]
Typical first post always has the character use any powers or skills that he/she has... :animeswea
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[COLOR=Blue]I am very sorry for the dely my parents freacked at me for something so iwas not able to get on

Axel was paired up with some random student in his class. It didn't take long knock the kid to the ground. He went and sta agenest the wall and watched the other students fight. HE looked up at the teacher who was talking to a new person that had been seen around the school, Mostly with the teachers.

"How are we going cover up the latest death, it wasen't loke it was a student this time it was a teacher."

"I know I know just tell your boss that the next batch of students should be good to go soon."

"He is not going to be happy we need more fighters and- we will finush talking later."

The man quickly walked out of the room. Axel's teacher Mr. Mans seemed last in his train of thought.

OOC:Again i am very very very very :animedepr :animedepr sorry for the dely in my posting.[/COLOR]
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