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The Mourning After [M-V, L very likely]

Sir Gawain

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They each stood before a gravestone, weeping. Only they knew what had really happened. But they had been powerless to stop it. The children finished their crying, and walked out to the cars that had been waiting for them.

"Are you ready?" A man dressed in a black suit asked them. Only a few nodded, the others whiped the tears away. "Good. Don't worry. You'll fix this, eventually."

Thomas got into the same car as the man, sitting in the back seat quietly. "Why did those bad people kill my parents?"

"Because your parents were trying to stop them. Now, that's your job." the man replied, never taking his eyes off the road. His face was set in stone.

"But," Thomas sobbed, "How can I stop them? Not even daddy could, and he's the strongest man I know."

"Yes, he was." There was a note of feeling in that statement. "Of course, you're not going to use a man to stop them. You're going to be using something that even the bad guys can't stop. It'll be your new pet."

"A dog is going to get the bad guys?"

"Something like that. Just wait until we get to the cave. Then you'll start learning how to win. Thomas, as your Godfather, I have to take care of you now. But I want those dirty Vulcans dead just as much as you will."

Thomas didn't know what to say to that.

[i]10 years later . . .[/i]

Thomas Greene, or just Tom, jumped backwards before the ground exploded in front of him. "Crap. Cerebrus, get them!"

A giant dog-shaped creature jumped in front of him, snarling and drooling. With a bark more like a roar, it jumped at the tight formation of men. In seconds, all that was left of them was their various entrails dangling from the creature's mouth.

Tom walked up and patted the thing, then started stratching behind one of its ears. "Good boy. Now all we have to do is find the others like my godfather said. Then the Vulcans will pay."
- - -
There are several points not covered in the story that will be cleared up here. We'll all be playing as one of the kids who had their families literally slaughtered by the Vulcan organization. Each of them are teenagers now, but they still have that hatred and sadness in their hearts burning furiously.

Since none of them have powers of their own, they each instead control a 'pet' monster. These monsters are your main weapon. Only six people are expected to sign up, but the sign ups will remain open for awhile.

Name: Anything works here. It takes place in a modern city, so go nuts.
Age: Somewhere between 15 and 18. They were all little kids when the incident happened.
Appearance: Pic or description.
Pet's Name: What is the name of the monster your character controls? Prefereably a name of a mythical creature.
Pet's Appearance: Once again, pic or description. But remember, they have to be bigger than your character.
Bio: More like aftermath. How did your character meet your creature? You can even put in a scene from the incident.

The name will probably change later on, since it doesn't make much sense. But it is so good for a title for something!
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ooc: this sounds cool

Name:James Kema
Age: 15
Appearance: [url]http://www.angel-guide.com/images/A...gel-picture.jpg[/url] Just take away the wings. And he wears a black t shirt.
Pet's Name: Phoenix
Pet's Appearance: [url]http://www.couch.coop/Phoenix/Images/phoenix-3.png[/url]
Bio: After his parents deaths he lived with his anut. He rally spoke. He was sitting in the living room, his aunt left to talk to a man James did not reconize. He crept to the door and over heared the man say "Vulcan." Enraged he ran from the house. He finnly stopped in a cave in a darker part of the woods.

Entering the cave he heared a small squeking noise come from the ground at his feet. He bent down to fell around and his hand hit a pile of ashes. There was movement in the middle of the pile. He fell backwards. A small baby bird stumbled from the pile. Laughing at his own couredness he carefull picked up the bird and brought it back to the farm. Hiding it in the the barn he carfull sliped back into the house.

Now at 15 he uses that same bird to try and hunt down the Vulcans. He has had some luck. But with the few he has killed he feels that there are many more.

