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Gaming Indigo Prophecy


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This is a game that came out very recently, and I had been excited about it since I'd heard about it. I believe it had been out originally as a PC game called fahrenheit.

Basically the game is a concept game, where the developers were trying to make a videogame more interactive, and more cinematic. It actually plays out a lot like a choose your own adventure book, and you can make alot of choices that affect the ending of the game.

I like it a lot. The very beginning of the game has your main character in a trance sitting in a bathroom stall, you amble out and stab some guy and kill him. You "wake up" out of the trance and take control of the character. Now you get to decide what to do, whether you cleanup the blood and hide the body, or just run out. You can interact with nearly everything significant in the room. Eventually the game goes dual screen and you can see a police officer in the cafe getting up to head to the bathroom. After you escape, you end up taking control of the police investigating the murder.

The remainder of the game basically has you playing the murderer and the police trying to seperately figure out what is going on. The gameplay is pretty minimal, I believe the idea is to make it playable for casual and non-gamers. The action scenes consist of either alternately pressing L1 and R1 (PS2) for running parts, or for the more complex scenes you have to move the analog sticks with the correct timing. Your characters mental health also comes into play, and things that happen during the game will cause your mental status to go up and down. Your character looks different if he gets really depressed, and I believe you might commit suicide if you let it go down all the way.

I am really happy with it at $40, but one playthrough doesn't take very long, so unless you think you would really like it its probably a solid rental. There is tons of replay value to get different endings and trying different responses. Really it is successfully a very diferent gaming experience and I think they pulled it off well.
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I played the demo that I got in EGM, and I thought it was pretty cool. I liked the fact that I got to do whatever I wanted, like mop up the floor, only to run out of the bathroom with blood all over my hands. It made me happy, and I'll most likely buy the game for PC or PS2. After, of course, the price goes down more... the cheap loser that is me... ^_^
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[COLOR=Blue]I tried a demo myself, and I really enjoyed it. It was more like an interactive movie than a game. Games are starting to become alot like films these days, and I think this game helps push the genra forward. I hope more games come out like this. This is good stuff.


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