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Sign Up The Secret World of Deception [M-LVS]


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[SIZE=1][CENTER][B][U]The Secret World of Deception.[/U]

[SIZE=1]The world is riddled with lies and deception, they happen everyday, they happen to everyone. Everyone lies, deceives and keep secrets from other people, it?s human nature. Lies and secrets are there for a second reason: to be found out by the smarter human beings out there (or the down-right lucky bastards). It?s not long until all the secrets are found out, only time can keep them hidden. Time, and another force in the world, that specialises in keeping secrets.

[B]H.O.S.S[/B], hired by the Government, the UN, the whole world in general, actually. Several years ago H.O.S.S was created by a group of hackers and smart-a** teenagers who kept their group a secret and instead figured out other people?s secrets. At first it was just small things, but it grew and grew. H.O.S.S began to uncover some secrets they weren?t supposed to uncover; secrets the British Government had been keeping from Britain. H.O.S.S was full of geniuses and wise-a**es, so they covered their tracks, and the Government never knew that they knew. It wasn?t long until this group of teenage smart guys turned into professional wise a**es owning a professional organisation. They uncovered secrets across the globe, from Vampire Chronicles to the Illuminati, the Egyptian Gods and Easter Island. Ironically, the people who kept these secrets from the world had no idea that H.O.S.S knew anything, or that is even existed. H.O.S.S, however, did know, and had many plans; they could become rich, they could bribe the Governments for money, they could do anything...

But when things began to leek out into the world H.O.S.S was no longer a secret. They intended to release more of the hidden secrets and facts unless they were paid. Members of H.O.S.S could become rich and still keep their organisation a secret, they could bribe the world leaders forever, it was a matter of fact that none of the Government was smart enough to hide away their secrets forever. It was only moments before H.O.S.S was about to reveal their ingenious plan when they were suddenly offered a position in the British Government, a position that put H.O.S.S in charge of all the secrets and deceptions being kept away from the world. H.O.S.S agreed, with the a few small changes: for one, they were given all the money they needed to run experiments on alien technology recovered from the hidden crash sites, for two they were in charge of all secrets across the entire world and the Governments weren?t allowed to know half what they knew, and their third and final request was that H.O.S.S had a license to kill without asking permission. All these things came true and H.O.S.S became the richest, smartest and biggest secret society around.

From their island in the Atlantic Ocean, H.O.S.S controlled almost everything. They owned the Internet, they owned the Oil Supplies and they invented Broadband from a crashed alien ship. H.O.S.S was virtually unknown to even the highest people in the Governments; after they were hired all new presidents were denied any information on H.O.S.S, it was safeguard to keep them a secret. Some of the things H.O.S.S knew about were amazing; there was a whole world of deception out there, waiting to be discovered by anyone who could get past the superior scientist in H.O.S.S. Occasionally, some smart-a** teenager (or down-right lucky bastard) would find a trail to one of H.O.S.S?s secrets, and they would follow. H.O.S.S would keep a tab on their lucky man until they were minutes away from discovering the secret, then H.O.S.S would send one of their cronies to give the wise-a** secret finder two choices: join H.O.S.S, or die. There was no other choice.

H.O.S.S had technology people never thought possible, millions of gadgets, and they needed to test them, so they did. But some of these ?gadgets? were alien and effected the environment in ways humans couldn?t even begin think of. In 2005, the increased of freak whether activity and an upraise in natural disasters made it clear that it wasn?t just humanity that was causing the world to revolt; it was H.O.S.S?s technology more than anything. Fortunately, H.O.S.S was a big, strong organisation; they could afford anything except their secret being revealed, so they came up with a solution. What was that solution? [B]Agronites[/B].

Agronites: a word from an alien language found in a crashed ship?s database, deprived from [I]Aroganinite[/I], meaning The Hired, because Agronites were not members of H.O.S.S. The great big liar of an organisation had the idea that they could use the technology to stop natural disasters and rat out all the people knowing things they shouldn?t know. They figured they could keep up with the use of their technology; even things out, do one good deed for every bad deed they did. It was easy for H.O.S.S. They launched the Agronites project and, for the first time in decades, H.O.S.S recruited people. The new recruits were given military training, they were trained to use the technology and when they were ready the Agronites began the first stage of their mission in 2007.

