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Sign Up FOXHOUND [M-VL possible S]


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A Metal Gear Solid RPG[/size]
Rated M for [b]V[/b]iolence, [b]L[/b]anguage, and possible [b]S[/b]exual situations.[/center]

I do highly recommend that if you?ve never played anything in the Metal Gear Solid video game series you turn back now.


Force Operations X(FOX) is created. Naked Snake(Big Boss) becomes it?s first official agent.

FOX is disbanded.

Big Boss establishes FOXHOUND, carrying on the traditions of Major Zero and the FOX unit.

The existence of FOXHOUND becomes public knowledge. Big Boss is ?killed? in Outer Heaven by rookie FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake. Colonel Roy Campbell takes over leadership of FOXHOUND.

FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake infiltrates Zanzibar Land and kills Big Boss.

Liquid Snake becomes the leader of FOXHOUND.

The Shadow Moses incident. FOXHOUND is disbanded after their involvement in the terrorist plot.

Rookie FOXHOUND agent Raiden infiltrates the Big Shell.


January, 2010. A facility deep in the Alaskan wilderness is alive with activity. Recruits perform various exercises over the wide expanse of land around the hidden facility as officers overlook them. Nothing escapes the training officers? eyes as they evaluate each and every recruit.

"I said eighty push-ups, damnit!" One officer screams at a recruit as his pace begins to slow. "Uninterrupted! You stop, you fail, rookie!" The recruit's pace picks up at the threats of failing.

Four more recruits are doing sit-ups as another officer watches over them. The officer eyes the third recruit suspiciously before grinning with malice. "Number nineteen. Stand up, gather your stuff and get out. You're not fit for FOXHOUND," she commands, writing "FAILED" in bright red ink beside the recruit's name and number. Number nineteen stares at the officer incredulously.

"But, how, why --- "

"Stop arguing and get out. You paused in between your fifty-ninth and sixtieth push-up." The recruit solemnly stands and heads toward the facility to gather his things.

A third officer passes the officer overlooking the recruits doing sit-ups. ?They?ve gotta be kidding. These pantywaists are the new recruits? They won?t last two seconds against Snake,? he mutters to his female comrade as he passes her.


FOXHOUND, a covert operations unit, was disbanded in 2005 after the Shadow Moses incident. In 2010, it was secretly re-established after the success of the S3 plan by The Patriots. As The Patriots move on to bigger and better things than controlling the United States populace, Philanthropy continues to be a thorn in their side.

Re-establishing FOXHOUND is only the beginning for The Patriots . . .

[i]?Solid Snake . . . you will stop him at all costs.?

?Of course . . . Mr. Director.?

?Remember . . . we do not tolerate failure. FOXHOUND was established to preserve the United States as a world superpower.[/i] You [i]were put in charge to keep the quality in FOXHOUND up to par.?

?I know, sir. We will not fail. Solid Snake will be dead within the month.?

?Two weeks. There is a very important operation coming up and he must not interfere.?

?Yes, of course.?[/i]


This is going to be a fairly large RPG. If every position is filled, there will be at least twenty people participating. The minimum amount of people required for this RPG to work will be around twelve. Please refer to the information below for characters and positions needed within FOXHOUND and Philanthropy.

Missions will be issued regularly and mission briefs will be posted within the Arena thread by the members playing the FOXHOUND and Philanthropy commanders. Posts made in between missions will take place at FOXHOUND or Philanthropy headquarters(depending on which side your character is on), unless your character is a sleeper agent for FOXHOUND or Philanthropy*.

Missions will almost ALWAYS integrate the members of both FOXHOUND and Philanthropy in some way. It will be stated beforehand if they do not include one or the other opposing forces. The mission briefs for Philanthropy and FOXHOUND will differ depending on the mission at hand(each organizations objectives being on opposite ends of the spectrum usually).

