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A Daft Odyssey (Working Title) [Idea]


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[font=trebuchet MS][size=3][center][b][u]A Daft Odyssey: Intergalatical Soundwaves[/u][/b][/center][/size]

[b][u]What's the 'Daft' Thing in the Title About?[/u][/b]

Recently I purchased a Daft Punk album and have been listening to it. For all those who don't know - Daft Punk are a couple of artists who create techno/trance/funky-dance music. They're pretty cool seeing as how they use anime for their music videos.

Well, in the music videos, each song seems to be a part of a sort of 'movie', for which an intergalactic band play on a spaceship and eventually they crash and are forced into a type of adventure. That's how I interpreted it anyway.

[b][u]How Would the RPG Work?[/u][/b]

After watching the videos again after a couple of years, I thought it'd be interesting to use the background to these artists' music videos and change the characters' stories into an RPG adventure. The story's yet to be finalised but here are the basic details: -

Somewhere in a distant universe, a band is soon to reach the highest of the highs for themselves with regards to success. On the starship, the [i]Daft Punk[/i], thousands and thousands of people are gathering inside a massive hall to witness the biggest concert of [i]The AeroDynamites[/i] careers. It is an event that billions will be tuning into their Holocoms for and it is about to begin in a few hours.

The band play their hearts out and the inhabitants of the universe absolutely adore them. However, little do they know in their current state of euphoria, that a plasma missile is nearing the [i]Daft Punk[/i] with every second. Eventually it hits and darkness ensues.

The band then wake up on a strange new planet and need to find their ways home, but little do they know that they were victims of a calculated terrorist attack which has sparked up interplanetary warfare.

[b][u]The Ending Bit Sounds A Little Cliche[/u][/b]

Well, in some aspects it is, however I thought it'd be interesting following the perspective of space-musicians who are not fighting the war but are in fact trying to gather clues to just escape it and find their ways home.

[b][u]What are the Characters/Locales like?[/u][/b]

It's set in a universe different to ours and in the very future, so players are free to use their imagination how they like. For example, their character could be a hybrid duck/cow that is an excellent saxophonist. I want players to have the ability to take aspects of our music-world and contribute to mould a universe for this RPG to take place in.

I also thought it'd be interesting for each locale to be inspired by a different genre of music. So for example, a Jazz-inspired world would be very art-deco and [i]cool[/i], where as a techno one will be very different. I'm not sure if I will be using this idea but it is an example of the kind of imagination I am using.

[b][u]Freedom is good, but too much can bring horrible consequences. Any rules?[/u][/b]

Of course.

In this RPG there are only slots available for 4-6 people (The size of the band) with a possibility of a space for someone who is not directly involved inside the band but is someone like a technician/pyro-technic etc.

The RPG will also be using a chapter-based system which I have organised already. The names of the chapters reflect the song titles as this is quite a music-inspired world.

[b][u]Any other information?[/u][/b]

Music can change moods just like that, and so I'd like to explore a concept of it being more than just varying soundwaves that bring pleasure or torture to one's ears. It'd be interesting to treat it like a Philosophy.


Well there it is. Some may think of me as someone who likes to try new concepts using a vivid imagination. Some may hate what I do. Comments from those interested would be nice. [/font]
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