The first stage was to rid the world of all those who had found out about what H.O.S.S had been hiding; recruiting people if they were smart enough was no longer an option. H.O.S.S, once again, had everything under control. Or so they thought...

Humanity?s unpredictable nature got the best of H.O.S.S. People were getting smarter, wiser, and the natural disasters were getting worse. People were going to find out; there simply weren?t enough people in H.O.S.S to deal with it all. So, in 2008, H.O.S.S re-launched the Agronites project... this time with much more planning put into the matter. H.O.S.S began the newly re-launched project by giving the older Agronites more technology, technology that made some of them look non-human. Their whole bodies were armoured with this technology and it was all inspired by comic books. H.O.S.S had created the equivalent of Super Heroes. And, to complete the project, they began to recruit more members... this time they gathered both brains and bronze.

Stronger, faster and more athletic personnel were required to operate some of the more advanced technology (or suits, if you prefer). People were gathered all over the world to join H.O.S.S in keeping secrets, and saving people (if you could call it that). An Agronites duty was not to save lives, though, it was to keep secrets secret. Any Agronite that is discovered by the public lost all their memories and was left on a street somewhere, or in the worse offences, killed. Agronites were amazing humans, they could make the comic books come true and be out there saving people... but they had to keep it a secret...

Then again, all secrets were made to be broken.

You are about to enter a world of deception, secrets, lies and adventure. The world of an Agronite contains some of the most fantastic things in creation: Vampire Chronicles, defeating the upraise of the Illuminati, stopping volcanoes from launching the nearest city into space because of sheer force, uncovering the secrets that lye buried in Egypt and among other things that the outside world just isn?t prepared to face. Technology is powerful... but can is withstand the greatest enemy of H.O.S.S? Time is its enemy. Secrets are always revealed... it just takes time...

I?m back ? with an RPG. There isn?t a lot of explain in this thread, but I will be giving some more detail in an Underground thread, mostly on the chapter systems and how the RPG will play out. Yes, it will be somewhat like a super hero RPG... only you?re not born with these powers, in fact, you don?t even have powers (unless the technology you wield gives you powers, that, of course, is an exception), you just have technology that allows you to look, act, and even feel like a hero. The whole point of this RPG will be the characters going through a series of missions, all dangerous, and their main aim will be to keep the secrets they vowed to keep. Though it?s not very interesting if the public always end up not knowing about the crazy things the Agronites go through, is it? Well, that?s why the RPG?s going to be an adventure... missions just don?t stop when the chapter ends.

The missions will mostly be minor, except for the big plot, which will be a few chapters long and dotted out in different parts of the RPG. The characters won?t be going on missions on the very first chapters, I want to play this like a timeline, so the first few chapters will be concentrating on our characters becoming Agronites, all the way up until the end. I?m not sure how many people I want for this RPG, but I will post an Underground thread as soon as I have a few sign-up?s indicating what I want.

As far as character?s go I?m looking for people who can make a character with... well, character. Someone that?s not from any Anime or whatever, I?d like to see people using they?re imagination and not copying off TV. Quality is also necessary; I?m not too worried about the length, just as long as it?s a good sign-up. Keep in mind that not all fourteen page biographies are going to be better than the two paragraph ones, in fact, I don?t even care if you biography isn?t formatted like normal biographies. Like I said, use your imagination.

Speaking of sign-up?s...

[B]Code Name:[/B]
[B]Former Occupation:[/B]
[B]Given Technology:[/B] Be creative on this. What would an ultra-rich, alien-technology-rich company give your character? Remember, Argonite?s were inspired by superheroes, think along those lines if you must.
[B]Argonite Appearance:[/B]
[B]Normal Appearance:[/B]
[B]Biography:[/B] Be creative, as well. If you?re struggling then I can send you some information about H.O.S.S. and whatnot beforehand.

