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Maaaybe it's just me but has anyone played Tekken thru Tekken 5

And realized that some of the fighter look like other famous people or people from other games?

for example

Kazuya Mishima- Vegeta

Asuka Kazama-Yuna FF-X-2

Bryan Fury- Billy Bob Thortin

Nina Williams- Gwen stefani

Ling Xioyu- Chun li ( when you customize her)

Eddy Gordo-Busta Ryhms

Lee Cholan- Trunks

and Bruce Irvine- R Kelly???

but that's just me what do you guy's think? ;) :D :catgirl: :animeswea
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Ummh, I think it's just you... 8/

I mean, you compare Nina to Gwen Stephanie just because they both have short blonde hair?! Same goes to Kazuya and Vegeta - both have pointy hair, so?

Asuka and Yuna? Where is the connection?!

Sure, there are some similarities, but your examples are [I]far[/I] from lookalikes... ;P

Next time you should take an effort to explain your views a little better, okay? ;D
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Okay thanx for your honesty!!! :catgirl: :o

but yeah I see what you mean about Nina and Gwen
I'll be carefull next time :p

Maybe it's cause thire both my fave. I dunno

can't blame me for try'in' tho. :rolleyes: ;) :D

but as for Asuka and Yuna!?
well okay maybe not too much alike but Asuka's like X-2 Yuna with out the Hollister's :D ;)

but anyway's I respect what ya say> :catgirl:
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