The ultimate goal of Philanthropy is to eradicate FOXHOUND and to expose The Patriots. FOXHOUND?s ultimate goal is to kill Solid Snake and to destroy Philanthropy.

[b]Special Forces:[/b] 4(Minimum is 3)
[b]Sleeper Agents:[/b] 1(Has successfully infiltrated Philanthropy)
[b]Commanders:[/b] 1 OC** and Revolver Ocelot - IMPORTANT CHARACTERS****(as the original character is being played by myself, only the position of Ocelot needs to be filled)
[b]Recruits:[/b] 3(2 are necessary, 1 may be an NPC***)

Hal ?Otacon? Emmerich - IMPORTANT CHARACTER
Meryl Silverburgh
Rosemary ?Rose?
Mei Ling
1 sleeper agent(Has infiltrated FOXHOUND as a promising new recruit)
1 OC

*Sleeper agents will always be outside of their respective headquarters.

**OC: Original character

***NPC: Non-playable character. NPC?s are mentioned but not actually played by a member.

****Any character with ?Important character(s)? next to their name(s) are characters that MUST be played. Within Philanthropy, anyone without an ?Important character? next to their name can be an NPC and does not absolutely have to be played.


[b]INTEL:[/b] Intelligence agents are mentioned and seen around the FOXHOUND facility. They collect information on foreign nations, Metal Gear?s currently in assembly all over the world and put together the missions that FOXHOUND agents perform among other things. NOTE: ALL INTEL CHARACTERS ARE NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS! YOU CANNOT SIGN UP TO PLAY A CHARACTER WHO IS AN INTELLIGENCE AGENT!

[b]SPECIAL FORCES:[/b] The special forces unit of FOXHOUND is basically the ?gifted? soldiers. Some have supernatural powers like Psycho Mantis while some are extremely talented with weapons, such as Sniper Wolf or Revolver Ocelot.

[b]SLEEPER AGENTS:[/b] At the moment, only one FOXHOUND sleeper agent is active. Said sleeper agent has currently infiltrated the ranks of Philanthropy.

Philanthropy?s sleeper agent has infiltrated FOXHOUND as a promising recruit.

The two sleeper agents are currently collecting data on FOXHOUND or Philanthropy for their respective organization.

For more information on sleeper agents go [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeper_agent]here[/url].

[b]COMMANDERS:[/b] Philanthropy?s commander is currently Solid Snake. FOXHOUND currently has two commanders, one being Revolver Ocelot.

[b]RECRUITS:[/b] FOXHOUND?s recruits have all currently passed the initial training courses. Due to shortage in the ranks, the recruits may be called upon to participate in missions before their training has finished.


[b]DAVID ?SOLID SNAKE?:[/b] Head of Philanthropy. Ex-FOXHOUND agent. The legendary hero who brought down Outer Heaven, Zanzibar Land, Shadow Moses, was blamed for the Tanker incident of 2007 and who infiltrated the Big Shell before it?s initial destruction.

[b]HAL ?OTACON? EMMERICH:[/b] Intelligence. Hal collects information necessary for Philanthropy to continue to function. He creates the basis for missions and is in charge of keeping Philanthropy properly funded.

[b]JACK ?RAIDEN?:[/b] Ex-pawn of The Patriots. Trained extensively in VR. Successfully infiltrated the Big Shell facility unknowingly under The Patriots? orders.

[b]MERYL SILVERBURGH:[/b] Ex-FOXHOUND agent. Currently doing infiltration work for Philanthropy.

[b]ROSEMARY ?ROSE?:[/b] Girlfriend of Jack. Collects intelligence on The Patriots and their activities via her sources within the government(said sources having come from working with The Patriots. The Patriots are never directly mentioned, but decisions having recently been made within the government are clues to The Patriots current activities and plans).

[b]MEI LING:[/b] Works intelligence with Hal. Secretly and illegally appropriates equipment from the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center.


[b]NAME:[/b] Character?s real name. Forename must be provided; surname is not necessary.