[B]Name:[/B] Robert Hunter

[B]Code Name:[/B] Anubis

[B]Age:[/B] 35

[B]Former Occupation:[/B] Robert was an Olympic gymnast for five years but he quit that career and focused his time investigating artefacts which turned into a profession when he was twenty. He was an archaeologies for the rest of his life up until his brief fling with H.O.S.S.. Robert is known for his favouritism and obsession with Egyptian artefacts, mostly Anubis (hence the codename).

[B]Given Technology:[/B] Robert is not a fighter, he?s not a killer, and he?s not a well-trained military expert, but he was an acrobat for some time. His whole suit is made of an alien metal called Morphodium, a material that can morph in density, shape and size if manipulated rightly. Robert?s suit can change into three different forms: the first is a flexible black suit which is almost like a thick rubber. It?s very strong and can only crack if hit by something very hard (after all, it is a type of metal). In this first type there are small golden lines on parts of the material for the next few stages. The second form is also inspired by Robert?s Anubis obsession. The golden strips expand into an armour type of metal over the black suit that is slightly stronger than the first stage. The third stage is purely intimidation; it?s impossible to do any aerobics in it. Robert hardly uses the third stage, since he doesn?t fight he has little need for it, but a punch in the third suit can be totally devastating. The strength of the third suit is stronger than titanium, but movement is limited. (See Argonite Appearance for more details)

[B]Abilities:[/B] Robert was once in the Olympics, for his acrobatic skills for five years so his skills in that department are admiral. Though that wasn?t all H.O.S.S. wanted him for. Robert is a smart and witty man who can grab the situation and come up with answers. He?s a sort of detective and has researched many things over the Internet, thus leading to his interest in archaeology. Robert has a quick wit about him, he?s very smart and almost up to genius standards, but not quite there yet.

[B]Argonite Appearance:[/B] (I?m afraid you?ll all have to be patient while I get these finished. May take a few days or so, sorry)

[B]Normal Appearance:[/B] A relatively tall man, about 6'1" with dark brown hair, normally quite messy or uncombed (why on Earth should a man with no visits to his house have his hair neat?). He normally has a young, boyish grin spread across his face, or something close to that. Robert has quite a good build, no explanation needed from where that?s from, it?s common sense. His eyes are a deep blue colour, quite a light blue, almost artic blue. Though quite an ?old fashioned? young man, Robert appears to be lay-back, irresponsible, and always trying to look stylish. That isn?t how Robert intends to portray himself (if you?d like a more detailed description, search David Tennant on the Internet. He?d look pretty much like my character).

[B]Personality:[/B] A quick witted, smart-mouthed, cheeky and insulting son of a bi*** are probably the best words to describe Robert. He may have been brought up to be a gentlemen; nowadays Robert isn?t quite there yet, like his intelligence nearing the stage of genius. He says what he thinks and doesn?t worry if it comes out wrong or he was rude, he just tells people what he thinks and that?s that. Robert isn?t a modern person, he?s quite classy and seems to be stuck in the past more than the future, even though the organisation he?s involved with is about a hundred years ago of modern society. Because of this he has a charm about him, a sort of mysterious feel mixed with his classy style.

Another think about Robert is his obsession with keeping fit. He does laps around his house every day and refuses to eat fatty foods. Robert lives in a mansion, he inherited his father?s fortune and makes money off the songs his father wrote, so it?s only natural he doesn?t see from normal people?s point of view. Robert wasn?t really too keen on becoming a professional acrobat, he didn?t need any money and intended to live his life with no intentions, but curiosity got the best of him. His interest in artefacts comes from his house and the things left behind in the old building, and the lack of things to do after ?quitting? his other career. Robert also did an awful lot of research to pass the time on random things, and he?s naturally good at English, which helps with his witty remarks.

Robert has never had a girlfriend since high school. He didn?t go to college and didn?t see the point. When his father died he lived on his own and never dated anyone, he wanted to keep his freedom mostly, having no one to share with was a wonder for him. Though he was pretty confident about his skills in dating... which hadn?t been used since high school.


