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Request Strong Bad avatar and Banner request- Please Help.


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I was wondering if someone could make me a Strong Bad bannerand avatar. They should preferbly have this one [IMG]http://media.collegepublisher.com/media/paper309/stills/w1w81bq4.jpg[/IMG] as the avatar which has The Monster written in the white part (It will have to be resized becuase the image is fairly large)
while this one will be the template for the banner [IMG]http://students.haverford.edu/humtones/Links/Images/homestar.jpg[/IMG] This will need to be resized also. Some things that can be added to it including my name and 'Fight for Awesomness'.

Thank you for this favour whoever does this.
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That was tough! If you want me to change anything in this set, please say so.

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