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Sign Up The Long war of Fantasies[PG-13 VLS]


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[I] Cloud felled onto the solid ground in shock. He had just shut his eyes to go to sleep when he had found himself zapped here.
Is this a dream? he whispered getting right up. He was in a giant room, everything covered in white. IN a split second, a man appeared before him. Cloud jumped back from the man.
[B]I'm terribly sorry. did i scare you? My name is Mr. Ron Smith[/B]. The man stood out for he was covered black form head to toe.
[B]Were am i? why am i here? [/B] Cloud demanded.
[B]You are on the planet, Hillena. And you are here because this world needs you. [/B] Cloud relaxed abit, but not too much.
[B]We know everything about you Cloud Strife. age 21, height around 5'7. Birthplace, Nibelheim. [/B] Cloud was startled by the information.
[B]What do you want with me? [/B]
[B]Are planet is at war with the most powerfulest army in the unervise. Correctly, are planet is losing ground in the pointless fight. We want you to seek the main force of there army and destroy it. It's quite easy if i must say.[/B]
[B]Then why arn't you doing it?[/B]
Cloud saw a glimse of anger, but it faded.
[B]We shouldn't waste are energy on such a feeble task.[/B]
[B]Thanks for the offer, but i'll pass. I have better things to do.[/B]
[B]oh but if i told you what we could do for you, would it change your mind?
Yeah right.[/B]
[B]Well if you leave now, how are we going to break the news to Miss. Aeris.[/B]
Cloud's eyes widened.
[B].....She's dead....[/B]
[B]Are people like to bring the dead back for a 2nd chance.[/B]
Cloud just stared at Mr. Smith to see if he was lying or not.
[B]If i do this, i can see...her.[/B]
Mr smith smiled that would made anyone feel uneasy.
[B]Better yet, you can take her back with you[/B].
[B].......Fine, i'll do it[/B].
[B]Excellent! Now that we have a leader, we must look for team. [/B]
Mr. Smith turned around and went through a white sliding door. Cloud took a second and followed.
Cloud followed him down the white hall and into a main computer room. there, around 40 or 50 people we're working nonestop on the computers.
[B]What do you mean by 'team'[/B]
[B]Well you can't do this alone. It would be easier just to kill yourself, here and now.[/B]
Cloud looked directly ahead to a massive computer screen.
[B]Now Mr. Strife, why don't you get some rest across the hall. This will take many hours to find the right ones.[/B]
Cloud could see a picture of a guy with a year and planet right by him. a large paragragh was written below him.
[B]What is with the year and panet?[/B]
My Smith seemed annoyed by the question, but answered.
[B]We can take people from any year and any planet[/B].
Cloud could see planets, but year? does that mean they could bring a samauri from the 1600s here?
[B]I guess i'll take your offer and get some rest[/B]
[B]Great, by tomorrow we shall have your team.[/B]
Cloud walked out of the computer room and flat onto a bed in a room across from it.
He slowly closed his eyes and drifted away hoping he wouldn't have nightmares.

The cool thing about this is that you can pick anyone you want to be! Can pick a RPG game hero or a TV hero or mybe a villain. Or you could just make a guy up![/I


Alright, sign up! i'm tired right now, so i'll post alot more info later on.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Achilles

[B]age:[/B] 32

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Abilities:[/B] Impressive swordsmanship, spear throwing, fast reflexes and great speed.

[B]Powers/magic:[/B] A power given to him by the Greek Gods, not invulnerability, but the ablility to use his enemys fear to increase his strength, speed, intelligence, and the five senses.
Weapons:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Achilles_armor.jpg] Achilles armor and weapons[/URL].
Personality:[/B] He's headstrong who generally doesn't follow anyone else's rule but his own, he is intimidating at sometimes because he is not afriad to take risks or challenge authority. But because of this he is proud/arrogant, he also has some what of a temper at points, but underneath he can be kind to the ones he cares about.

[B]Bio:[/B] As he was slashing and gashing away at his enemys, caught up in yet another battle of Agamemnon for his petty politics. Slashing as he made his way through the ranks, his myrmidons following close behind, killing any stragglers that Achilles missed. Using his shield to push through the enemys and his sword to cut away anyone who dared to attack him.

