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my heart stopped beating
my head is bleeding
I'm falling for the same stuff
over and over again[chorus no. 2]

I've had enough
it's time for this to end

do you see my pain?
your wrath/your reign?

it's all too much
I can't take this anymore
I have no touch
time to let this go/shut the door

all the things you do
if you keep doing this
I'll swear to you...[chorus no. 1]

when will this end?
will it ever
to fade?

If you're hurt
If your lost
there I am at your aid


[heavier, more gothic voice for the next part]

don't you see me?
staring so much
but you don't see any thing [repeat]

[chorus no. 2 repeat 2x]

over and overrrr[lengthened]


LOL. These are some crappy lyrics I made, to a song named Faded. It's a hard rock/punk song.
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