[I]3:00am. Everyone was asleep at that time. Who wanted to be awake at 3:00am? Apparently, Robert Hunter wanted to be. It wasn?t a matter of wanting; actually, it was a matter of getting his research finished on time. For hours now he had been collecting information on Anubis, the Egyptian god, off the Internet and from his books. He would sleep when he was done, but the coffee wasn?t helping keeping him awake. Funny. He didn?t like the stuff, anyway.

The large study was illuminated by a bright blue-ish light, flashing across the wooden tables at the other end of the room and reflecting off the varnish. Origins of this blue light was coming from a relatively large computer packed into the corner on a very large wooden desk, humming away and flashing as the user scrolled down the web pages in frustration. There were numerous books and papers pilled up beside the computer monitor, accompanied by a large number of half-empty mugs and a puddle of black coffee below them which had been ignored for a few hours. Tapping the desk impatiently was a fairly tall figure who didn?t look so tall sulking in his chair. Dark brown hair was in a messy condition, matted against his forehead and sticking up in all directions on his head. The colour of his hair matched his brown bed robe; unfortunately, Robert wasn?t going to bed anytime soon.

Then, suddenly, the phone rang, and it made Robert sit up straight and snap out of his moody trance. He stared momentarily at the phone, raised an eyebrow, and decided to pick it up and see who the hell was calling at 3:00am.

He picked up the receiver and yawned. ?Hello...??

?Is this Robert Hunter speaking?? an eerie voice replied at the other end.

Robert, moderately annoyed by the phone call and now even more annoyed by the caller?s lack of intelligence, spoke what he thought. ?No, it?s Tony Blair, faggort.? Normally, he wouldn?t have sworn, but he was in a bad mood.

?There is no need for the language, sir. Are you Mr Hunter, or are you not?? snarled the voice.

?Yes, I am. What can I do for you, kind sir?? Robert retorted sarcastically.

?I would like to discuss you findings in Egypt. Preferably the Anubis head you found in the deserts. I assume you searched your findings out on the Internet??

?Yes, I did. And no, we?re not discussing my findings. Whoever told you about them... well, forget it. Forget you ever knew about the metal I found, because I?m not giving it up to anyone, I found it and I?ll keep it. Who knows, it might even be fun to have some kind of weird Government organisation calling me up every day trying to buy it off me thinking it?s alien technology or something. Call me back when I?m half awake.? Robert was about to put the phone down, the man continued.

?That?s ironic, Mr Hunter, I work for the Government.?

Robert, uninterested, put the phone down without any further conversation. He went back to his Internet search, taking a quick glance at the cabinet to his right, just beside the desk. There in the glass was the reflection of the blue computer screen and, on the middle shelf, surrounded by lumps of greyish metal, was the dog head of Anubis, with glowing red diamond slits for eyes. It was quite daunting having it beside him...

He turned back to the web page and cursed under his breath. ?So unreliable...? he rubbed his eyes, grumbled some more, and clicked his mouse rapidly. Damn, it had froze.

All of a sudden the computer flashed off, startling Robert when the darkness flushed over his study. He sighed, tapped the keyboard, but got no response. It seemed to have been a power cut, which was scary in a mansion the size his was. Or, perhaps, it was just the computer. He wanted to be sure, so he picked up the phone.

?I?m sorry about that, don?t worry, your computer isn?t broken, just on... standby...? the same voice said after a few moments of deep breathing.

?Oh. Are you stood outside my house with a knife? If you want the Anubis head then you can have it, I think I know enough about it anyway, and I won?t tell anyone, you have my word.? Robert was coming to the conclusion the man did work for the Government, and he didn?t want to get involved with the Government. ?Look, whatever you want you can have, just...?

?We want you, Mr Hunter. People like you are just what our organisation needs.?

Robert bit his lip. ?And what organisation would that be?? he tried to be calm, his voice betrayed him.

?Really, Mr Hunter, I?m disappointed. Surely you should know that I wouldn?t dare reveal such a thing over the phone... but, a simple mistake. We need to talk in person. Come, come over to the window.?