[b]CODENAME:[/b] See notes below for more information on codenames.

[b]POSITION:[/b] Recruit, sleeper agent, special forces or commander.

[b]AGE:[/b] As young as twenty. No older than early forties, unless you are playing Ocelot. Ocelot?s age at this time(January 2010) is sixty-five(he will turn sixty-six on June 6th, 2010).

[b]SEX:[/b] You know the drill.

[b]DESCRIPTION:[/b] Detailed description or image. Both, if possible.

[b]PERSONALITY:[/b] How your character acts.

[b]BIOGRAPHY:[/b] Your character?s background information. To be an agent of FOXHOUND, your character must have had a military background.

The biography is not necessary for canon characters(i.e. Ocelot)

[b]WEAPON:[/b] Your characters preferred weapon.


[u]SIGN-UP - Philanthropy[/u]
[b]NAME:[/b] Character?s real name. Hal, David, Jack, etc. Forename must be provided if an original character. Surname not necessary.

[b]CODENAME:[/b] See notes below for more information on codenames if character is not canon. If playing a canon character, only David, Hal and Jack would have codenames.

[b]POSITION:[/b] Snake, Raiden, Meryl and one of the original characters are infiltration agents. Rosemary, Mei Ling, and Otacon collect intelligence and new weaponry. The sleeper agent is posing as a new recruit for FOXHOUND.

Snake (38)
Otacon (Late 30's)
Meryl (Mid to late 20's)
Mei Ling (Mid to late 20's)
Raiden (Late 20's to early 30's)
Rosemary (Late 20's to early 30's)
Original characters ages should be from early twenties to early forties.

[b]SEX:[/b] You know the drill.

[b]DESCRIPTION:[/b] Detailed description or image. Both, if possible.

[b]PERSONALITY:[/b] How your character acts.

[b]BIOGRAPHY:[/b] Your character?s background information. If possible, include why they joined Philanthropy and how they learned about The Patriots.

The biography is not necessary for canon characters.

[b]WEAPON:[/b] Your characters preferred weapon. Not necessary for Mei Ling, Rosemary or Otacon.


To properly choose your character?s codename, you must know that a FOXHOUND codename consists of two parts: the first part being something personal about the agent and the second being the animal the agent identifies with.

An underground thread will be created shortly before the RPG begins. It will provide more information on things such as recruit training, missions, etc. Much of the information stated here will also be there for reference.

If you are planning to play Ocelot or Snake, please keep in mind that these integral roles will require much communication between myself and you. Many PM?s will be exchanged as well as information that is integral to the plot. The two characters are very important to the story and you must be able to put your full effort into playing them.

In playing Ocelot and Snake, you will be responsible for posting mission briefings and the beginning to each mission(whomever plays Ocelot will rotate the posting of mission briefings with myself).

Also, please remember that this RPG will require you to have exceptional post quality. With so many players, it will be necessary for everyone to know what is going on. If someone?s post is unreadable to other members and they are unaware of what is currently going on, it may throw the entire RPG off. I will ask you via PM to please edit your post if it cannot be deciphered. Continuing problems may result in your character being killed off(i.e. you no longer being able to post) or your character being replaced by another member who signed up for that position or character.

[b]NAME:[/b] Kayla

[b]CODENAME:[/b] Night Fox

[b]POSITION:[/b] Commander

[b]AGE:[/b] 34

[b]DESCRIPTION:[/b] Around 5'6 in height, Night Fox wears all black at all times. She usually sports a black trench coat over a completely black skull suit with black combat boots. She has long, brown hair that cascades down her back and completely black eyes.

[b]PERSONALITY:[/b] Just like a fox, Night Fox is sneaky, crafty and intelligent. Her demeanor has a way of demanding authority and it's impossible to say if anyone has ever refused her demands. Night Fox will not back down from a challenge, no matter how bad it looks for her and she always has a backup plan whenever things go wrong. She has a very good sense of humor and enjoys playing tricks on the new recruits.

