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Writer's Jamboree "Interactive thread no. 2" [PG]


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In this little game we will play, I'll give you a beginning to story, and you guys have to continue it.

Before we start, let me lay down the law.

1. Your posts have to be at least one paragraph long. Also, please do not take up the whole page telling one paragraph. You can post again and again, but in each one you must continue on with the story, abide by the minimum length of posts and stay on topic.

2. Keep it within PG to PG-13. Making the story too violent,sensual etc. can make this thread lose it's fun. And I know some people here are younger than most. If you curse, don't say a whole paragraph full of it.Well, you get what I'm saying..Don't curse a whole bunch.

3.Stay on topic at all costs. If you want to ask someone something, do it via PM. Follow the theme.

Theme: This story will be a fantasy story including actual people from the OB.

Howlingvampire4 stared out the window of the dull classroom. She turned her head to look at her friend, Mitch, who was fast asleep. She sighed. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but she let it down. She began to play with her hair. [I]Detention sucks,[/I] she thought. Mrs. Lore put her in detention again. This time she was caught smoking on the top of the school, acompannied by Mitch. Howlingvampire4 looked in her backpack for her mirror. She pulled it out, and stared at her face. Then, she saw a man. Not just any man. Her long-dead brother. She had seen her brother in the mirror. Then it was as if she had a flash-back vision. She saw her self in the mirror, holding his hand. She turned around quickly. Noone was there. "Come with me...",said her brother's voice. Her sight began to fade. She blacked out. She awoke in a different place, in a seemingly different dimension. "W-where am I?", she cried out in the darkness.

Now it's your job to continue the story for one paragraph, then another person will, and another, untill we get the full story. So remember the rules, and have fun! :animesmil
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"Your in a cave you dope," A cold voice snapped, Howlingvampire4 stared into the darkness, trying to find the speaker who gave her the most stupidest insult. But an insult's an insult, and that guy's face was going to be betten in, no problem.
"Please Hero calm your self! You'll scare her to death," a voice called.
"Why should I!? She seems like a snob, but I did get her smokes from her."
Howlingvampire4 clenched her teeth and jumped up," Give me my ciggerettes! There mine!! Where's Mitch!! I want to know NOW!!WHO ARE YOU!!!"
There was a earth rumbling bang and a snap of lighting that made Howlingvampire4 cover her eyes and turn away.
"Idiot, a pure baka that's what you are, the name's Nobuhero, call me Hero. Got it? Or your small mind can't handle meeting new people?"
A tall boy about 17 stood in front of Howlingvampire4, he towered over her like an old wise tree and smirked at her showing his fangs.
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"Just tell me where the crap I am...", exclaimed Howlingvampire4. "I've already told you. Your in a cave.", Hero snickered. He took a cigarette out of his pocket. He lit it, and walked back into the darkness. Howlingvampire4 tripped over something, and stumbled to a large stone monument behind her. She got off her knees, and peered up at the monument. Names and more names filled it. Then she saw Mitch's name. "Excuse me, H-Hero,",she called out. "What?", he snapped appearing again. "What are all...all these names?", she asked. "All the people that died fighting the Great demon years and years ago...", Hero said blowing a thick fog of smoke. "W-What are you talking about? Mitch is still alive! So is... Mrs. Lore! And...and...", Howlingvampire4 sobbed as she saw the name that most intrigued her. Her name.
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"This can't be right." said Howlingvampire4 as she look at her name on the monument. "How can I be dead, if I'm standing right here?" She ask Hero. Hero smiled showing his fangs again.
"Maybe you where transported though time." replied Hero. Howlingvampire4 stared at him like he was some crazy person.
"Yeah right, being transported though time is imposible." said Howlingvampire4. She looked back at her name.
"You don't know that."said Hero. He then breathed in more of the ciggerette and blow out more smoke.
"Well, it could be possible." came a different voice that had told hero not to scare her. Howlingvampire4 turned to face yet another man that she hadn't paid much attention too.
"Who the hell are you?" asked Howlingvampire4. As she stared at the new comer.
"You can call me Leon. And might I be so polite as to ask what your name is Ms." said Leon.
"It's right there on that monument. But I'll tell you any ways. Its Howlingvampire4." she replied to Leon.
"It's pleasure to meet you Howlingvampire4." said Leon.
"Yeah, whatever." said Hero
Howlingvampire4 glared at Hero and turned to Leon.
"So can you tell me where I am in more detail." she asked Leon.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"You," yet another mysterious from-beyond-the-darkness voice cut in, "are in what I effectionatly call 'The Temple of Untimly Death'. Most prefer Trakjhiem Nastrjom Vybinheim, though I can't see why."
"Not another... Yea, ok, but what [i]is[/i] this place? What is this whole 'Great Demon' thing?" Howlingvampire4 said, stamping her feet impaitently.
"Very long story, not worth telling. All you need too know..." the whimsical tone in the man's voice disapeared, replaced by a serious, dark one " the future of everything, this dimention and your own - all of the dementiaverse, in fact - depends on this demon being slayed. See, long time ago, the Demon came too Ficalheim for some reason or another. It was the age of heroes and, through some lucky break, the demon was defeated. But not vanquished. They imprisoned him here. Now we, the powerless people of Ficalheim, can but wait until he breaks free and destroys us all. Muah - erm, yes well."
"This has what too do with me?" She seemed lost and a little skeptical, but mostly angered and scared.
"Hell if I know. I've already seen you die once and can't figure out why your here now." The voice finished.[/COLOR]
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Suddenly, the cave began to quake, sending Howlingvampire4 to the ground. Her head it hit the ground with a [I]thud[/I]. "Wake up...Howl...wake up...", a voice echoed. Howlingvampire 4 opened her eyes. There, beside her, was Mitch. "C'mon! Let's get out of here. School's over.", he said. Howlingvampire4 left the building with Mitch. "Hey, Mitch...I'm going to go home and take a nap. I don't feel so good...", she said, wiping sweat from her brow. [I]THUD![/I] She fainted again, and awoke with a man holding her in his arms. His long red hair fell over her like a blanket. "Wh-", she began, but was cut off by the pain in her side. "The followers of the Great Demon found you, before I could stop them. I saved your life before they could kill you.", the mystery man softly said, in a deep voice. "Who are you?", Howlingvampire4 asked. "Desbresko..."
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