An icy chill ran up Robert?s spine. He turned his attention to the window, which was barely visible in the lack of light. It was lucky his phone was cordless. Slowly, Robert got up and stalked over to the window, looking round it as if peering through a door. He stopped when seeing a dark silhouette stood leaning against the swaying oak tree in the garden, looking relaxed, yet tense. Robert came into view at the window, and gulped.

?Good morning, Mr Hunter.? The figure hissed through the phone. The silhouette titled his hat and nodded over in Robert?s position politely. Robert, frankly, was gob smacked at what he was hearing and seeing. He now officially hated the Government.

?Erm... mind if I get dressed??[/I]

Robert Hunter, a man of few talents and many words. He inherited his father?s fortune and still gets money from the songs his father wrote, so Robert didn?t need any ambitions. He worked his way through school with less than enough care, sailing right through his English, Religion, Maths and Tech? exams. He grew up in England all his life and is currently living in Yorkshire, despite growing up in Manchester. Robert was good at gymnastics in school, and even though he was constantly teased because of it that didn?t stop him (Robert didn?t mind the teasing as long as they didn?t hit him. They never did, he was friends with one of the school?s roughest lad). Robert went on to college but didn?t bother with University, by this time he was already deep into his career as an acrobat, University was out of the question, really.

All his life Robert Hunter looked the same, only younger. He was never a spotty teenager, he was never a geek, or a women?s person. Robert didn?t ask girls out, he didn?t really talk to many of them, he just waited until someone asked him and then he?d say yes or no (no wouldn?t be no, it would be something insulting and cruel). His last girlfriend was in college, when Robert was in the Olympics (on time only, he failed miserably and said he was quitting) he had to dump his girlfriend. Failing wasn?t too much of a bother for Robert, he just bought himself a house with his lot of money and got on with his life with no need to ever have a goal. Fortunately he didn?t like being born.

His interest in archaeology came from his house... which was old, very old. At this stage Robert had no friends, he didn?t like drowning his sorrows (or wealth) in the pub, he didn?t like browsing the Internet for hours on end or watching TV, he just liked doing things. He picked up some techniques from books on archaeology, all of which he was ready to use on his trip to Egypt. He had never really been anywhere else other than England, Egypt seemed like a nice place for Robert to start. But little did he know that what lay resting in Egypt was going to change his life forever.

Only a few weeks after arriving Robert uncovered a metal Anubis head. He found it strange that the head was metal instead of stone, but it seemed to have been hidden for a long time. Robert did further research on his findings and still the same conclusion came: metal. Though what Robert didn?t do was keep a close eye on his artefact at night time. The metal head was made by an alien race (Robert later discovers the aliens have no name for their race and are from a planet called Antares which is somewhere near Proxima Centauri, the exact location of Antares is a secret) who managed to somehow get themselves involved in Egyptian legacy. After working overnight for weeks on end Robert had a full story: the members of Antares had connections with one of the Egyptian kings and, because of that, they paid frequent visits to their friend. Many people saw the creatures, thus was the God of the Dead creator (later to be demoted, as far as Robert knew). The Anubis head Robert had found was an earlier version of the aliens, made form their metal and, possibly, by the visitors themselves.

Of course, everything Robert had found out took a long time to put together and was mostly trash he found off the Internet. None of it was likely to be true. Then again, there was the point of the artefact at night. Under the moonlight (any light that is similar to the moon, in fact) the Anubis head becomes somewhat alive. The ruby eyes flare to life and the metal itself becomes alive, when touched, for example, it sends a wave of energy through one?s body and into the mind. Robert happened to touch the artefact in curiosity when it lit up, but he pulled away before he could learn more. The Anubis head he owns contains more then ancient alien technology; it contained memories, memories of the Antares people and their time of Earth, a race that Robert know believes is dead.