[b]BIOGRAPHY:[/b] Night Fox's background is quite sketchy. Anything before her service in the military as a black op agent is mostly unknown. It is known that her father and mother both served in the military and were killed in action when Night Fox sill only a small child. She was sent to live with an uncle soon after.

She joined the military at twenty-one in hopes to learn more about her parents and ended up becoming what they both had been at one time: a secret black op agent undergoing clandestine and covert operations.

She performed various operations involving sabotage, assassinations and numerous other illegal and morally wrong actions. At twenty-seven, she attracted the attention of The Patriots and was immediately recruited to become one of their sleeper agents. She continued to perform well in her duties under The Patriots and in late 2009 when The Patriots secretly re-established FOXHOUND, she was put into command alongside Revolver Ocelot.

[b]WEAPON:[/b] Silent as the night, knives and silenced weapons of all kinds are her forte.

[size=1](I congratulate you for making it this far. Kudos.)

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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][b]NAME:[/b] James

[b]CODENAME:[/b] Desert Eagle

[b]POSITION:[/b] Special Forces

[b]AGE:[/b] 29

[b]SEX:[/b] Male

[b]DESCRIPTION:[/b][indent]Codename: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/desertEagle.jpg]Desert Eagle[/url]

[u]Declassified FOXHOUND Examination Results:[/u]
  ? Physical Exam ? 98%
  ? Psychological Exam ? 90%
  ? Intelligence Exam ? 93%

[u]Declassified FOXHOUND Training Results:[/u]
  ? Battlefield survival test - [i]Excellent[/i]
  ? Marksmanship and sniper practice:
      548 meters - [i]100% take down rate[/i]
      914 meters ? [i]98% take down rate[/i]
  ? Paratrooper skydiving practice:
      High-Altitude, Low-Opening - [i]Excellent[/i]
      High-Altitude, High-Opening - [i]Excellent[/i]
  ? Silent and undetected movement exercises ? [i]Very Satisfactory[/i]
  ? Tolerance to climate extremes ? [i]Excellent[/i]


Date: July 21, 2009
Patient No. 95168
New patient brought in and assigned to Ward 21. Patient becomes listless after a bout of hysterics. Responds neither to sound nor eye stimulation.

Date: August 1, 2009
After eleven days of observation, drugs were able to coax Patient #95168 into a brief state of mental soundness that lasted for an hour. He was able to communicate to us his name and his recent history, albeit with obvious difficulty. Military background confirms my diagnosis of a rather extreme case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Patient/?James? then slipped into an apparent state of confusion.

Date: October 2, 2009
I have instructed patient to regularly take a cocktail of MDMA and venlaflaxin two months ago to suppress the progression of his condition to full-scale Chechen syndrome. The prescription worked; the nurses have noted an appreciable change from an aggressive nature to a more agreeable disposition.

[CENTER][u]Service Record[/u][/CENTER][/b]
[indent]? 2001-2003:
    Participated in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, where he earned the nickname ?Desert Eagle? due to the record number of HALO dives he did above enemy skies.
? November 2004:
    Recruited into 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Airborne)
? January 2005:
    Assigned to Delta Force?s Bravo Company under the command of Sgt. Allen Iishiba
? November 2005
    Participated in the extraction of SAS members from Shi?a militia
? April 2006:
    Replaced Iishiba as company commander
? September 2008
    Placed under indefinite suspension due to undisclosed reasons
? January 2010
    Recruited into FOXHOUND[/indent]

[CENTER][u].50 AE Desert Eagle[/u][/CENTER][/b]
To those unfamiliar with pistols, the Desert Eagle may seem like the gun of the invincible yet weapon experts advise against its use for self-defense. It is the most unwieldy of the 50-caliber family with its recoil and locking mechanisms closely resembling those found in rifles. Deemed unnecessarily powerful for practical purposes, it has a reputation for causing sprained wrists due to its large recoil.