He killed Trojans left and right, he was in the Trojan war. Killing in his own name, trying to carve his way into the immortality he seeked, he had made his way through the Trojan lines killing the men easy and standing upon the steps of the Temple of Apollo. Looking over the man made statue of Apollo.
"Apollo is the God of the Troy, our enemy. Take whatever you can find."[/B] The myrmidons cheer and speed quickly into the temple, Achilles removed his helmet and placed in under one arm and breatherd deeply. He placed the heel of his hand on his head and sighed, one of his men came up to him, nervous looking.

[B]"My lord."[/B] Achilles turned to the man, one of his best myrmidons.


"Apollo see all, mabye it is not so wise to sak his temple."[/B] Achilles smiled and drew his sword, he turned and quickly turned back swinging the blade taking off the Gods head. He looked at the man.
"Now he sees nothing."[/B] The man bowed his head, a few seconds later Hector and warriors of troy, riding their horses towards Achilles and his men. Achilles grinned and ready to throw his spear, at that moment Achille was hit with a white light, making a cracking noise like lightning. Hector and the other warriors stopped as they saw the bolt hit Achilles directly and vanish, along with the Greek hero. From that point, Achilles had no clue to the result of his disappearence.

The next thing Achilles knew, he was standing in a white room, his shield on his back and his sword stuck through the handle. Hidden by the great shield, a spear was still grasped in his hand, his helmet lie on the floor, a foot away. He looked around curiously, he stood in a bare white room, empty of all life and anyway out, he walked over to his helmet and picked it up with his spear. Tossing it up and catching it with the other hand, he started walking when a black figuer appeared, Achilles by reflex held his spear up defensivly. The man waved his spear away.

[B]"There is no need for that my friend."[/B] Achilles looked over the man, assessing the threat the humanoid looked, it didn't appear he had any weapons, any armor or shield. Achilles relaxed a little by still remained cautious of the man infront of him.

[B]"Who are you? And what Am I doing here? I was in the middle of something very important."[/B] The man looked a little annoyed with Achilles tone in his questions but answered anyways.

[B]"I am Mr. Ron Smith, you are here because we need your help in defending our planet from a conflict that we are losing."[/B] Achilles looked at the man coldly.

[B]"You are obviously powerful enough to bring me here, Why don't you fight this war yourself?"

"Because I do not have the time to fight this battle."[/B] The man answered with anger grwoing in his voice

[B]"You have enough time to call upon Achilles, but not enough time to end a war yourself, pathetic."[/B] The mans anger was starting to show.

[B]"We don't want you here, but our other occupent needs assistance in this fight."[/B] Achilles waved him off.

[B]"I don't want to be here either, I want go back to Greece."[/B] The mans anger and subsided and a sleak grin came across his face.

[B]"Fine, you can leave. But we can give you the thing you want the most, your name to be remembered through out the ages."[/B] Achilles attention and curiosity was caught by Smiths words.
"You can give me what I want?"[/B] Smith nodded.

[B]"Yes, we can. This battle will give you what you desire the most."[/B] Achilles gripped his spear tighter, he was close to his goal. He would finally achieve his one and only goal. Achilles thought for several more moments, he looked back at Smith.

[B]"Alright, I'll fight your war."[/B] Smith grinned again.

[B]"Excellent, please go to your room. You can rest and wash up."[/B] A door appeared and opened to a room, it looked of his room back in Greece, the bed looking several times more comfortable and welcoming then his real one. Achilles started to walk to his room, as he was in the door way he turned and faced Mr. Smith again.
"If I live through this, I want you to send me back to my home. Agreed?"[/B] Mr Smith thought for a moment, then nodded.
"Agreed, If you survive we will send you back to where we found you."[/B] Achilles turned back and stepped into his room, the door closed slowly behind him and he stoo in the room looking around. He found the rack he would usually place his armor on, he dropped his helmet on the top of the rack, he slid off his shield and propped it up against the wall along with his spear.

He unclipped his armor and mounted it on the rack, untieing his forearm pieces and his grieves. Dropping them on the ground next to the rack, he went over to his wash bowl and cleaned himself off, he then slipped on the loose clothing that hung from a hook on the wall. He made his way to his bed and lied down, feeling the comfort and slowly slipping into sleep and the saem dream. A dream of the men he killed welcoming him from the river of styxs.[/COLOR]

OOC: Hope thats good.[/SIZE]
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Name: Hiru Glory

age: 16

Race: Human

Abilities: the ability to use the Ten Powers sword. Able to use the full power of the Rave stones.