Tell me if i should change things
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kain Savage
Age:[/B] 17
Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/prince1.jpg] Kain[/URL], except he wears a black shirt with a demon skull on it and black jeans. With a black trench coat.
Pet's Name:[/B] Chimera

[B]Pet's Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/chimera.jpg] Chimera[/URL]

[B]Bio:[/B] After Kain lost his parents he was forced to live on the streets, no living relative would take him in and he didn't want to deal with orphanages. So he lived in the garbage, eatting anything he could find. Everything is edible when you have to forge for food, he continued to scronge around for a few years before anything happened to him.

One day as he was in an ally way, he was looking for shelter from the rain. He was croutching next to a building with a trash can lid over his head, a door to the building was cracked open. Kain couldn't help but look through and see what was inside, he listened closely, he over heard men talking about who they killed way back in the past.

He heard his family mentioned and his anger flooded him, he also heard it was a "Vulcan" that killed his family. He couldn't help but throw his trash can lid, not thinking about the consequences of his actions. The moment it hit a wall, the men looked and saw him peacking through the hole. They stood up and pulled out their guns, Kains eyes opened wide and he ran from the door. The ran and bashed the door open, they chased after Kain into a dead end.

Kains face was full of fear and the men laughed as they approched slowly, one of the men aimed his gun right at Kains forehead. It should have been over for Kain right there and then, but at that very moment a loud roar came from behind the men and a lion attacked him, dropping him to the ground and tearing him limb from limb. A second later a snake head appeared and grabbed the man with the gun by the arm and squeezed with its teeth.

The man screamed and dropped the gun, the snake head pulled him in and ate him alive. Kain was up against the wall, shaking uncontroblly, he knew he was next. The beats stepped from the shadows, it had a lions head and body but on its back a wicked vultuer head was and it had huge black feathery wings. Its tail was the giant snake head, the lion head had an arm hanging out, it swolled it up and approched Kain slowly.

Kain closed his eyes and prepared for the worse, a moment later he felt something nuzzling him. He opened his eyes and saw the three heads rubbing up against them, he petted them and knelt down, the lion head licked him and Kain had a smile sprout across his face. Kain later found out the creatuer was called a Chimera, a greek monster that he thought only legend.

Now at 18 he and Chimera hunt around for the Vulcan that killed his family, and any other Vulcan he can find.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Great sign ups so far. I never thought about either of those being mentioned. Here's my sign up.

Name: Thomas Greene

Age: 16

Appearance: White t-shirt, with a denim jacket and blue-jean pants (very heavy, literally). About 5'11'', 129 lbs., with brown hair and green eyes.

Pet: Cerebrus

Pet's Appearance: Cerebrus is named after the three-headed dog that guarded the Underworld. On all four paws, he's about 5'8'' tall. Cerebrus is covered in thick black fur, with terrible red eyes and yellowing fangs. Of coure, he's just an overgrown dog with only one head.

Bio: Tom's godfather introduced him to Cerebrus directly after the incident. He was just a puppy, but he was already bigger than most other dogs. As the years past, they trained him, until they were no more.

The Vulcans came again, this time killing Thomas' godfather. Only one thing was different this time around. None of the Vulcans walked away either.

Now Tom and Cerebrus are trying to find the others whose parents were killed by the Vulcan organization. Tom believes that together, they'd be able to topple the entire world if need be. If their 'pets' don't kill each other first.

(Mine's only shorter because most of it was in the intro.)

Cool. We only need three more people and then we can start.
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Name: Kyo Shoma

Age: 17

Appearance: below

Pet's Name: Kia Dragon

Pet's Appearance: Stands nearly nine feet tall at the shoulders. Has wings that span fiveten feet. It is solid white and has a very bulky body. Muscles bulge as it uses its powers. It has fangs that stick two feet out of its mouth.

Bio: Soon after Kyo lost his parents, he was entered into a foster home. He liked it an all, but it missed the feeling of home that he had come to love.

After a couple of months, he heard a knock at the door. He answered it as a tall man dressed in dark walked in. The man didnt seem to say anything, just looked for Kyo's fosterparents.