[b]OOC:[/b] Image courtesy of Falcoon. (Please inform me if I ave to change something in my signup.)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]NAME: [/B] [COLOR=Navy]Jane Sasaki[/COLOR]

[B]CODENAME: [/B] [COLOR=Navy]Lucky Hare (Due to the fact that she has been purely lucky throughout her entire life. Especially when it came to her genes, and her recruitment.)[/COLOR]

[B]POSITION: [/B] [COLOR=Navy]Recruit[/COLOR]

[B]AGE: [/B] [COLOR=Navy]20[/COLOR]

[B]SEX: [/B] [COLOR=Navy]Female[/COLOR]

[B]DESCRIPTION: [/B] [COLOR=Navy]Normally donning the FOXHOUND uniform, Jane doesn't usually get a chance to wear what she'd like. She has shorter-than-shoulder-length brown hair with brown eyes.[/COLOR]

[B]PERSONALITY: [/B] [COLOR=Navy]Jane has a surprisingly upbeat disposition for being stuck in the middle of Alaska. Just like her father and grandfather before her, though, she's constantly humiliated by her comrades. Fortunately, the Chronic Diherea skipped a generation with her, of which she is truly grateful for.[/COLOR]

[B]BIOGRAPHY: [/B] [COLOR=Navy]The daughter of Johnny Sasaki, who had survived Shadow Moses and Big Shell. Seeing as she was a girl, Johnny decided to stray only a little from the Sasaki tradition and name her "Jane" instead of "Johnny."

In any case, after seeing that her father and grandfather had both been in the military, she decided to carry on [i]that[/i] tradition. She had attempted to join FOXHOUND, but had failed twice. Finally, she was recruited, but was stuck with any and all low jobs, including cleaning up after other recruits.[/COLOR]

[B]WEAPON:[/B] [COLOR=Navy][U]USP[/U]-

Developed by Heckler & Koch, the USP (Universal Self-loading Pistol) is used
by armies and special forces throughout the world. A pair of universal
mounting grooves are incorporated into the front of the polymer frame, meaning
that the weapon can take a variety of accessories. This 9mm automatic can
fire 15 rounds per Magazine and is equipped with a flashlight for night
operations. The light is switched on automatically when aiming in the dark.
Unfortunately, while this facility improves visibility it also attracts enemy
attention. Only in the best case scenario will the glare blind your opponent.
In contrast to the M9, the USP does not come with a suppressor. However, one
can be fitted. The USP can be used to disable electronic devices such as
surveillance cameras or infared sensor control units.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Guest thrashax
Ok, here's my post:





description: serious and pedantic. can be funny. cold and deadly serious on a mission.a cold, ruthless killer. he enjoys hand to hand combat. He looks like this(with gauntlets instead of sword) : [URL=http://www.designchronicle.com/memento/images/bleach/bleach_promo05.jpg]Picture[/URL]

Personality:Like a hawk, Pyro circles, waiting for the right moment to strike. Is good at talking to people and has a good sense of humour.

Bio: When Pyro awoke he felt different, and was confused. he went to the door and kicked it open. it flew across the corridor and hit the wall. He gaped. He remembered nothing of his past, and went on a rampage, killing and destroying everything in his path until he slumped, exhausted to the floor. Then, a man came up to him. Pyro looked at him and said, "who am I?" and the man put his fingers on Pyro's temples and said, "Remember" and he did, and the pain and sorrow tore at him, and with an inhuman shriek he used his power for the first time. Flames billowed out of him, engulfing the whole building, bringing it down in seconds. From then on, Pyro has been closed up. He talked and joked, but never let anyone get too close to him. Pyro has the ability to create, control and manipulate fire.

weapon: custom gauntlets(metal running from wrist to elbow, metal gloves)for close range and belt of daggers(like brother) for long range.

Hope I get in!
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