Powers/Magic: (swords of which he can use so far)
1. 1st form-The metal form,Eisenmeteor- a regular metal sword. Its bit big, but its suitable for cutting through things. it's pretty heavy, so it takes some getting used to. in this normal form, this sword can be used by anyone, not just Hiru.
2. 2nd form- The Explosive sword- just like the name says, the dsword is capable of explosion attacks. when using the explosion attacks, it inflicts damage on the one using it so it cannot be used alot.
3. 3rd form- The Sonic Sword, Sifarion- a sword that makes the user go extremly fast, but it fast attacks are not death shots. Its attacks are fairly weak, but enough for the enemy to feel the pain.
4. The Sealing Sword, Rune Save- a defensive sword. He can't sut through objects or people. but it can cut through flames, water, gas and other things a normal sword can't cut through.
5. The Twin dragon sword, Blue crimson- Twin enchanted Blades of fire and ice. capable to use various attack Techiniques.

Apperance/Weapons-[URL=http://www.comicbookclothing.com/images/ALL_STARS_RYL_ss.jpg]Hiru/weapon[/URL] is the one with the silver hair.

Personality: a lay back guy when not searching for the Rave stones. Loves to fish and sleep on his home island. He stands for whats right even if odds are against him. He loves his friends and would give his life to protect them.

Bio: Its been two months since Hiru has killed king and saw his father die. Musica slowly recovers from his battle. Hiru walked down a street to the hospital on a chilly night. The next thing he knew, he was in a huge white room.
"What the?" he said twisting around.
"Hello there." said a man in black across from him.
"Who are you? what am i doing here?"
"I am Mr. Smith, and you are needed to help end a war."
"a war?"
"Yes, but i wouldn't like to dicuss this much with you...you my rest in one of the rooms in the hall."
"hold on, i never said i want'd to."
Hiru could tell this man was tired of hearing this.
"How can i put this? If you do this, we will give you the last remaining rave stones to you."
"What??!! you have the last two?"
Mr Smith smiled and nodded.
"Yes, now will you do this?"
"Of course! Anything for the stones!"
"Well, you have a room waiting across the hall, we will give you more information tomorrow morning."
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Name: Major Thomas McMillan
Callsign: Striker
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Race: German/Irish/Miccosukee Indian
Abilities: Stealth, languages, inventiveness, swift and silent death

Powers/magic: Ever since he was a young boy growing up in the Florida Everglades, Striker has had an inate ability to know when something isn't "quite right". This ability has kept him alive for a long time, especiallyas a covert operative in the CIA, and then as a member of an elite, very covert counter-terrorism unit code-named STONY MAN.

Weapons of choice: Beretta 93-R, chambered in .40 calibre, worn on right hip; Desert Eagle .44 Magnum, worn under left arm; Ka-Bar knife, worn commando-style (upside-down) on combat webbing on left side of chest; expert in tae-kwon-do and happkido; proficient with sword when needed; able to fabricate some weapons from raw materials

Personality: Striker is quiet, intense, and seemingly aloof, but he is always intensly loyal to those who are in combat with him. He will never leave a fallen comrade in arms in the field. He rarely "lets his hair down", but, if you watch him closely, you will find that Striker possesses a dry sense of humor that sometimes eludes others.

Striker lay perfectly still within the cluster of scrubbrush in the woods surrounding Stony Man Farm in the middle of the Great Smoky Mountains of West Virginia. Eight extremely good men were hunting him. Men he personally hand-picked for the two covert action teams that made up the STONY MAN organization; Phoenix Force, the 5-man international ready-alert unit, and Able Team, three tough men whose mandate was to operate within the borders of the U.S. All of them, Striker included, had blooded together, both here and abroad. He trusted these men with his life, and theirs with him. His VHF radio was buzzing with traffic, all f them trying to locate him. He smied to himself as they worked their way through the pines and oaks. He could hear one of them coming his way. He controlled his breathing so as to make very little noise. The footsetps came closer. He then froze as a size 11 1/2 boot came to rest a foot and a half from his right hand.

"Phoenix 4 to Phoenix 1. Cleared Sector 2-2. No sight of target. What next, David?"

"Move on to 2-3, Gary. We think he's close."


Gary Manning started to walk off, then Striker eased himself off the forest floor. He came up behind the unsuspecting commando, grabbed him across the mouth, pulled his head back, and drew his finger across Gary's bared throat.

"Sorry, Gare. You're dead."

Manning turned and looked his commander in the eye. Ahhh, piss off, Tom. You got lucky."

"Lucky my ***. You're slowing down in your old age." Gary gave him the single-finger salute.