He, like always, researched what and happened and found little comparison. Robert began to believe it was all in his head, he would have, if H.O.S.S. didn?t drop by to say hello.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]Name[/b]: Alistair Woods
[b]Code Name[/b]:Fang
[b]Former Occupation[/b]:Student
[b]Given Technology[/b]: Reflex enhancer (broke by overuse)
[b]Abilities[/b]: Enhanced Reflexs, Strength, Blood drain/lust
[b]Argonite Appearance[/b]: Long black hair, Black helmet with his reddish-brown eyes and mouth showing, a baggy long sleeved black T-shirt with black leather gloves holding the end of the sleeved tightly, a balck belt, baggy black pants with black army boots.
[b]Normal Appearance[/b]: black jacket, white t-shirt, dark blue pants and black trainers.He has a scar on his lower chest, he's about 6'2ft and weighs about 180lbs.
[b]Personality[/b]: He's very arrogant, he over estimates himself and never accepts help, he thinks he can handle things on his own.He gets involved in other people's problems but doesn't let them get involved in his problems.
He's foolhardy but battlewise, He will always rush into battle headfirst but will always think of a plan during battle, he's brave because he definately not stupid.
[b]Biography[/b]:It all started in his teenage years, he was fourteen and in school, some kids had been hassling one of his friends and they were too scared to stick up for themselves knowing that one of them had a knife, seeing his friend being treated like that Alistair stepped in and ended up in a fight between him and three of them, he was older than them so it was easy to defend himself, he rushed one and bull-rushed him to the floor and hit him once in the face, he didn't actually want to hurt them, he pushed his feet forward and jumped up, one the other kids hit him in the back, he stumbled as he nearly tripped. He span round and stood ready, one approached and swung a fist, he was quick enough to grab their hand, he twisted their wrist and threw them to the ground as he looked back he saw that the other one had a blade in his. Alistair was off-balance as the boy thrusted forward, he slipped and fell into the blade, blood went everywhere. Alisatir fell to the floor and screamed for the help, the three little bastards fled while Alisatair's friend went for help.
By the time someone got there, there was a big puddle of blood surrounding Alistair and he was unconsious, they tried to stop the bleeding but Alistair was suffering from haemophelia, a rare blood disease where you don't stop bleeding. One of the teachers, a friend of the family, rushed Alistair to the hospital, knowing of his condition, by the time he got there, he had lost a lot of blood, as the techer carried him into the hospital, he saw a man dying, but what was strange about this man was he had black veins and was regurgitating a black liquid, when someone saw Alistair they got him a bed immediately and got his wound stitched up but he needed a blood transfusion, when they checked his blood they saw he had an extremely rare blood type, theyu then found that there was a perfect doner for the blood, the man that had just recently died. Unknowingly they gave Alistair tainted vampiric blood, it was tainted by a strange wolf creatures blood, it killed the vampire but when given to Alistair, a human, it had a strange effect, it formed a strange new clan, the blood of the wolf creature had stopped any diseases he had as a human including his Haemophelia which could only be temporarily cured for about 12 hours after he has fed on blood.
In the few days he was in hospital H.O.S.S had learned of him, one day a young man entered the hospital, he talked to someone working at the hospital and then aproached Alistair he talked to him for a while and then showed him a strange device, he passed it Alistair, Alistair was confused as to what it was until the man then pressed a button, Alistair swiftly fell into a slumber. Alistair woke up in a chair, behind a glass screen, he heard a voice... it was the man from the hospital.
" Alistair Woods, do you what you are?" The man asked.
"Of course, I'm something called a human what are you?"He answered sarcasticely(Don't know if it's spelt right)
"Wrong, Alistair, you're a vampire." The man said.
"No, I'm not." Alistair replied.
"Wrong again, now try and break out of the restraints." He commanded.
"Why?" Alistair question.
"Just do it!!" he shouted.
Alistair dived up ripped the restraints off and smashed into the window, a crack appeared.

[i]Alistair was forced to enter the Argonites, but he understands their reasons and accepts his fate.[/i]

[i]He always regrets getting into that fight and always wonders what life would be like if that ordeal never happened, the world thinks he's dead and he can't help feeliing he shouldn't be in the Argonites.[/i]

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