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Writing Ninja Oni![PG]


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This is just a short novel that I've been writing. Influences for the story are some of my favorite anime, so I guess you can call this an original fan fic, without the same characters and story plots.


Many years ago, fifteen Oni demons attacked the whole of Japan. Many people were killed by them. There was the Orange Fox Oni, the Blue Hawk Oni, Pink flame bird Oni, and so on. These Onis weren't normal demons from the Valley of Sairon. They were born children, and plagued by a great witch of Eastland Sairon. They became demons to do her bidding. But, they turned on the witch and killed her. The fierce Onis, became human again, and began to lose their powers. But, it is said, if they become troubled and angered by a great force, the Oni demons shall strike again.

[SIZE=4]Chapter One[/SIZE]

"So you think you can take me?", said a buff large kid with big muscles and messy purplish hair. "Yeah.", said a boy with spiky orange hair, with a red scarf around his neck. Then a boy with a long jacket, in which the buttons ended at his waist, whilst the rest strung out like a cape, pushed his way through the crowd surrounding Honta and Kakatsu. He swiped his long blue braided hair away from his face. "Honta's gonna' beat you sooo bad...", He said, with a smirk on his face.

Kakatsu, now steaming with anger, grimaced and balled up his fists. :animeangr "You want some, too?", he exclaimed. :animesmil :animesmil "Is he serious?", said the boy with the long blue braided hair. "I think so, Auxtaku.", said Honta. They burst into laughter. ":animedepr It's not funny...", said Kakatsu.

Auxtaku and Honta laughed some more. " :rotflmao: He still wants to fight us?", Auxtaku now on the grass laughing. "Well, you know what that means...", Honta losing his grin and putting on his "bring it on" face. :smirk:

Auxtaku quickly through a smoke bomb on the ground, covering the area, with fog. Honta, now right behind Kakatsu, was going to have some fun before smashing him down into the ground. "Boo!", he whispered into Kakatsu's ear. Kakatsu quickly turned around with a fist flying. ":confused: Where the crap'd he go?", Kakatsu shouted.

Whilst he was shouted and having a fit, Auxtaku was transmuting flames. Honta literally picked up the flames, and they began to run up his arm."Wind Ninjutsu! Art of the flying Flames!!!" Honta shouted, and flames spiraled towards Kakatsu. :blowup:

Well, the fight was over and teachers from Hikaru Ninja Academy began to drive the crowd of students away from the burnt Kakatsu.

Days later... Saki, an elite ninja walks into the office of the academy, so he can be appointed two junior ninja to be his pupils. And of course he gets appointed the two wild childs. His red head band that has has an eye patch hanging down over his right eye, was covered with long messy blonde hair. "These kids are the best in the school...and the best at getting into fights...", he smiled and said to the the girl behind the desk in the office.

That night, Honta heard footsteps and awoke. He walked over to Auxtaku's bunk. "Auxtaku...", he said. Auxtaku awoke sleepy eyed. "What!?"

"There's someone out side..."
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