Striker gave his friend a slap on the back. "See ya back at base. Barbara's cooking steaks tonight."

Gary took out his radio and turned it off, signifying that he was "dead". "Have fun. Don't make it too easy on them." Gary then turned and jogged the 2 1/2 miles back to their base.

As Striker moved to another lay-up point to wait for his next victim, he got that familiar feeling in the back of his mind. "Something's wrong here," he said to himself. Then a vertiginous wave crashed over him. The world began to spin, then blur. Just before he lost consiousness, he saw a bright light, and a figure approaching him. "Hey, no fair," Striker groaned. "On, no Mr. Striker. This isn't part of your exercize. This is far too important to be toying with. I have a mission for you.If you wish, that is."

The world faded to black.

Striker woke up a short time later on a bed, his combat blacksuit and weapons on a chair to his right. The light in the room was subdued, so there was no blinding brightness to fight. He saw the details of the room for the first time. This was NOT his quarters at the Farm. It had an almost Medieval look to it. He sat up slowly. There was a man sitting in the far left corner of the room. "Welcome back, Mr. Striker. The transition was a bit more traumatic for you than the others. Peculiar. That's the first time in as long as I can remember that that has happened."

"Where the hell am I?"

Why, you are within my keep. You are no longer where you were previously."

"And your...keep... is exactly where?"

"That information is, as you would call it, need to know. And, at this particular time, you have no need to know. Suffice it to say that...now how did that line go...you aren't in Kansas anymore."

The cobwebs in Striker's mind were clearing. This was either a delusional hallucination, or a VERY bad practical joke. He decided ot opt for the second option first. "OK, haha, very funny. Now let's get back to the Farm. Hal was on his way to brief us on something."

So sorry, but Mr Brognola will not be joining you. You are quite far from Stony Man Farm."

Striker came out of the bed and went to the window behind him. What he saw was definitely NOT home.

There were three moons.

Striker turned to his host. "Who are you, and what do you want with me?"

The stranger rose and extended his right hand. "My name is Mr. Smith, and like I said, I have a mission for you, if you wish."

"What kind of mission are we talking about?"

All in good time, my dear Striker. All in good time. I will say this, though. It will need your particular skills. And I promise that it WILL be interesting. So, what do you say?"

Striker thought a moment. "Ok. I'm in. When do we start?"

Mr. Smith headed toward the door. "Soon, I figure. In the meantime, please avail yourself of the amenities my humble keep had to provide. I shall breif you on the nature of your mission soon." He then left, closing the door behind him.

Striker sat heavily on the bed. "Good one, Tom," he chided himself. "No idea where you are, taking a job from some bozo named SMITH for crying out loud, and you're missing out on Barbara's steaks. REALLY SMART!!!"

"But then," he thought, "this just might be fun."
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name: Cloud Strife

age: 23

gender: male

race: Human

Power/Magic: Abilites:

[B]Braver[/B]- Cloud jumps high and slashes one opponent.

[B]Meteorain[/B]- Cloud spins his sword, then jumps up and releases a barrage of meteorites at all opponents, causing multiple hits for moderate damage.

[B]Finishing Touch[/B]- Cloud spins his sword at high velocity, creating a whirlwind, which then hurls at all opponents, blowing them away from the battle.

[B]Omnislash[/B]- Cloud readies himself and his sword, then quickly rushes at his opponents and delivers 14 seriousy damaging blows at all opponents, then jumps up Braver-style, then slashes once more. 15 hits total for extreme damage each.

weapon/appearance: [URL=http://guadsquad.com/downloads/Pics/Final%20Fantasy%207/cloud.jpg]Cloud[/URL]

Bio: already up there!
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you are on the planet, Hillena. It is surrounded by three giant moons. Though on the day of the three moon alinement, a army from a nearby planet called, Calo. The people of Hillena thought they were invade them, but the goverment of the planet knew it before they even attacked. When the moons lined up, it would send a powerful wave of energy to the central part of the planet turning the world into a weapon. When the people of the planet celebrated for the new year of the linement, back of the planet they would transfer the massive energy into a large cannon and fire at a planet nearby. Reason? They wanted everything to themselfs. If they weren't on Hillena, then they deserved to die. After destroying planets in the solar system, Calo found out where the atttack was from. They decided to assualt Hillena before they destroyed there own planet. Calo's army was far more equiped then Hillena's, so the emperor told his right hand man (Mr. Smith) to fish out the greatest fighters through Time and space.
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