When they came into the living room and began to talk with the strange guy, he could tell that his foster pareants were getting angry. They kept telling the man that Kyo was not going anywhere with him. That Kyo would not be going to kill anything with the name of Vulcan, or something like that.

The man left, anger all over his face. But, soon after, a small box came to the door adressed to Kyo. When he opened it, there was a small white egg that seemed to pulsate. A couple of days later, it hatched and revealed something that Kyo only thaught possible in dreams. A small white dragon walked out and let out a small roar.

As Kyo and the dragon he named Kai grew, they learned more and more about these Vulcans by letters in the mail. Then, one day, they had decided to leave and search for the ones responsible.
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Name-Theo Daily


Appearance- He has short spiked black hair with red tips and he has a pale white face.And he has a scar on his left cheek. He wears a black cross around his neck and a black watch on his left arm and it beeps everyday at noon and he doesn't know why. He has a black hoodie with flames down the side and he wears a pair of baggy black pants.

Pet name-Griffin

Pet appearance-http://www.stitchability.co.uk/griffin.jpeg

Bio- he lived with his parents until their death but then he was stuck living with his god mother he hated his life so he compleatly stoped talking period until he met griffin then he freaked out thinking he had gone insane he ran as fast as he could over to his friends house screaming his head off.

The griffin caught up with him and pounced Theo ducked and ran for his life. The griffin jumped up in the air and landed right in front of him and he stoped dead in his tracks. "What do you want with me I just want to go home?" he asked. It nugged up against him and stared at him. Theo raised his hand up and started to pet the griffin. The griffin picked him up on his back and they ran home.

They became the best of friends but his god mother just hated him being happy so she had to do something but everytime she would try she would chiken out and run. then it happened the people started to attack and he started to fight.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Sienna][B]Name[/B]: Seimei Akiyama

[B]Age[/B]: 17

[B]Appearance[/B]: Though he has black hair and brown eyes, Seimei is often told he doesn?t ?look? very Japanese because his mother was European. He?s somewhat short and thin. Everything about his appearance seems to blend into the background.
He usually wears things like jeans, polo shirts and sweaters.

[B]Pet's Name[/B]: Inari

[B]Pet's Appearance[/B]: A kitsune, or mythical fox. Although it can change its appearance, it?s ?natural? form is that of huge, nine-tailed fox. ~[URL=http://www.mutantfrog.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core:DownloadItem&g2_itemId=208&g2_serialNumber=2] statue [/URL]~[URL=http://www.wildnatureimages.com/I%20to%20R/Red-Fox-2.jpg] real fox [/URL]~[URL=http://www.coyotes.org/kitsune/media/ninetail.jpeg] mythical fox [/URL]~

[B]Bio[/B]: Since his parents had gotten themselves killed, Seimei was supposed to live with his uncle Mark, his mother?s little brother. However, when they died, Mark was in the middle of a long business trip that had him bouncing back and forth across Europe. He had absolutely no time to take care of a kid and it would be a few weeks before he would be home. So, Seimei was temporarily sent to live with his only other relative, his grandmother, in Japan. Seimei?s grandmother did not live in Tokyo or any big city. She lived in a small town on the island of Hokkaido.

A few days after Seimei arrived, he was sent outside to play and went exploring in the forest. It was there he came across a small, abandoned [URL=http://www.japanvisitor.com/ikj/ji/forest%20shrine.jpg]shrine[/URL]. It was roped off and covered with paper charms to form a seal. Curios, Seimei ducked under the rope and entered the shrine. His presence alone shattered the seals and Inari was released. Because Seimei had broken its seal, the kitsune was indebted to him.

When Seimei did go to live with his uncle, Inari went with him. [/COLOR] [/FONT]
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Alright, we have enough people to start! The signups will remain open throughout, mostly because of a huge flaw: I never said how many kids' parents' were killed. So we could theorictically have the entire boards going on this.

I'll go ahead and start up this thread. Load up your supplies and creature bits.

Happy Posting
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